Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery: Everything You Need To Know

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery
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The world was introduced to the sensational Heidi Montag who had only recently moved to Los Angeles from Colorado. She soon began adorning the cover of magazines and at a point had undergone several plastic surgeries and was married to a certain Spencer Prat. She first came into the limelight where she played the support role in Laguna Beach. She was also one of the central stars when MTV launched the hills where she shared an apartment with the focus of the show. Here is a taken Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery.

Heidi Montag plastic surgery

Heidi made known that the aftermath of her surgery was such that it was quite a scar for her and her husband. According to her, her heart stopped for a brief period during her recovery. It was 2010 and Heidi Montag went through a series of surgeries within a 24-hour time frame. According to her, she died for a minute during the surgery. She had to be put under 24 hours of nursing care with her husband by her side. The surgeries she carried out included botox to her frown lines and forehead, nose job, fat injection into her lips, cheeks and nasolabial fold. She also had her ears pinned back, chin reduce, breast and butt procedures.

The Aftereffect Of Her Surgery

The transformation encountered by the reality star soon became a major plot point in her show and would go on to change her life forever. She at a point revealed that she does not like to relive that aspect of her life. In her words, it was hard going through with the surgical procedures and she had no idea of what she was getting herself into at that time. Even though the drastic physical transformation saw her fame shoot upward, she admitted that it was not an easy process and as such separated her from other co-stars. According to her husband, she may have changed her look, but he still very much loves her same. In his words, he fell in love with her dance moves and the surgery did not change that.

Other Scandals She Was Involved In

One thing that characterized Heidi’s career thus far is the scandals that have emanated. Starting from her plastic surgery episode to her stage-managed divorce attempt with her husband, her career has been a rollercoaster of scandals. One such controversy was the feud with Al Roker an NBC journalist. After they had been interviewed by Roker regarding their appearance on another show, she accused him of being unusually hostile towards females. He replied by reminding her that he had interviewed several women on the show and never had a complaint from them.

Also, in 2016, the couple revealed to People that they had squandered their $10 million wealth. This was after their business managers advised them to stop spending. This was spent on shopping sprees and expensive wines. The spending was also not helped by the fact that they spent quite a fortune on her plastic surgeries.

What Makes Heidi Montag Special?

Starting from a failed attempt at becoming a pop star to undergoing a series of plastic surgery, there is a lot to Heidi Montag as a person. She is reputed for becoming practically unrecognizable after been involved in ten plastic surgeries in one day.

She had ventured into reality TV as a cast member in the hills. Against the wishes of her fellow cast members and her family, she began dating fellow CBB contestant Spencer Pratt on the show. They had not been scarce from the eyes of the press ever since. Upon the completion of her time at the Hills, she began a self-funded albeit unsuccessful musical career where she was mainly known for dancing about in a bikini while miming. She soon left the world of music and ventured into the world of fashion. She launched her own fashion line Heidiwood which only lasted a year. She soon made a return to her original calling making appearances in “I’m A Celebrity and Famous Food.”

Her quest for media attention is second to none. It is even said that the near-divorce that happened between her and her husband was simply an attempt to get her career back in full force. Some even claim that the surgical procedures she went through were a silent cry for help.

Who Is Heidi Montag

Heidi Blair Montag was born on the 15th day of September 1986. She has had a career that cuts across music, TV, and acting. She was born and raised in Colorado and she befriended Lauren Conrad back in 2005. She rode to prominence back in 2006 after she was cast on the MTV reality TV series The Hills which talked about the professional and personal lives of Montag, Conrad and her friends Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge. During its production, she had briefly attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She was soon engaged by the Bolt-House Productions and event planning company.

With the progress of the series, she soon started dating a fellow cast member named Spencer Pratt and as such put an end to what she had with Conrad. The feud that was soon to follow became the core focus of the series and is featured in all the seasons to follow.

She got married to Spencer in 2009 and later that same year, they made an appearance on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here! In 2010, she released her debut album name Superficial which turned out to be quite unsuccessful. She did not make back any money she spent on it. In 2011, she made appearances on the TV series Famous Food, where she along with some other celebrities competed for partnership in a restaurant. In 2013, Pratt and Heidi competed on the British version of Celebrity Big Brother.

What Was Her Early Life Like?

Heidi was born to the family of Bill and Darlene Montag in 1986. Her parents eventually divorced and her mother got married to Tim Egelhoff and they both owned the Timberline restaurant till it closed in 2010. She has an older sister named Holly who is also a reality TV personality as well as a younger brother named Sky. Her father also remarried and had a son with his new wife.  The son Eric O’Hara would eventually die from an accidental fall.

Upon graduation from high school, she moved to California and enrolled in the prestigious Academy of Art University for a semester. During her freshman orientation period, she became friends with Lauren Conrad who was at that time a primary cast member of the reality TV series on MTV Laguna Beach. She soon transferred to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California where she soon dropped out because she didn’t find it challenging enough.  She got engaged by Bolthouse Productions where she started as an assistant and grew to become an event planner.

Her Time On Superficial And The Hill

After the move to Los Angeles back in 2006, the Hills was created to take a look at the lives of then Laguna Beach housemates Montag, Conrad, and friends. She soon started her relationship with Jordan Eubanks and she described the end of her relationship with him as the best decision of his life. By the third season, Conrad and Montag put an end to their relationship.

The Later Part Of Her Career

Upon her exit from the popular The Hills show, she auditioned to replace Megan Fox in the Transformers series even though she wasn’t featured in the film eventually. By 2010, she and her producer Steve Morales began work on her second studio album. She eventually filed for divorce from her husband saying they had reached a point of irreconcilable differences. The divorce suit was eventually called off in September of the same year saying they took the action to boost her faltering career.

She made her movie debut in Just Go with it. And in 2017, she made a re-entry into the Celebrity Big Brother show alongside her husband.  On the 18th day, she and her hubby were nominated by James Cosmo which they weren’t too pleased about. They were however saved from eviction on the 22ndd day but would eventually be evicted on the 25th day.

The Bounce Back

MTV announced that there would be a reboot of the Hills at its 2018 Video Music Awards. It was titled The Hills: New Beginnings. She was touted to be a part of the new series. The series started on the 24th of June and got renewed for another season. While the filming was ongoing, she sought to resurrect her musical career and released a Christian single “Glitter and Glory.”

Last Line

The life of Heidi Montag is certainly one that has generated a lot of controversies over the years. This was not helped by the fact that she resorted to having multiple plastic surgeries for reasons best known to her. This, however, does not take away the fact that she is an epitome of success.

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