What Happened To Greg Biffle?

What Happened To Greg Biffle
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The story of Greg Biffle is one that should interest lovers of car racing. He was born on the 233rd of December 1969. He got his fame while working as a retired American racing driver who as at the last count rives the 16 Ford Fusions for the Roush Fenway Racing. Upon racing in the NASCAR Winter Heat Series back in the middle of the 1990s, he got recommended by Benny Parsons a former announcer. He won recognition as the 1998 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Rookie of the year after which he won the Craftsman Truck Championship. This progression was repeated in the NASCAR Busch Series where he yet again won the Rookie of the year. He followed this up by coming out victorious in the 2002 championship. In this piece, we will look at what happened to Greg Biffle.

What happened to Greg Biffle

Greg Biffle started his NASCAR racing career back in 1995 and is the first among three drivers who have won championships in both the Craftsman Truck Series and Busch Series. He is also on record to be the sixth among twenty-six drivers to have won a race in every one of NASCAR’s national series. He was born and bred in Camas Washington and started his racing career in tracks located at the Pacific Northwest. He began drawing attention with his driving career when he competed in the Winter Heat Series where he dominated. It was in the process that ESPN announcer Benny Parsons recommended him to Jack Roush.

He soon entered for the first two races of the Winston West Series of 1996 and finished 4th at Altamont and 30th at Tucson. He also finished 23rd at the Rockingham race and came 36th at the Homestead because he lost an engine. He had to pay a million dollars for invading the privacy of his wife in addition to paying an added $250,000 as punitive damages.

What Is Greg Biffle’s Worth

Greg Biffle’s success can be easily traced to the fact that he has been relentless in his stock car racing career. He is reputed to be worth over $50 million. Even though he was not always the best at the competitions, he remained steadfast and resolute and pursued his dreams with vigor. By 1997, he had become so popular and even won for himself the Most Popular Driver Award in the Northwest Series of NASCAR. As of 2001, he had already begun making crazy amounts of money from his chosen sport. First, he won the prize sum of $50,000 after he emerged winner of yet another Truck Series. Upon moving to the Cup Series and being qualified for the Daytona event, he competed and won some laurels.

It is on record that he has gone on to win several championships and awards and ranks among the three drivers that have ever emerged victorious in Busch Series and Truck Series. This meant that he went home with about $4.7 Million. It is also without doubt that his net worth has come mostly from car racing.

What Sponsorship Deals Does He Enjoy?

One notable trait of those who do well in the sporting arena is that they are bound to draw all manner of publicity. The fact that they are in public glare is one major reason why companies will always fall over their heads to hand them sponsorship deals. For instance, someone like Roger Federer has had a long term deal with Nike that dates back to 1994. He is paid a lot of money running into millions of dollars. Roger soon dropped his deal with Nike and struck another with Uniqlo that would earn him about $300 million in 10 years.

Greg Biffle has not been left out of the financial rain as he has been lucky enough to get himself some rather unique sponsorship deals. He is on record to have secured a sponsorship deal with Ortho Insect control which runs for about half a year.  Even though the financial details of the deal were not unveiled, it is estimated that it would run into eight digits. Ortho is owned by the Scotts Company and Greg would spot it on his car during races. This was during the 2015 season as they were replaced by KFC as his main sponsor.

The Money He Gets From Speaking

Life is like a school where we keep learning every day. This is why parents send their kids to school to learn new things and gain exposure. Even as adults, we need the help of people who have gone ahead of us in certain areas of human endeavors to serve as guides. This is why many of us attend seminars and read up motivational books.

Greg is one person who is not shy to share his life experiences as it affects philanthropy and racing because he is quite experienced in both subjects. He currently manages the Biffle Foundation which looks out for the welfare of animals. It is in light of this that people hire him to speak and appear at events. He costs between $20,000 and $50,000 for each appearance.

What Is His Personal Life Like?

Greg was born into the family of Sally Frye and Garland Jack Biffle. He and his brother Jeffrey have German and English Ancestry. He got married to Nicole in 2007 and they both welcomed a daughter in 2011. The couple, however, parted ways officially in 2016.

Greg is a lover of fishing and can be seen exploring the waters of Mexico where his fishing boat is docked. Among other things, he is also a private pilot and is the owner of a Cessna 210 as well as a Dassault Falcon 10.

What Has Happened To Greg Biffle’s Career?

Biffle returned to the NASCAR Gander Truck Series and was victorious with the $50,000 prize money to show. It was his first National series since he raced in the 2016 Monster Energy Series finals. It would be recalled that back in 2000, Greg was the winner of the Truck Series title where he beat Kurt Busch by 230 points. It turned out to be his first championship win in one of NASCAR’s major series. In 2001, he competed in 4 other Truck races for Roush. He went on to emerge victorious at phoenix. He made his Truck Series start back in 2004.

He made it known in 2019 that he would be trying out with Kyle Busch Motorsports. He emerged victorious on his series return and went home with $50,000.

What Transpired Between Greg And His Ex-Wife?

Biffle was accused of secretly recording his mother-in-law and wife in their rooms and showing the same footage to some of his friends. He, however, claimed that he had installed the cameras for security purposes and his wife was privy of them. She, however, came out to deny his position and proceeded to sue him for a hundred thousand dollars in damages.

What Laurels Did His Career Fetch Him?

Greg recorded quite a lot of success during his career as a professional race driver.  He started his NASCAR career in 1996 and he went on to win the award for the most popular driver that same year. His first major laurel was the Daytona race in 2003. His career record shows that he has won 19 NASCAR sprint cup series, 16 NASCAR camping world truck series, and 20 nationwide series. He is reputed to be worth over $50 million and he is reputed to have throughout his career won over $10 million in the NASAR Xfinity Series as well as over $75 million from the NASCAR Cup Series and over $2 Million from the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

What Has He Been Up To Lately?

Biffle who already has a daughter aged eight says he is expecting another child in 2020. The expectant addition is good news for him and his family considering the storms they have had to face over the past few years. Recently he stirred up some interests with the suggestion that he may return to the tracks in 2020. This, however, remains mere speculation until it becomes reality,

Last Lap

Greg Biffle has certainly had his ups and downs in family and career, but there are certainly several positives one can draw from his experience. Chief among which is the fact that courage and determination are a core requirement for anyone looking to leave behind a positive mark.

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