Is Car Racing A Sport?

Is Car Racing A Sport

A car is a wheeled vehicle that usually comes with four tires. One can regard a car as a luxury or for mobility. A sport is mostly an event where people compete for gold or glory. A sport usually ends with a win-lose situation.

The question is: is car racing a sport?

The question is car racing a sport, could arise from the mental picture associated with cars, especially to one who only believes cars are for luxury. However, cars are not only for luxury or mobility. Car racing is a sport that has been around for hundreds of years now. It also has many stars emerging from the sport. One cannot talk about car racing without talking about NASCAR.

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National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR)

The NASCAR is an American private company founded in 1948 and has its headquarters in Florida. It is famous for organizing significant trophy events for car racers. The company has successfully gained an audience of fans from over a hundred and fifty countries that tune to their major car sporting events.

The stock car racing, which is also another way of calling the NASCAR, has been behind great races in the past years. However, it all started in rural parts of the United States, and the drivers ran for the price and the ultimate glory.

At first, people considered it to be a criminal movement as they had modified the regular cars to be lighter and faster. However, with time the authorities came to realize that these were just men driving on the tracks thee way men run on tracks for glory.

Over the years, car racing has grown to the point that car manufacturers are coming up to join the car racing. Car companies like Benz, Toyota, Chevrolet, and many others are running now to determine which car company produces the best and the most durable fast cars.

NASCAR has so many racing facilities and gained the authority to become one of the best at what they do. Movie producers have created movies concerning what they do and how they carry out the sport of car racing. Also, some of these car sportsmen have featured in these movies.

Can One Consider Drivers To Be Athletes?

A good number of persons believe that car racing is not a sport. Instead, they think that the drivers do not do anything rather than just sit and drive, without engaging in any physical activity. They believe that an actual sport will require the athlete to perform various physical activities.

Given these beliefs, we shall take a look at some factors that make these drivers real athletes. These factors are:

1. Drivers sweat a lot: 

In activities like football, lawn tennis, basketball, and the rest that we consider as sports because the athletes engage in physical activity, they tend to sweat a lot. The same happens to the racing drivers too.

The car they use in racing does not give the drivers any comfort at all. Rather than provide comfort to the driver, the design gears towards making the car fast and weigh less. Many things that you think would give you comfort in a regular car is not present in a racing car.

The seat of the racing car is to keep the driver intact. It is necessary so that he does not fly out of the car. The car does not even have air conditioning. Most times, the drivers will need to race for about two to three hours or even more, while also wearing the hard fireproof cloth.

The race might even be during periods of high temperature, and with all the discomfort, they end up losing a lot of sweat at the end of the race. It explains why health experts advised that racers should take a lot of water before entering the car to begin a race.

2. Heart rate is high:

When driving in your neighborhood with a regular car and no pressure to win any trophy, it is odd for you to have an increased heartbeat. However, that is not the case for the car racers, as they usually do have a faster heartbeat of about 170 BPM and sometimes getting to 190 BPM throughout the race.

Such a situation might be a severe problem for someone that has not been training the heart. Thus, it becomes essential for drivers to maintain a good heartbeat outside the racing track and also undergo various cardiovascular training. They also need to keep a healthy diet for the heart to function correctly without breaking down.

3. G-force: 

One of the significant reasons these racers pass through the rigorous process of racing, sweating, and the chances of increased heartbeat is because of the G-force factor. Most sports like football would require the players to transfer the force to the ball, but in car racing, the case is different as they would need to resist the G-force.

4. Mistakes are costly: 

During the late ’50s and ’90s, about 37 drivers lost their lives in car racing, but in modern car racing, the death rate is not as high as it used to be. However, there is the possibility that a single mistake could lead to the end of your career or death.

The risk in car racing is even more, unlike the other sports where a mistake can cause your team the cup or maybe a penalty in football. When engaging in car racing, it could cost you your life, so the drivers are extra careful when they are on track and also are careful with the type of car they use.

The Different Types Of Car Races

When it comes to car racing, you must know that there are various types, and each of these races has different patterns, rules, and regulations guiding each of them. Here, we shall be looking at the various types of car racing we have in the world.


The drag race is usually with regular cars or cars built for the kind of race. The basis for determining victory in a drag race is stunts and speed. It is generally short as it could be about 200 miles to 400 miles, and the first car that crosses the threshold wins the race.

Formula 1: 

It is one of the popular forms of racing in the world today, as the race requires a customized car, and there is a track for the racing. The car is usually single-seater, and the wheels are outside of the car, making it a unique kind of car for the race.

Monster car racing: 

The monster car racing is very popular in the United States, known basically for entertainment. The race takes place mostly in an arena with tracks designed for the kind of cars used.

Off-road racing: The off-road racing takes place outside the tracks of any arena or field. It happens in the open, and that is where it got the name off-road. It can be on the beach, snow, or any natural terrain.

Stock car racing: It is popular in the United States. The stock car racing takes place on a special kind of track, which is mostly oval. The design and making of the cars used are specifically for this kind of race. The laps for the stock race are usually long and tremendous and can push the drivers to the limit.

Safety Rules In Car Racing

Every sport on the face of the earth has some elements of danger. Thus, there is a need to follow a set of safety rules to compete in these sports safely. Car racing is no different as it is even one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

Here are some of the rules that would ensure you have an exceptional racing experience;

Seat belts: Just like every other form of driving, the seat belt is essential in car racing. It is a rule that will enable the driver to stay safe in the course of a crash.

Window net: The window net is an essential feature in car racing. It helps the driver to be in one place when a crash happens, and also it helps the arms during a crash.

Special seats: The seats in car racing are somehow different from the regular seats in the car. The structure seeks to protect the body of the driver like the rib cage and keeps the driver safe during a crash.

Fireproof suit: It is a special kind of suit in car racing. Just like the use of football boots in the game of football, it is mandatory in car racing before the driver can race. It helps the driver stay safe in the case of a fire outbreak or an accident.

Safe barriers: There are safety barriers around the tracks of the car racing event. The essence of safety barriers is to absorb shock and reduce energy during impacts or accidents.


Just like every other sport that requires skills, stamina, and physical activity, car racing is also an avenue where you can see all these and even more. The sport has suspense, drama, and every other spice that you can find in most approved sports.

It is evident what the racer would go through to give us an exciting experience during the race. Car racing also has several governing bodies; thus, it is only reasonable to say that car racing is a sport. It, therefore, answers the question, is car racing a sport?

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