What Time Does The Post Office Deliver?

What Time Does The Post Office Deliver

Whether you are sending packages directly or operating an Amazon FB account, questions like, “what time does the post office deliver” will always get your attention. The USPS (United States Postal Service) does support different delivery times, and knowing them will help you in planning. Now let’s go back to the question;

What time does the post office deliver?

The United States Postal Service offers numerous options when it comes to delivery time. The delivery time of PO Box mail begins from 8:30 am. Furthermore, delivery time for all domestic express mail is before noon, delivery for international mail is before 3 pm while the delivery of a parcel, mail, and package is before 5 pm.

So, that’s what you need to know about the delivery time of the United States post office. Continue reading!

History Of The Post Office Department

Almost all the agencies formed by the U.S government have a rich history behind them, and USPS is not an exception. The agency started operation in 1792 and has had massive transformations since then.

The USPS is also a top agency in the United States of America that has got the backing of the country’s constitution. The agency’s first postmaster general was Benjamin Franklin, a politician, scientist, and one of the United States’ founding fathers. He was elected in 1775 to carry out the mandate of the agency, which is to serve Americans.

In 1970, a postal reorganization Act was passed by Congress, which finally transformed USPS into an independent agency. And since that time, the agency has not looked back when it comes to growth. A report in 2017 indicated that the agency is one of the biggest employers of civilians in the U.S. and the world over.

How many employees does the United States Postal Service have? In 2018, a report on the number of people employed by the USPS showed why the agency is among the highest employers of civilians. There were 497,157 career workers, and non-career workers were 137,290 persons.

But remember, the USPS is an independent agency. So, those working for the agency are not considered as federal employees. Nevertheless, they still receive the benefits and retirement compensation packages that federal employees in the country enjoy.

Is the USPS the same as U.S. Mail? The answer is yes. USPS has several other names. In addition to being called U.S. Mail, it is also called Post Office, USPS, and Postal Service.

Post Office Delivery: Things You Need To Know

Taking delivery of items sent to any of the USPS offices isn’t the biggest operation in the agency. The biggest is delivering items to the receiver. In fact, of over $70 billion spent in running the agency in 2008, one-third was used to cover delivery costs.

That’s one reason the management is working tirelessly to ensure such a large amount of money isn’t spent on delivery alone when there are other aspects of the agency that may require more finances. Besides, every business is established to make money, not run at a loss. So, if the management at USPS wants to boost revenue, they need to remodel their delivery options.

How many addresses does the United States Postal Service deliver to? Here is a simple but sensible question. Currently, the USPS delivers items to over 159 million addresses. These addresses are U.S. residents, and it grows by at least 1 million addresses annually.

The USPS is mandated by the United States Constitution to provide postal services to every citizen of America, despite their location or status in the society. So, if you leave in the U.S and its territories, you automatically have the privilege to pay the same amount and make use of the postal products and services.

The UPS covers every state, city, or town in the country, and also has different modes of delivery. The various methods of delivering packages include:

  • Door to door
  • Delivery to a mailbox
  • Delivery to a centralized point.

So, these are the different delivery services the USPS provides. They determine both the efficiency and cost of delivery. For the records, door-to-door delivery is one of the services most requested by customers. But on the part of USPS, it is the most expensive and complicated method of delivery.

Is the post office door-to-door delivery option still accessible? The answer is yes. However, it is not available and accessible to newer delivery points. New delivery points may have to consider other options besides the door-to-door delivery.

The door-to-door delivery is considered the most costly method of delivering packages, and being that the agency is seeking ways to eliminate losses and boost revenue, it may seize to exist.

Understanding The Different Post Office Delivery Modes

Delivering packages to a customer’s door, a mail, and a centralized point are the options available. However, curbside delivery is another delivery method which has become very popular in recent years. But it is popular in residential areas.

Let’s throw more light on the various delivery methods. The first is to-the-door delivery. This delivery method involves the movement of goods from the post office to a customer’s doorsteps. It’s among the most commonly used methods of delivery, although the USPS does not favor it any longer.

The cost of moving goods from the post office to a customer’s doorstep is on the high side. Next is the to-the mailbox. In this method of delivering packages, carriers can store your item in your mailbox’s parcel slot and leave an extra key in your unit to help unlock the parcel locker.

Note: USPS or any courier service will leave items where they are considered safe. Also, if a package is too large and can’t into your mailbox, it would be left at your doorsteps.

Some packages qualify for USPS delivery instructions, too. In this case, the customer has the privilege of instructing USPS on where to send a parcel.

Moving further, another mode of delivery is to a centralized point. It’s a central area or delivery point where packages are kept together, but separately and safely, for residents in specific areas. However, such locations are subject to approval by the officials of the local post office in charge of the area.

What Is Good About The USPS Centralized-Point Delivery?

Every U.S. citizen with good intentions would wish that the USPS remains in business forever. But the loss the agency has been having in past years is alarming and proves that something must be done.

However, one of the ways USPS has decided to boost revenue is by cutting down operational costs. For that reason, the door-to-door delivery option has to go. According to reports from the office of the Postmaster-General, door-to-door delivery costs the agency the sum of $353 per address annually. In contrast, centralized delivery costs $160 per address each year.

So, the agency will be saving $193 per address per annum upon the elimination of the door-to-door delivery system, which is a whopping sum if you ask me.

Also, the centralized delivery point can be used to replace the door-to-door delivery process. Let’s look at some of the advantages of this delivery method.

  • Being able to make multiple deliveries at each stop will enable USPS to deliver mails much quicker.
  • You might not be home when your parcel arrives and need to take a trip to the office to take delivery of it, which could cost you some money. But when the package, irrespective of size, is sent to the centralized delivery point, it can stay there for days. You will invariably be saving your time and money.
  • Curbside clutter will be eliminated, thus beautifying your peaceful neighborhood.
  • Having a delivery point can boost collaboration in a community. It offers residents a chance to meet, interact, and know themselves better.
  • The safety of letter carriers is ensured with a centralized delivery point. No threats from untamed dogs and cracked sidewalks.
  • Individual mailboxes are more expensive to install compared to delivery equipment at a centralized location.
  • A centralized delivery point that is visible is safer for your parcels than having mailboxes mounted in isolated areas.

Picking Up A Package From The Post Office 

You can walk into a post office and pick up your package. But you need to provide a valid reason why the package should be delivered to you before the scheduled delivery time.

However, you will also require the tracking number to take delivery of your package before the scheduled time. Below are the reasons under which USPS can grant your wish to pick up your parcel at the USPS office.

  • If you missed the carrier, then you can check the next post office for your package. You should also endeavor to carry your slip and means of identification when going to the post office.
  • If you have an urgent need for the package, and maybe you plan to travel soon, then you can call USPS customer support and inform them of your need to pick up the item.


So, that’s the answer to the question, “what time does the post office deliver.” You can see that they deliver at different times of the day. Furthermore, the USPS is a top agency. It is the third-highest employer of civilians in the region, with over half a million people working as either career or non-career employees. The agency also operates over 31,000 offices across the country and delivers millions of packages each year.

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