How Does America’s Got Talent Work?

How Does America’s Got Talent Work

America’s Got Talent is a televised talent competition show, usually abbreviated as AGT. The creator of the show is Simon Cowell. The show started premiering on June 21, 2006. Each season of it runs during the summer schedule of the NBC Television Network. The AGT takes place in the United States in the English language.

In essence, how does America’s Got Talent work?

Before delving into how does America’s Got Talent work, it is essential to note that since its inception, the AGT has helped to bring to limelight hidden talents of many performers who participated in the competition and have also boosted their different careers. The show operates in a manner that participants with varying forms of abilities such as dancing, singing, magic, stunts, comedy, and so many more have come on stage in the presence of a live audience and act out what they know how to do best in the presence of judges.


It has had about fourteen seasons with over three hundred episodes. The Showtime runs for about 60-120 minutes. There are about ten judges that moderate the show. Since the inception of its premiere, the show has gained so much popularity and greatly influenced careers.

The show has over 10million viewers per season. It is the viewers that later vote for the participants, and when they reach the final stage, the winner wins a large cash prize. The winner gets it paid over some time.

The Criteria For Contesting In America’s Got Talent

Specific requirements exist that all contestants on the AGT must fulfill. To qualify for contesting as an act for AGT, the participant must meet the following conditions and criteria.

The contestant must be a citizen of the United States. The contestant must possess a legal permanent residence of the United States. America’s Got Talents also gives room to the non-US citizens as long as that person can travel legally to the United States by carrying the right visa.

The contestant must possess a current employment authorization card, also known as an EAD card. Also, the contestant must not, at the time of the program, be a candidate for public office. The position has to remain so for at least one year after the initial broadcast of the final episode.

Another requirement is that the contestant must be eighteen years old and if lesser, he or she must have parents or guardians who will be standing on behalf of the child and also sign all the necessary paperwork.

In the show, there is room for multiple acts. Thus, people can perform in groups. As a group, you can participate in the contest as long as everyone meets the requirement.

How To Get Into America’s Got Talent?

The first step to participating in the AGT is the registration process. To apply for America’s Got Talent contest, you have to register on the AGT Audition Website. On the site, you will choose the category for your performance, for example, “singer” or “comedy.” You can get the details about upcoming auditions on their website or their social media platforms.

The second step is the audition process. Putting in for America’s Got Talent does not start with performing in the presence of over three thousand members of the audience and celebrity judges. It usually first takes place in a convention center in American cities, where the contestants will get 90 seconds each to show their acts. It is only those that make it through the auditions that get to participate in the show.

What Will America’s Got Talent Application Cost Me?

To participate in AGT does not require any cost. There is no cost for the application process, as all you have to do is register on their site. Also, you do not incur any charge for becoming a part of the audition process. All you have to do is to take yourself to the venue of the audition.

There are unforeseeable circumstances where some people cannot make it to the audition center for one reason or the other. Not everyone can make it to the Open Audition, so there is a provision for such people to submit their videos online. However, these videos must not be longer than three minutes.

Are Multiple Attempts Allowed For America’s Got Talent?

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! If at first, you didn’t make it to the audition stage, you can always try again. Even after passing the auditions stage but did not make it to the end, still try again. However, ensure you did not apply in the same city again, and leverage on the improvement you might have gotten since the last audition.

What Happens After Passing The Audition Stage Of America’s Got Talent?

It is a big win for everyone who passes the audition stage to the next round. The successful participants will fly at no cost to Southern California, Los Angeles, to be precise. It is at this place that the real competition starts.

At Los Angeles, each contestant will be facing a real and live audience. Also, apart from the live audience, there are millions more watching from their TV screens and other screens. The overall winner of the AGT competition gets to go home with a whopping sum of $1,000,000.

Some Previous Winners Of America’s Got Talent

Dardi Lynne Farmer: She is a 15 years old American singer and ventriloquist that have the talents if making her voice come from a dummy. The young girl hails from Oklahoma City, United States. She won the America’s Got Talents and became the third female and third child to win it. Her net worth is $3,000,000.

Shin Lim: Shin Lim is a 28-year-old American, born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is a close up magician who got his break on AGT by performing card manipulation and sleight of hand. He was an on AGT season 13 and also America’s Got Talent: The Champions Winner. His net worth is $5,000,000.

Mat Franco: Born on May 10, 1988, he is an American magician who won season 9 of AGT. Known for his personality-drive, sleight-of-hand style of magic, he has the history of being the first magician to win the $1million grand prize. His net worth is $3,000,000.

Grace Vanderwaal: She is an American songwriter and singer. Grace was born on January 15, 2004. She won the AGT in the eleventh season. Her net worth is $2 million and also earns an annual income of $800,000.

Terry Fator: Terry was born on June 20, 1965, in Dallas, Texas, USA. He is well known for Ventriloquism, Impressionist, character Comedy and Musical Comedy. He won the AGT season two. His net worth is $100,000,000.

Got Talents Series

Apart from America, there are different Got Talent Series all over the world. There are over seventy of them. Among the most popular are Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, and Asia’s Got Talent, etc.

The Place Of Talent

Talent is the natural ability to be good at something, especially when the person did not learn it. Such people are born with it, and they exhibit such talents without stress. Talents are natural aptitudes and skills.

Thus, one can say that a person who does things with natural ability is a talented individual. Talent differs from person to person, including children of the same parents or even identical twins.

Talents usually make the person exceptional and formidable. Such a person will always display the ability without stress. It is possible to detect innate and inborn talents in a person during his or her childhood. It validates why particular interest needs to go into the grooming of a child to help them exhibit their inborn abilities.

The word “talent” is traceable to a Medieval Latin word “talenta” which is a plural word for “talentum.” It means “inclination or leaning,” and the Greeks translated it as “anything that has a definite weight,” which implies different units to different people at different times.

The Importance Of The Early Discovery Of A Child’s Talents

It Boosts Confidence: 

When you can identify your child’s talents and make the child aware that he or she is good at something, it gives them a boost of confidence. It makes them feel better about themselves that they are good at something, which in turn increases their self-esteem.

It Increases their chances for Success: 

A child who is aware of what he is good at early in life is less likely to wander about trying to figure out what to do. Instead, it will help the child gain clarity in choosing a career path. Also, the child has the opportunity to develop that talent, which, in turn, increases the chances of attaining success.

It makes a child happy: 

Research shows that children who use many hours in doing what they love usually understand that failure is part of the process in achieving success, and so they are comfortable in their paths.


There are many people born with exceptional talents, and such ones can only get encouraged if they perform their acts and also profit from it. America’s Got Talent under the Simon Cowell and his team has been able to play this significant role maximally, thereby changing the financial status of many in America.

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