Is Hollywood Dying?

Is Hollywood Dying

The answer to the above question is similar to the kind of answer you would get in response to the question, do we eat to live or live to eat? Saying that we eat to live is a correct statement, to the extent that eating is essential to the existence of every living thing on Earth. Therefore, you eat so that you can stay alive (to live). On the other hand, it is only those who are alive (that is living or lives) that can eat. Therefore, you must be alive (live) before you can eat.

Now the question is, is Hollywood dying?

Back to the question, which is the subject of this article, is Hollywood dying? Let us see what my opinion is on the subject matter. Generally, different persons will give different answers to the question based on their observations. It is because what one person uses to define or classify success or progress is different from what another uses to describe or classify both terms. In my opinion, it depends on the angle or particular area from which you are looking at it.

Taking A Look At Hollywood

However, my answer to the question is both affirmative (in some aspects) and also negative (in other aspects.) My reasons stem from the relatively long years of watching and or seeing Hollywood movies. Hollywood is the United States-based Film industry and all the people associated with it.

Yes, Hollywood Is Dying

In answering in the affirmative, I will say Hollywood is dying. To bolster my belief, I will categorize my reasons under the following segments for us to get my point of view rightly and clearly. They are content, uniqueness, value, dominance, and an all-inclusive audience.


It is true that Hollywood is an entertainment industry and also an organization whose main aim is to make profits while entertaining. However, before this century, Hollywood movies had contents that relate to the current happenings in society, which is the core purpose of literary work. However, the narratives are not so anymore.

The movies they produce these days have little or nothing to do with the reality of the society or world that we are in presently. The content consists of so many abstract things which do not captivate the minds of matured people.


Here, it merely means the distinction between two different movies. We are no longer in the days when you could watch various films and discuss them amongst your friends without anyone confusing two films to be the same. Interestingly, over the decades, there are a plethora of movies with almost, if not similar, storylines, and plot with different titles and cast.

For example, what is the difference between Superman and the character in Smallville? No difference at all. They are humans with superpowers who can do absolutely the same things. What then is the idea of the movie Smallville when you already have Superman?

They have run out of ideas and plots, so they recycle the same thing in different forms. Over time, storylines seem overused and nothing fresh that movie lovers can look forward to seeing. Therefore, it is safe to say that Hollywood is dying in this regard.


The sweet old days of Sound of Music, Home Alone, etc., are long gone. Those were the days that Hollywood movies added value to those who see or watch them. You always learn a good lesson from them. But now, some of the films lack little or no moral lessons to take home, which was not the case from the beginning as even comedy had something tangible to offer to the viewers. It suffices to say that Hollywood is dying in this regard.


Hollywood used to be the much sort after the movie industry, while others had about 20% of viewers collectively. However, with the rate of advancement in modern technologies and exposure in the world, the competition is now high. Also, production is now easier and cheaper for others to produce good and quality movies. We now have people getting addicted to Zeeworld and Korean dramas, which were not the case. In this aspect, Hollywood has lost its grip on the population it once had.

All-inclusive audience

It merely means that you could see Hollywood movies before now that was comfortable for persons within the age limits involved. Anybody within that age range, irrespective of their religion, which is the primary cause of crises in the world, could enjoy a great movie. These days, most of the films produced by Hollywood now portray messages, culture, beliefs, and values that are against the faith of most of its viewers. Therefore, it thereby results in the depopulation of those who usually were fans. They do not consider how the generality of the viewers will take it.

No, Hollywood Is Not Dying

In answering in the negative, I would say Hollywood is not dying if our point of view is from the aspect of how much net profit they make yearly. Are they maintaining their top-notch products in the competitive market? Is it appealing to the craze of the largest group making up of the world’s population in a decaying society with total disregard for the rest of the people?

Let us take a look at them one after the other.

Net profit yearly

In the year 2016, Hollywood, which is the number one most productive movie industry in the world, generated about 12billion dollars as profit, which is far higher than the combination of the movie industries in second to third place in the hierarchy of the top 10 most productive movie industry in the world.

In this regard, it is clear that Hollywood is not dying because they are meeting the primary aim of an organization that is in the business of making profits.

Top-notch production

Hollywood still tops the chart when it comes to pleasant graphics. Their standards are high because they spend a lot to get the best, for which they are famous. I duff my hat for them in their graphics in movies like Fast and Furious 7, Avengers Infinity War, Endgame, Pacific Rim, and the rest.

Looking at the recent blockbusters, one would argue to the fact that Hollywood is not dying because they keep outdoing themselves with the different movies that they produce yearly.

Appealing to the craze of the largest group making up of the world’s population (Young adults)

The movie with the highest views all over the world in the history of film industries is Game of Thrones popularly known as ‘GOT.’

A large chunk of those who made up the population of the highest viewers is young adults. It appealed to their sense of sexual depravity, unforgiving spirit, violence, and a whole lot of things that the world sanctions, though morally and spiritually wrong. They knew their audience and gave them something they could not resist.

The ironic thing about the movie is that most persons never knew it was portraying a particular era and how some things came into place in terms of the origin of some states and political constitutions.


From the segments discussed above, we can confidently argue for and against the notion that Hollywood is dying, and you would come out with a ratio of 50:50. Therefore, one cannot have a definite answer to the question, is Hollywood dying?

Your answer would only depend on the eyes with which you are looking at it. It is because, from the eyes of a businessman, an industry that is dying cannot be at the top of the top 10 most productive movie industries in the world or make a profit that is higher than nine other top-ranking movie industries in just one year. An industry that is dying cannot produce a movie (GOT) that had the record of the world’s most extensive views.

However, from the eyes of a man that loves literature and its essence, he would not see it in that light. For the man that understands the core purpose and values of drama and the man that is a moralist, it is not so. From his perspective, Hollywood is dying. It has lost its touch of educating the populace. Thus, it ventured solely into the business of making profits, irrespective of the message it is sending to the world.

You can draw your conclusions from this article, which is my candid opinion and observation over the years, and it is not binding on anyone, nor is it a conclusive and or definite answer to the question “Is Hollywood Dying?”

However, I would advise that in drawing your conclusion, you should do that with an open mind and the mind of an adventurer. It is advisable that, if possible, you could research to attest to the quality of content in the ’90s. Not just that, but you should also compare it with that of the 21st century. I will be open to your opinion and point of view on the subject of this article, as stated above.

Check out all the variables highlighted, and you might agree with me that the answer to the question could come in both ways.

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