Which Impractical Jokers Are Married?

Which Impractical Jokers Are Married

Impractical Jokers consists of a television series in the United States of America. It features a reality game show, with hidden cameras, in which the spontaneity of the actors is commonplace. The production is by Northside Productions, a private television/film production, communication, media, and marketing company based in the US.

The question is: which impractical jokers are married?

Impractical Jokers features the Tenderloins; Joseph Gatto, Brian Quinn, James “Murr” Murray, as well as Salvatore Vulcano. They are an American comedy troupe. However, the former members were Gideon S. Horowitz, from Miami, Florida, and Michael Boccio, from Los Angeles. However, to answer the question, which impractical jokers are married, we should note that Joe is the only married Joker; he has two children with his wife, Bessy. However, Murr is engaged to Melyssa Davies.

The Production Team Behind Impractical Jokers

The Northside Productions is an outfit that creates and produces original programs for several Cable and TV networks. They have served Discovery, History, A&E, MTV, VH1, TruTV, Speed, Food Network, and Lifetime, amongst others. Northside Productions started in 2000 by Mark Hickman and Charlie DeBevoise.

The Series, Impractical Jokers

Impractical Jokers first aired on TruTV on December 15, 2011. Each episode features several competitive dare games were each Joker after his performance either gets applauded through a thumbs up or receives thumbs down. As the episode ends, there is a “punishment” for the Joker scoring more thumbs down.

The punishment is usually bizarre, humiliating, and scary than the original challenge. None of the jokers can refuse a punishment. Where he does so, it will amount to his removal from the show.

The punishment tally

In all the eight seasons, seasons eight, three, and five recorded the highest number of punishments. Sal is the Joker having the most punishments with as much as sixty-seven punishments in all seasons and scoring ten punishments in both seasons three and five. Murr has the second-highest punishment count of sixty-two, followed by Q, and punished fifty-one times. Joe has the least punishments record scoring forty-three punishments in all eight seasons and the lowest for six different seasons.

The dare games

Each dare game is a plot designed to challenge one joker to make a fool out of himself by engaging with unsuspecting persons of the general public. The troupe member(s) performing the prank wears an earpiece, while the rest of the jokers who are watching with the aid of secret recording equipment, survey and direct the plot and activities away from the eyes of the public.

Guest Appearances

The first season of the comedy sitcom mostly featured the Jokers, who make up the Tenderloins. However, subsequent seasons have had appearances and cameos from a variety of characters ranging from big stars to upcoming actors, among others.

The guest appearances include names like; Rob Emmer and Iain Armitage, among others. Seasons 4 had Alfonso Perugino and so many others.

The Tenderloins

The Tenderloins is the name for an American comedy troupe that comprises of four longtime friends; James Murray, Brian Quinn, Joseph Gatto, and Salvatore Vulcano. They met in 1990 in class while they were in their freshman year in High School at Staten Island. They like drama and improvisation, and so they joined an improvisation club.

The Career Of The Tenderloins

The Tenderloins’ walk to success and fame started with stage performances after they graduated from the University. James Murray, while working with the Ferry at Staten Island, ran into Sal. They got talking and became nostalgic about the pleasure they derived doing improvisation back in high school. It developed into the practice of improvisation in Joe Gato’s house, where they practiced weekly for about six months.

After reuniting with Joe in 1999, the Tenderloins started as an improvisation comedy troupe that had live performances. After the Impractical Jokers have recorded some level of success, The Tenderloins achieved success and featured in several tours.

The Internet And Television

In 2006, after engaging in live shows for about six years, the Tenderloins began filming comedy skits, and Brian Quinn took over the role of Mike Boccio and became the fourth member of the troupe. The comedy skits of the Tenderloins attract several million viewers on YouTube, Metacafe, MySpace, websites, etc. In the year 2007, the Tenderloins won $100,000, which was the grand prize in an NBC competition.

