Does Disney Own Marvel?

Does Disney Own Marvel

Disney has made a name globally, as a matter of fact, kids far and wide love Disney as they tend to capture the children’s interest. It is a brand that pays so much attention to great storytelling and adopting the right visual effect to drive the message home. As they say, everything belongs to Disney, but to what extent do they own it?

The question is: does Disney own Marvel?

Having acquired 20th Century Fox, it gives the feeling that Disney owns everything. Disney itself is a huge company. Thus it can own as many companies as they can. It owns everything from NBC to Telemundo to Syfy. However, the question is, Does Disney own Marvel? Yes, it does, Disney wholly owns Marvel Entertainment. The deal between Disney and Marvel kicked off on the 31st of August 2009, as it announced. Notwithstanding, people seek to know if Disney owns marvel entertainment.

History Of Disney 

Walt Disney, the founder of Disney Media, started his animation career in 1920 with a Company in Missouri in 1920. By 1922, he worked with Ub Iwerks, who was very gifted as an animator whose work in animation was undeniable outstanding. He founded his film Studios in the city of Kansas and started producing cartoons that had fairy tales in series.

Today, Disney Media is an American company that diversifies in mass media and has grown into a multinational brand. The headquarters is at the Walt Disney Studios complex in Burbank, California.

Disney Animated Movies 

The Disney animated studios release their films. Walt Disney Productions, producing its first feature-length animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937 and as of 2020, has created a total of 58 feature films. In March 2019, Disney acquired Blue Sky Studios as part of its acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

At a global level, Disney gives so many other studios and platforms the opportunity and privilege to release films through them.

The Disney Goal 

The Disney Media and its founder have an essential purpose as they gain popularity in the globe. The goal is to entertain its viewers. While entertaining, they also work towards informing them and inspiring them through their mastery in unparalleled storytelling, showing their iconic brands, creative minds, and innovative technologies that make them the most recognized entertainment industry with significance.

Disney’s Cardinal Virtues

Across the global footprint, Disney, as a transnational media company, declares its seven values, which are decency, optimism, community, innovation, quality, and storytelling. Disney has five segments as a transnational media, which entails media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products, and interactive media. Their objectives and financial goals have propelled them into a massive success, which has helped them grow internationally with their operations in all over 40 countries. 

Bringing A Child To Disney

Vacation time is the best time to plan for the best and most suitable place for a family trip. However, preparing for a family trip can raise a pivotal question, what is the right age to bring a child to Disney? Children can visit Disney before they turn adults as the parents try to make the best use of their vacation.

Underage children of two years and below cannot enjoy Disney vacation factors such as the loudness of the crowd, hotness of the weather, skipping of naps, variation of mealtime, and bed postponement. For children as young as this, it can be a nightmare and a scary experience. However, there are complimentary baby care centers available for parents so they can feed their kids. They are all located at the Disney parks.

Shocking Facts About Disney

  • At a young age, Walt Disney started advancing his skill; he delighted in drawing pictures of his neighbor’s horses.
  • Before being Anglicized to Disney, D’Isignywas Disney’s original French name.
  • At the age of 16, Disney dropped out of school, intending to join the army, yet he got rejected since he was underage.
  • Owning to the popular belief, Mickey Mouse was not Disney’s first iconic character.
  • With the sole aim of boosting morale, it made the custom cartoon insignia for U.S. troops.
  • Being good friends with Uncle Sam, their relationship led to the production of animated war propaganda films and training videos for the United States military.

The History Of Marvel 

The Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc included comics on the 2nd of December, 1986, and not just that but also Marvel productions. When they experienced liquidation, they had to sell the company to New World Entertainment Ltd. Marvel suffered a significant loss, and much decrease in sales as their attempt to distribute its products led to this when the comic bubble books popped.

In June 1998, Toybiz and Marvel Entertainment group came together and formed Marvel Enterprises to salvage it from bankruptcy. Having its headquarters in New York City, Marvel Comics became one of the big two publishers in the comic industry.

The Disney Company owns the company, Marvel Entertainment. The Marvel era by 1961 started the very year that the company released the Fantastic Four and other superhero titles that Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and many others created.

Does Disney Own Marvel?

Lovers of Disney and Marvel movies seek to know if Disney, the famous media company, acquired Marvel. At a price of US$4 billion, Disney bought Marvel in the year 2009, even though it has been a limited liability since then. However, business deals and negotiations did not stop coming for Marvel Entertainment to partner with other companies.

There are reports that Marvel is one of Disney’s segments for Consumer Products, which started as the Marvel Studios got reorganized. It was no longer Marvel Entertainment but became part of the Walt Disney company.

Why Disney Bought Marvel?

Disney would have bought Marvel a long time ago, but the intervention of its executives restrained and delayed the process with the reason that it might tarnish their image and brand. CEO Bob Iger felt this way too. However, subsequently, Disney was able to acquire Marvel at $4 billion in 2009.

Amazing Facts About Marvel

Incredibly, Marvel cinematic universe consists of a series of superhero films, Iron Man inclusive and others such as Captain America, The Avengers. The Marvel films inspire a significant number of people, coupled with the enormous fans flocking around marvel movies even before they officially became Disney’s.

They get inspired by a comic book. The book culture gives the audience an idea about all the characters. Interestingly, some time ago, some fans were upset that a famous character from the comics got omitted from the Marvel movie adaptation of The Avengers.

The Popularity Of Disney

Often, people ask why Disney is so famous, and adults also get attached and flock around Disney. It raises eyebrows as some fail to understand why adult fans find it impressive around the Disney World. It is because they set their targets also towards the adult.

Disney Company is becoming more increasingly targeted towards adults. Surprisingly, some of them get married at the resort and do much decoration with Disney themes and celebrating their birthdays there also. All adults who visit the Disney World appreciate the escapist environment.

The Challenges Of The Walt Disney Company

Like every other great company that seeks to make a lasting name and strong legacy must undergo specific challenges, Disney is not an exception to this experience. Disney has experienced diverse strategic issues, and their secure approaches much helped them to overcome. Their ability to identify their weakness was enough for them to be ahead of their competitors so that they won’t lag in market position.

From a fast SWOT analysis, Disney’s strength is diversity and the surplus cash it attains from its business operations. Walt Disney does not fail to identify one of its core challenges, which is the loss of a good number of subscribers on ESPN.

What Makes Disney Unique Amongst All?

Disney has won the hearts of many young folks, even the adults. It is a company that reaches everyone far and near as a global company. It is not just unique but also an international entertainment that brings incomparable joy and lasting memory to its guests.

The famous Cinderella Castle acts as a beacon for creativity, imagination, possibility, and dreams and shines its magical light over six resorts throughout the world. It leaves their guests with a lasting memory of their magic acts and displays.


Disney was an innovative animator, who did not stop at one point but created the cartoon character Mickey Mouse, for which he became famous. He finally bought Marvel to maintain that same feeling and impression in the hearts of Disney and Marvel film lovers. Thus, it answers the question, does Disney own Marvel?

Disney is famous for owning everything, and they keep ensuring their fans remain glued to their movies. Children, teenagers, adults, and old love Disney. Walt Disney’s legacy continues even after 90 years of creating the Mickey Mouse cartoon, which has made him well known and recognized globally. Ever since, the company keeps growing at an increasingly surprising rate that makes it dominate the movie industry, especially in the area of animated movies.

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