Is Journalism Dead?

Is Journalism Dead

Have we gotten to the end of journalism as we know it? If we are to go by the suggestion of Washington Post’s Michael Gerson, it probably is. But then, the answer to this question is largely dependent upon what you refer to as Journalism. Some people may want to ask if the death of the traditional newspaper and magazines signifies the death of journalism. These are not easy questions to answer for several reasons. So, is journalism dead?  We will address this and a few other issues today.

Is Journalism Dead?
Regardless of what many may want to believe, journalism is not dead. Instead of dying, it is evolving into something more sophisticated. These days we have more news organizations popping up, bloggers are even considered reporters in some instances. The judiciary seems to be getting more involved in journalism as well as far as protecting the identity of the sources of news information. There is an increase in the number of citizen journalists as well especially in America and some countries where concepts like the freedom of the press were alien. If not for such freedom, we probably would not have known about the extent of the damage done by the Coronavirus in China and carnage in Syria. 

Added to this is the fact that we now live in a time where blogs, video camera phones, and high-speed internet connection empowers individuals to get news reported. However, as awesome as these innovations may appear, they will always not measure up to properly trained journalists. This is because the ethics of journalism upholds a balanced view of issues as they arise. It, therefore, suffices to say that there will always be space of the traditional media regardless of the platform being considered. It is, therefore, safe to say journalism isn’t dead, but monopolistic journalism is certainly dead.

Why Do People Feel Journalism Is Dead?

If you are considering a career with the New York Times of the Wall Street Journal as a journalist, some people believe you may have to rethink. According to, the average salary of a newspaper reporter is around $33,736. This means your chances of being among the top 1% in the economy is non-existent.

However, television and newspaper may not be dead, but it is not what it used to bet.  The media organizations and what they stand for has come under severe scrutiny over the past few years.

Where Did The Money Go?

Many see the 2016 election which President Trump won as one of the testaments to how far journalism has come as well as its present state. Many believe journalists assumed a partisan posture. Others say some journalists were more interested in advertising revenue. As regards where the money went, it is obvious the internet has taken a large chunk of it from the media organizations.

Dawn Of A New Era?

The internet has created a different portal of opportunities for upcoming journalists to be able to cover the news. One way to confirm this is by taking a look at your mobile devices, you will surely find a lot of free news there. Everyone with access to an electronic device that is internet enabled seems to be posting news these days.  What this means is that people are not picking up newspapers as they used to back then. This definitely would mean less advertising revenue for outlets like the Washington Post and the likes. It suffices to say that our Social media platforms are now very much into the news business as well.

It is estimated that there are about 2million blogs out there (maybe more) dishing out several million articles each day. Most of the information on these platforms is simply boring and petty.

You find a lot of petty and mediocre writing out there and it is quite obvious that there aren’t many people who can write a story. This is where a proper journalist comes. good content producers and bloggers know the real value of a good story. More often than not, hiring managers often prefer journalism graduates for copyrighting roles. This is probably because journalists know the art of storytelling pretty well.

A Deeper Perspective Into The Supposed Death And Burial Of Journalism

A better way people who propose that journalism is dead ought to put it is that the way the generations before comprehended journalism is dead and this death was probably caused by the internet. There was a time when the efforts of radio and television broadcasting forced journalism to step up. The supposed final nail in the coffin concerning journalism was provided by the internet and social media.

With the years that followed the rise in prominence of the internet, print media began to witness a steady drop in relevance. This also saw an increase in several online publications that quickly came up to replace the already existing medium. This switch in regime brought about a question of uncertainty for a profession that can best be described as an art form.

The very foundation upon which journalism was built has been called into question in recent times because of the entrance of certain controversial outlets into the scene such as WikiLeaks which offer a nonconventional alternative to the conventional sources of news.

The Confusion In The News Industry

It is not uncommon to find celebrity gossip and pop culture standing side by side with stories such as the coronavirus pandemic or the issues in the Middle East on the front page. One thing many have come to accept is that journalism may have reached a point of no return and will probably not return to its former glory.

The idea of painting the news simply as entertainment is one topic that will continue to be debated in the world of journalism. Added to this is the concept of attempting to appeal to the generation of millennial which makes things worse. Despite how important it is, the idea of watching or reading the news is certainly not a priority or most college students. This may be as a result of the point of view that Journalism is uninteresting and boring.

To make matters worse, several youths will readily discard publications from notable outlets such as York Times Washington Post and the Wall Street journal. They would rather inform themselves using Social Media.

The Era Of Fake News

One of the most notable phrases of President Trump since winning the 2016 elections has been “fake News” also referred to as Yellow Journalism. Such journalism tends to tilt towards reporting that is opinionated. What this means is that we now see journalists trying hard to push certain agendas probably to earn more advertising revenue.

However, the hassles and debates regarding the fake news are enough to make us forget the contributions of notable and long-standing news sources such as City Paper, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. These news outlets are known to regularly provide us with unbiased and trustworthy content to a very large extent. The sad aspect of this is that the journalists engaged by these outlets are often tasked with the responsibility of competing with flashier but less credible platforms. This is even though they are often faced with the same amount of criticisms as their colleagues and peers despite their ideological differences.

No Wisdom Calling The Crate Rotten Over An Egg

Just as it is with any group, it is unfair to judge the whole group by the actions of a few. Even though the world isn’t lacking in fake news, there is still a great need for genuine journalism. The career remains relevant not just based on necessity but also because of social merit.  No matter the form it adopts, Journalism has the potential to influence the conversation and distribute information to a wide range of audiences. It is, however, one source quite a several people do not place much value on.

Last Line

According to news reported, is Journalism dead, in several ways, it is, however, the basis of creating and propagating the truth upon which platforms like Wall Street Journal and Washington Post were built upon is sacrosanct. Even though the challenges of journalism remain, the world still needs journalism and journalism needs the world.

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