Venom Snake Vs Big Boss: Things You Must Know

Venom Snake Vs Big Boss

Venom Snake and Big Boss are among the major characters of the video game titled Metal Gear. It is a video game focused on the actions and adventures of soldiers and mercenaries trying to unite the world. They seek to end the war and destroy bio-weapons.

Taking a look at Venom Snake Vs. Big Boss

In the game, Big Boss plays the role of a soldier in the US military that went rogue after a failed attempt on his life to cover up information concerning a secret mission. Venom Snake, on the other hand, represents the character of a mercenary created to impersonate Big Boss. Thus, we shall take a look at Venom Snake Vs. Big Boss. 

Since the two characters share the same personality, strength, voice, and other similarities, it is not very easy to differentiate them some times. Some of the few things you must know about Venom Snake and Big Boss is that Venom Snake is one of the many clones of Big Boss. He is an impersonator deceiving people into thinking that he is the real Big Boss.

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Metal Gear: The Video Game

The conspiracies deployed in the game by the US government, the military, war mercenaries, and the many terrorist groups all link to a legacy of 100 billion dollars called Philosopher’s Legacy. The Philosophers is a group formed by a combination of the United States, China, and the Soviet Union during World War II.

The group aimed to come up with ideas that will help the aligning countries win the war. The step resulted in birthing many ideas and strategies, which proved fruitful. The philosophers also agreed to save up some money, which will use subsequently to fund their plan.

The money saved up amassed to 100 billion dollars, and they agreed to share it equally among members of the group after the war would have come to an end. It was later that they discovered that some persons had stolen the money and in an attempt to hide it, sent it to different banks around the world. The discovery served as the beginning of the conspiracy. The various members of the group had to come up with their intelligence and armed forces to retrieve the money.

A conflict arose among the United States, China, and the Soviet Union that constitute the branches of the Philosophers. The battle developed into a brutal war between the countries and members of the group. Thus, the game starts during the heated war that has gotten to the level of attracting terrorists and other private mercenary groups.

Big Boss (Naked Snake)

Although we can say that Big Boss is the primary character in Metal Gear, the role is one that has many complications and complexity. Big Boss is the central character, but different persons such as Naked Snake, Venom Snake, etc. get to play its role.

Naked Snake was a former soldier of the US military sent on a secret mission during the brutal war. He was a trusted agent going on undercover missions for the United States. However, the US military betrayed his loyalty and commitment based on the events in Metal Gear 3.

Naked Snake got sent on a mission to stop a super-weapon that a Soviet group had wanted to try it out on the United States. The mission objective requires killing his Boss, who had already joined the Soviet terrorist group. The United States had other intentions of which Naked Snake was not aware.

The US military, seeking to protect the secret of the Philosopher’s fortune, instructed a third agent to kill Naked Snake after completing the mission. When Naked Snake discovered that his country had betrayed him, he went rogue.

Commander Zero, who was a former CIA agent, and Ocelot, who was a former covert agent, invited him to join The Patriots, an organization formed by Zero after leaving the CIA. The group’s aim was to unify the warring countries, which was also the desire of Naked Snake. However, he had to leave the group after having a dispute with Zero. The issue was because the group was beginning to shift its focus.

Naked Snake finally formed his group intending to achieve his desire for a unified world. His group provided help for countries and individuals, regardless of identity or political status. Due to his ambitions and objectives, Big Boss (Naked Snake) became a significant target for the United States, China, the Soviet Union, and many terrorist groups.

Big Boss (Venom Snake)

Venom Snake was a trusted soldier in the MSF camp formed by Big Boss (Naked Snake). Due to his competence in missions, he gained the privilege to replicate Big Boss. Big Boss was already a primary target by many terrorist groups and countries. Thus, cloning Venom Snake to look like Big Boss and to act in place of Big Boss will divert attention and create more space for the real Big Boss to focus on his plans of unifying the world.

It meant that Venom Snake was now in charge, as seen by many, and has the authority to run his missions. However, many people in the camp could not differentiate between Venom Snake and Naked Snake because the cloning was a top-secret that only a few persons knew. Venom Snake later experienced some discomfort that made him turn against Naked Snake.

Few Things To Know About Big Boss And Venom Snake

1. They both have the same face and voice

Big Boss attempted to rescue Paz from Ground Zeroes, where she was in prison. Paz was an agent working with Cipher, a known terrorist group interested in creating and developing nuclear weapons for war. Big Boss had defeated her at Peace Walker, but the US military kept her alive in a solitary cell called Ground Zeroes.

Much later, Big Boss went to Ground Zeroes intending to rescue Paz and get information from her concerning Cipher’s new missions. After successfully extracting her through the roof with a helicopter, he got to realize that she had heavy explosives wired on her. However, she managed to jump out of the helicopter before exploding.

It turns out that another rogue military group had already gotten to her before the arrival of Big Boss. The leader of this rogue group was a commando called Skull Face. He got the nickname because of the injury he sustained from a fatal mission that got his face, skin, and hair burnt, leaving only his skull. Skull Face and his men also had an interest in knowing the camp base of MSF, a group formed by Boss, and even the hiding place of Zero, a wanted terrorist.

Big Boss managed to escape death but got severely injured and returned to his base, which was already under siege by Skull Face and his men. It was one of the worst days of Big Boss’ life as he experienced one tragedy after another.

He managed to rescue some of his men and escaped before they burnt the camp down. However, he sustained severe injuries that left him in a coma for a while. After regaining consciousness, he decided to undergo a cloning surgery process with one of his men. The surgery process was to clone him and turn one of his men into his identical to distract the world from hunting him.

It is this process that gave birth to Venom Snake. Venom Snake was the man that went through the surgery process with Big Boss, turning him into a replica of Big Boss. His voice, personality, physique, etc. got changed to that of Big Boss. The purpose of the cloning was so that the attention of many people such as the US military, Skull Face, Cipher, etc. seeking to kill Big Boss will focus on Venom Snake, thinking that he is the real Big Boss.

2. Venom Snake was a perfect replica of Big Boss

Although they had some differences that resulted in significant conflict between Venom Snake and Big Boss (Naked Snake), they were classic blends. Venom Snake was an ideal replica of Big Boss; he cloned him so well that even members of the MSF group could not differentiate either of them.

3. Big Boss was in charge while Venom Snake was only a pawn 

Although Venom Snake paraded himself as Big Boss, he was only a pawn and distraction. He was a death sentence waiting for execution. Big Boss knew that many terrorist groups wanted and haunted him. Thus, using Venom Snake as bait meant that these groups would kill Venom Snake in replacement for Big Boss.


Metal Gear is an exciting game that displays the politics behind wars and conflicts. While Big Boss struggles to bring the world to a place of unity, Venom Snake occupies himself with the responsibility to stay alive and run the affairs of MSF. Thus, taking a look at Venom Snake Vs. Big Boss is an interesting one.

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