Elizabeth Hasselbeck Net Worth: Things To Know

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Net Worth

With an illustrious career that has seen her serve as a show host, TV personality and author, Elizabeth Hasselbeck is one name to be reckoned with. She first started work as one of the Puma shoe designers in America after which she ventured into the television industry where she co-hosted several programs. You may think you know her, but do you know how old she is? Do you know her net worth? If you do not have accurate answers to these and other questions, we have prepared a comprehensive look into her life and everything related.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Net Worth

As of March 2020, Elizabeth Hasselback is reputed to be worth about twenty million dollars. She became this rich via roles she played on TV talk shows and from the programs which she co-hosted. She also made good money from the books she had published and from her website. Elizabeth is quite talented at what she does. This perhaps is why she has awards such as the Daytime Emmy Award for her role in “The View” talk show. Her books have also featured on New York Times Best Seller list. She is married to Tim and they are blessed with three children.

Who Exactly Is Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

Born Elizabeth DelPadre Filarski, she came into the world on the 28th of May 1977 in Rhode Island United States. She was born to an architect father Kenneth and a lawyer mother Elizabeth. She also has a brother named Kenny Filarski. She attended school at the St. Mary Academy from where she proceeded to Boston College where she got a degree in Fine Arts. During her college days, she made a name for herself playing softball.

In 2002, Elizabeth got married to a retired American football quarterback player Tim. These days, Tim works as an analyst. Their union is blessed with two sons and a daughter. Elizabeth was diagnosed with celiac disease which is an autoimmune disease that stays for long. Elizabeth is currently 42 years old and weighs 50kg.

What Has Elizabeth’s Career Looked Like Over The Years?

Elizabeth made her first Television appearance as one of the survivors on the popular TV series “Survivor: The Australian Outback.” She was also one of the judges on Miss Teen America Pageant of 2001 after which she hosted the Look for Less TV show.

She started co-hosting the talk show on ABC “The View” back in 20033 and worked there till 2013. After this, she started working on FOX News where she was the co-host of Fox and Friends where her presence increased the viewers on the program. She, however, left the show back in 2015 because she wanted to spend more time with her family. Elizabeth has also made an appearance on shows like Entourage and Madea Goes to Jail.

She has also had a rather fruitful writing career with several best sellers. She published and authored a book about her disease back in 2009 named “The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide.”

A Look At The Shows She Has Featured On

Survivor: The Australian Outback

Back in 2001, Elizabeth had her opportunity on Survivor: The Australian Outback where she was original of the Kucha tribe. She was fortunate not to have been voted out of the first Tribal council which she and her tribe attended. After this, she went on a winning streak even though she eventually lost once again in the fifth episode. In the sixth episode, her tribemate Michael Skupin had a campfire accident when he fell and had to be evacuated. This meant that the Ogakor and Kucha had to be sent to the merge with five members each. When the time for the merge came, she was able to last about 9 hours in the individual community challenge which required the contestants to stand on a perch in the water for as long a time as possible.

When the time for the first vote arrived, Jeff, her tribe mate was voted out as a result of the previous votes that were cast against him. Eventually, another Kucha member named Alice was voted out and had to be sent to the jury. When the time came for the final five, Roger Bingham who was her closest ally all through the game got booted out.

This meant that she was the only remaining Kucha tribe member even though she was eventually voted out. She came to the fourth position overall. She was also one of the two people who were asked to return for the Survivor: All-Stars and offer which she declined.

Her time on “The View”

Even though she always saw herself as a behind the scenes kind of person without any keen interest in Television, her agent was more optimistic about her prospect and she thus auditioned for a role on The View back in 2013. She started as a guest host on the show before she became the permanent co-host in November 2003.

In August 2006 she got into a heated argument regarding the proposal by the FDA to make morning-after-pills an over the counter drug. According to her, life starts the moment a child is conceived. She felt over the counter sale of the pills should be banned regardless of the circumstances of the conception. In her view back then, people who advanced their arguments with the rape and incest point of view did that with a selfish interest at heart.

Also, in May 2007, she was involved in yet another heated argument with her co-host Rosie O’Donnel about the Iraqi war. She was for the war while her co-host was against it. Her co-host was furious at the fact that Hasselbeck was unwilling to defend her statements in the discourse. But Hasselbeck responded by asking her to defend her insinuations.

Hasselbeck along with some of her co-hosts emerged winners of the Daytime Emmy Award. This was after more than a decade of nominations without a win. However, none of the co-hosts of the show was in LA to pick up the award. 2013 came with widespread rumors that she was to be relieved of her role in the show when the season came to an end. This was because of the study conducted which showed that viewers thought her shows were a bit too conservative. Walters came on the air on March 11, 2013 episode of the show and debunked the rumors as false.  It was made clear that Elizabeth was not leaving the show anytime soon. She would eventually leave the show to join Fox & Friends in July 2013.

Elizabeth’s Time At Fox & Friends

On the 16th day of September 2013, Hasselbeck joined the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends as a replacement for Gretchen Carlson.  Upon joining the show, the ratings of the show climbed by about 9 percent with a 10 percent increase in viewership among people between the ages of 25-54. In November 2015, she made it known that she would be retiring and leaving Fox & Friends by the end of the year to spend more time with her family.

A Look At Her Battle With Celiac Disease

Elizabeth revealed that she was living with celiac disease and she has a book written in that regard. She was however faced with a lawsuit in 2009 accusing her of plagiarism.  She, however, released a statement calling the allegations of plagiarism as baseless. The lawsuit would eventually be dismissed in November 2009 when the lawyer representing the plaintiff refused to proceed with the case. In his words, he believed there was some level of plagiarism involved but it was not enough to warrant monetary damages.

What Is Elizabeth’s Personal Life Like?

In 2002, she got married to her College lover Tim Hasselbeck. She is a Christian and this much was evident in her 2014 condemnation of Christians in Iraq and the removal of bibles in American hotels. Hasselbeck is a Republican even though her parents were liberals and she appeared as a keynote speaker at the Republican National conventions of 2004 and 2008. She has also been a visible presence in Republican Rallies back in 2008. She was named in 2013 by Newsmax Magazine as one of the 25 most influential women in the GOP.

She is also a firm supporter of breast cancer awareness initiatives.

Latest Works

In March 2020, it was revealed that she would be returning to co-host on The View. It would be recalled that she spent about 10 years on the show before she was fired along with Joy Behar when they attempted to change the format.  This announcement created mixed reactions from fans of the show. The last time she was on The View was when she appeared back in March 2019 to promote one of her books.

Final Word

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a woman who has proven her worth in America as we know it today. This is evident in her finances and personal life. She is a worthy ambassador of the American dream.

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