Why Was The Female Titan Crying?

Why Was The Female Titan Crying

The Female Titan is one of the characters in the movie titled Attack on the Titans and known for her strength, courage, and bravery. She received training from her father at a tender age. She graduated early from the Training Corps and was once a member of the Military Brigade.

She ranked fourth among her peers in Marley’s Warriors.

Now, why was the female Titan crying?

Her fierceness earned her the privilege to be among the chosen favorites to embark on tough missions. Her height of attainment is as a result of her exceptional skills in handling swords, and her agility in swordless combats. The question, why was the female Titan crying, is one that arises based on the fact that her characteristics do not present her to be someone that can easily cry. However, she cried because she lost a fight. It was the fight that might have freed her from the force that trapped her for years. 

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The Movie, Attack On The Titans

Attack on the Titans is a movie that centers on the chronicles of a warrior clan called the Titans. The Titans are a different species from humans, but few humans possess the ability to turn into titans. Some of the few humans that can transform into a titan include Annie Leonhart, Eren, Marcel, etc.

The movie also talks about the struggle of a girl named Annie Leonhart, also known as the Female Titan. Mr. Leonhart adopted Annie Leonhart. However, he later became her father because they could not trace her birth.

Annie grew up with Mr. Leonhart as her father, learning all sorts of combat because he wanted security through her. Her father trained her so hard that sometimes Annie wished he was not her father. Annie later got to escape the harshness and cruelty of her father after crippling him through her skills in martial art.

Annie Leonhart The Female Titan

The story of the female Titan, Annie Leonhart, started at her birth and blood test. The test revealed that she had affiliations with Ymir, the regular titans. In essence, it meant that her mother was a human, and her father could either be an Eldian, matured titans.

Due to the complicated issues that surrounded her birth, she got deported to the lowest place of existence in 834. As at that time, Mr. Leonhart also got deported due to a complicated birth issue, which they did not investigate properly. Getting there, Leonhart seized that opportunity and adopted Annie.

He took her in as a daughter but did not treat her like one. Instead, he saw her as a tool for security, if properly taught, and trained in both sword fight and body combat. To achieve his objective, he took Annie through numerous training that made her childhood hell.

Annie was not like any regular child; at least her childhood experience was not like that of other kids. She was subject to lots of training from her adopted father that most times, she desired to kill him. The desire got to the extent that she detested and hated her father.

It got to a point where she could not endure any longer and decided to cripple her father, rather than kill him before escaping from home. Finally free from her father, Annie got engulfed in a life of sorrow and bitterness. Unable to overcome her grief for life and her father, she later joined the army to find purpose or engage her life to pursue a worthy cause.

Her childhood training later served as the foundation of her strength. As she escaped from home, she joined the army. Her title and power as the female Titan came through her accomplishment when she joined the army.

Her life in the military started with joy, something she had not experienced for a long time. She finally got to have colleagues and comrades with whom she could work. However, the joy and happiness she experienced only lasted for a short while because her commander needed her to embark on a dire mission.

The Female Titan Joined The Merleyan Military Camp

Annie thought that escaping from home would bring her a normal life, but it only led her to more misery. In her quest to find the true meaning of life and what to live for, she joined the Merleyan military force. She joined as a warrior candidate, which led her to meet other comrades like Marcel Galliard, Reiner Braun, and Bertolt Hoover.

Her combat skills paved the way for her, and she was among the seven potential comrades chosen to wield the Titan’s power. Her progress in the military increased to the point that she later received the female Titan’s power.

Just when she was about finding meaning for her life, her commander Merley, sent her and the other six comrades to destroy a nation. With their combat skills and Titan’s power, the task was an easy one. Annie and the other comrades were sent on the mission to test their abilities and powers on the nation.

Testing their powers was a great accomplishment for Merley that had concerns about who to put in charge of the forthcoming mission to the Paradis Island. Annie, known as the Female Titan, was one of the three comrades together with the Armored, Colossus, and Jaw Titans.

As they embarked on a secondary mission that links with the Paradis Island mission, their purpose and objective were to steal the Titan called Founding Titan. To take the Titan, they have to infiltrate the wall and attack the Eldians.

Although the comrades were able to destroy the nation with ease, infiltrating the wall of the Eldians seemed like an impossible mission. The mission marked the start of a new crisis and adventure in the life of the titan comrades.

Annie’s Mission To The Wall With The Other Titans

Their mission to the wall came with lots of difficulties and tragedy. First, they lost the Jaw Titan, Marcel, to an expected night attack from Ymir, who is just a regular titan. Annie was angry at Reiner and almost killed him because it was his fault.

The team later got themselves together and decided to continue the mission without Marcel. They had to readjust their plans and strategy due to the absence of Marcel. Originally, Marcel was to carry them across the wall with his Jaw Titan power. Finally, they chose Annie to take the team across the wall, and also resorting to the help of other titans, in case she gets tired.

It is undoubtedly a story filled with lots of suspense, tragedy, adventures, love, regret, and perseverance. From being a survivor to saving the world from tyranny, they considered and celebrated Annie’s mission to the wall as a mission to save the world. With each new day were new obstacles and challenges for the female Titan to overcome.

Why Annie Cried?

Before Annie went on the mission, her father came begging and apologizing for her to go back home. He claimed that he was wrong for training her to become a warrior and regretted his actions. He also apologized for treating her with such cruelty and has decided to love her like his true daughter.

Her father’s apology made Annie see reasons to stay alive and return home. There are moments in which she wished to have a normal life free of war and combats. Annie cried because she felt her hope of ever returning home shattered due to the difficulty experienced during the mission to the wall.

The team’s failure, the loss of the Jaw Titan, and the inability to accomplish their mission might cost them their lives and titan power if they did not come up with an alternative. Eren, who possessed a rare titan power not seen in the Merleyan Army, was now her only hope of returning home.

She had to capture Eren and take him to her commander in replacement for failing the primary mission, so she can avoid a death penalty and go home to be with her father. Her failed attempt at capturing Eren resulted in her shedding tears because there might not be any remedy for her failure. It also meant her dream of living a peaceful and normal life void of war and battle was on the verge of collapsing.


The female Titan is an excellent combination of tyranny and heroism. She possessed a character not likely to be wielded by many. Her childhood experience might be the cause of her never-ending trauma and ill behavior to others, but it also serves as the foundation for her strength and power.

Although her father treated her cruelly, he is the pioneer of her strengths and weaknesses. Investing all of his time to make her a skillful warrior is something that she acknowledged. However, looking at the issues of why was the female titan crying, it shows her humanity as a person. She felt and expressed real emotions that made the movie relatable.

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