What To Wear To A Mexican Wedding?

What To Wear To A Mexican Wedding

Every culture comes with its unique mode of dressing. If you desire to blend into any environment, it is advisable that you study the culture of the people you are planning to visit and dress accordingly. Weddings in Mexico are usually a beautiful sight to behold, and their mode of dressing to such events is one you would love to see.

How do you know what to wear to a Mexican wedding?

Knowing what to wear to a Mexican wedding depends majorly on the desires of the couple. Where the couple fixes a dress code for the wedding, everyone has to follow suit. Notwithstanding, many at times the attire for the wedding depends on the cultural and religious beliefs of the couples. Thus, it often varies.

The Mexican Culture

Mexico is a country that is in North America. It ranks as the 12th most populated nation in the world with a census of about 123 million people, as conducted by the CIA in 2016. The majority of Mexicans find their habitation in the cities.

However, the rural populace contributes mainly to the culture of the average Mexican citizen, due to the vast number of villages in the nation. There are various ethnic groups in Mexico. We have the Amerindian Spanish who makes up for 62% of the population, the Amerindians who make up for 21%, and the whites that compose the last 10% of the population.

The dominant language spoken in Mexico is the Spanish language. Recent findings have shown that about 93% of the population speaks Spanish. It is public knowledge that Mexico is a religious country with Christianity being a primary religion.

One can find Christian bodies such as Baptists, Anglicans, Presbyterians, and Jehovah’s Witnesses in Mexico. However, studies have shown that about 82% of the nation’s population identify themselves to be Catholics. Also, other religions practiced include Islam, Judaism, and even traditional worship, which has their roots in the Mayan elements.

Popular foods amongst the Mexican populace include tequila, tortillas, and a variety of foods made majorly from corn, rice, beans, and tomatoes.

Fundamental Mexican Values And Celebrations

The concept of family and its role in society is a significant value for Mexican citizens. It is a common notion that Mexicans do not joke with their responsibilities towards their children and other members of their immediate or extended family.

Due to this factor, there are a lot of procedures placed by Mexican traditions. A man and a woman have to subscribe to these procedures before they get married. The essence of it is to ensure the success of their marriage.

Mexico has also become famous around the world because of its music. Traditional genres of folk songs are distinct according to the culture of a region. However, some of the most popular styles are Mariachi, Norteño, and Ranchera.

These forms of music have contributed to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the nation. Millions of people play their popular songs, as they also know the words of the songs at heart.

Some major celebrations amongst the citizens of Mexico include the Quinceanera, which marks the 15th birthday of a female child. It involves the selection of a unique dress for the child and dancing among family and friends. It is a celebration that signifies the transition of the female child into adulthood.

Also, on the 12th December is the “Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.” It serves as a day of remembrance to the time the Virgin Mary appeared to an Indian man during the times of the Spanish government. They regard the Virgin Mary as a mother to the nation.

Another notable celebration is that of “Posadas.” It is a day for remembering Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem when they were in search of a habitation.

The celebration of the country’s independence from Spain in 1810 is on 16th September. There is also a day set aside to remember the fallen heroes of Mexico tagged as “the Day of the Dead,” and celebrated on 2nd November.

Mexican Wedding Traditions

Mexican weddings tend to be a significant event with many guests, usually referred to as Madrinos and Patrinos. The sponsors and individuals who contribute to the success of the wedding are often the godparents and family members of the couples.

Some wedding artifacts include the Wedding Dove, which signifies a successful and happy marriage, and the Crane, which serves as an emblem for long life and prosperity.

We are going to look at a few of the Mexican wedding traditions, so you would know what to expect at a Mexican wedding.

The ring of promise:

In the process of getting married, there is a ring called “the ring of promise.” It is an object given to the woman one or two years before the actual ring of engagement.

The essence of it is to let the woman know that the man is serious about their relationship. It indicates his intention to marry her. In this period of the “ring of promise,” the to-be couples often get to know each other better and handle any differences that may arise.

The sign of the cross:

In this activity, the priest places a cross typically above the groom’s face for him to kiss, and the bride also kisses it. It signifies faithfulness and trust in a marriage.

The ring bearer and flower girl:

The ring bearer and flower girl serves as a representation of the little model of the husband and wife to be. The Madrina de Ramo bears the flowers while the Madrina de Laso bears the jewelry that the couple will use as they profess their vows.

The wedding attire

Are you from Mexico or planning to marry a Mexican? We will take a look at the most common Mexican attire for a groom and his bride.

Mexican bridal attire

Bridal attire in Mexico often depends on the culture and location of the wife to be. They make bridal dresses using the culture’s symbolic fabrics. Mexicans seem to appreciate fabric designs inspired by nature. Thus, it is advisable to pick out a dress that reflects the simplicity and uniqueness of creation.

Also, in most Mexican cultures like Yucutan, the bride may be clothed in a “Huipil”. The huipil is a lean, smooth white shirt with a thin, sleek blouse. While, in other seemingly Spanish cultures in the state, the bride normally puts on a flamenco designed dress.

Jewelry is also an aspect of wedding attire not to overlook. Studies have shown that Mexican women naturally have a thing for jewelry, and it is public knowledge that they always wear flashy beads, earrings, crystals, and bracelets to Mexican weddings

Mexican groom’s attire

In Mexico, men most times adopt more traditional attires as accepted by their customs. The most famous cultural attire for the men is the “Guayabera.” It is a white-collar shirt with embroidery designs and generally combined with a pair of black linen pants.

It is a fashion choice most ideal for weddings with a beach setting, even fashionable outside of Mexico. However, modernistic Mexicans tend to prefer wearing a black suit or a black tuxedo. The groom may also choose to put on a black jacket called a “Bolero,” and a set of black western boots.

What To Wear As A Guest To A Mexican Wedding?

Since the choice of clothing for a Mexican wedding depends on the desires of the couple, the first question one should answer is, if there is an official dress code. Most times, the dress code may depend on the cultural heritage of the couples, and one may have to get traditional Mexican wears.

Asides that, the majority of weddings in Mexico are usually in a formal setting. With regards to the men, one could ask them to put on a black suit or tuxedo, or any form of attire as long as it has a corporate or formal semblance. They could also wear straight collar shirts.

One could see the women folk dressed in cocktail dresses or a lovely skirt with dress shoes or high heels. However, if in a church setting, since most Mexicans are Catholics, the woman will need to wear clothes that do not expose too much of her body.

Where the wedding is to hold as an evening event, we usually see both the men and women in black and white or any other shade of dark colors. However, where the wedding is holding during the day, brighter colors will be more appropriate. Trendy Mexican colors may include red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple.


Mexican clothing is unique and fashionable. The majority of the country’s populace wears traditional Mexican attires. Are you planning on attending a Mexican wedding or marrying a Mexican? You have to be specific about what to wear to a Mexican wedding.

Always check with the planners of the wedding if there is a dress code. Where there is none, Mexican weddings usually take a formal approach, so whether you are going traditional or official, look sharp, look smart, and look good!

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