The popularity that came as a result of the troupe’s successes landed them a contract to create a comedy series called Pilot that reflects their lives. The shooting of the pilot took place in the year 2008 on a location within Staten Island, Richmond County, and in other neighborhoods within New York. Spike TV eventually concluded the series. The second version of it had the Tenderloins starring in it and featured in the Television Festival of New York in the year 2009.

Another series starring the Tenderloins, initially named Mission: Uncomfortable, was announced on April 12, 2011, by TruTV. Impractical Jokers got premiered in 2011, and the troupe was the executive producers. The 1st season had more 32 million viewers, consisting of 16 episodes.

In 2019, the four persons that make up the Tenderloins starred in Misery Index, a TBS series hosted by Jameela Jamil and centered on the game known as ‘Shit Happens.’ It was the creative work of Andy Breckman, that wrote the widely-known TV series called Monk.

Live Tour

The Tenderloins have had several tours continuously in about the last four years, and some of their most successful tours include Where’s Larry? Cranjis McBasketball and Santiago Sent Us. They have a hundred thousand fans attending both the US and the UK.


The Tenderloins have also made waves on the radio space. On August 17, 2017, ‘The Tenderloins’ started their Radio Show and premiered it at SiriusXM Radio, which channels 94. The one hour broadcast typically had the troupe pranking-friends and loved ones, taking calls, answering emails from their fans, and doing skits using “Tenderloins Theatre.”


The Tenderloins started their podcast, which they called ‘The Tenderloins Podcast,’ in April 2012. After they had stopped their podcast, Sal and Q started a separate podcast themselves. Sal and Q informed the public that their podcast was a project they were doing on their own, and did not have any intention that it should replace that of The Tenderloins.

The group explained that it was challenging to coordinate their schedules. Thus it made it difficult for them to continue with production.

Brief Background Information About The Tenderloins Comedians

Brian Quinn: Brian is from Staten Island in New York. In High School, he got involved in sports and drama. He attended Brooklyn College. However, he went to work with the Fire Department of New York City.

James Murray: James is from Staten Island in New York. He also attended the same High School with the others and got involved in the community theatre. James received his BA degree in English from Georgetown University. He later worked with NorthSouth Productions until he grew up to the ranks of the Vice President in charge of development.

He is in a relationship with Melyssa Davies and engaged to her.

Joseph Gatto: He comes from the same place as the rest, and he also attended the same high school. He went ahead to obtain an Accounting degree from the University. He was the one that we can attribute as the person that created The Tenderloins in 1999. Out of all the jokers, he happens to be the only that is a married person. His wife’s name is Bessy, and they have two children together.

Salvatore Vulcano: He also comes from New York and does comedy with the rest of them.

International Versions Of The Series Impractical Jokers

The Impractical Jokers had its UK version aired in the winter of 2012. The pilot sitcom was part of “The Comedy Kitchen” in 2012.

There was a broadcast of it on 2BE that was in Belgian in 2012. They titled it FouteVrienden. James Murray featured in its first season, particularly episode five of it.

Also in 2013, a Dutch version was broadcast on Veronica in 2013; called De Fukkers. The Impractical Jokers also have Brazilian, Greek, Lebanese, Mexican, Spanish, Swedish, and Russian versions

Impractical Jokers; The movie

TruTV announced the renewal of the eighth season in the series Impractical Jokers and the development of a film on March 7, 2018. The movie’s trailer came out on December 17, 2019. However, the movie will come out in February 2020.


The series, Impractical Joker, is more or less a reality show with hidden cameras. However, one can say its genre is Cringe Comedy. It is a popular series that people love. However, in this article, we answered the question, which impractical jokers are married?

There were certainties at some point whether Sal is gay, as he claimed. During the show, he claimed he was gay. His friend Murr also openly came forth as a gay person. When this happened, several persons did not believe Sal and saw it as a joke. However, subsequently, Sal made it public that he was not gay and only said so as a way of helping his friend, Murr, own up to who he is.

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