Psychology Facts About Love: 15 Facts You Should Know

Psychology Facts About Love

Oftentimes, people mistake love to be a mere feeling! Although there are feelings generated as a result of love, it will be wrong to think that feelings and emotions are proofs of love. Psychologists have taken time to research love, and we will be studying some of the psychology facts about love.

Psychology facts about love

Psychology has to do with the study of the human mind and behavior. Some mind issues and actions are a result of the presence of love in the life of an individual. Though love has nothing to do with feelings but more of a decision as discovered by a psychologist, many people are victims of ignorance. Psychology facts about love provide insight into love, helping you to know when you are in love and how to sustain it. It also presents a clear view of the difference between love and emotions. 

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Taking A Look At Some Psychology Facts About Love 

Some psychology facts discovered as a result of various researches about love include:

1. The attraction is not a guarantee that you are in love

The fact that you find yourself attracted to someone and spends quality time with the person does not mean you or the person is in love. The both of you can be compatible but only share mutual feelings as friends and close colleagues, rather than being intimate to the point of falling in love.

Most people tend to mistake the feeling of being in love. Although love generates a sense of intimacy and sometimes associated with attraction and compatibility, you need to exercise discernment. An individual can choose to form and develop an appeal to another person for a deceitful aim.

2. Love has to do with decision, not feelings

The euphoria generated as a result of love does not last for long. Research has shown that one of the reasons so many marriages end up in divorce is because the couples depend on euphoria.

They get married based on the feeling generated as a result of love. During this period, they overlook the faults of their partners. They welcome very wrong behavior, and sometimes the euphoria clouds their minds, hindering them from seeing any error from their partner.

However, when this feeling dries up, they are left with their will and conscious behavior. It is at this point that love could show up. Some Psychologist has been able to prove that love is a decision and not a feeling.

It is the decision to continue with someone despite their errors and awkward behaviors. During the period, your mind is free from feelings clouding your judgment. You are left with a choice to either love the person or find reasons not to love the person.

3. Ladies in love are very conscious and cautious of their appearance

Naturally, ladies get obsessed with looking beautiful and being complimented for looking beautiful. It gets to the extreme when they fall in love. Ladies in their adolescence and early adults are in their prime and look more attractive during this stage than any stage of their life.

If a lady in her adolescent or early adult falls in love, she becomes much concerned with her outward appearance towards the person with whom she perceives to be in love. Thus, they are eager to receive the person’s compliments.

4. Flirts are obsessed with physique while individuals ready for long term relationship are attracted to the face

The above-stated fact is still under research; however, there are elements of truth in it. Flirts are usually men that are not ready for a long term relationship. They date more than one lady and might not be in any serious relationship with any of the ladies.

Some psychologists agree with the fact that these individuals called flirts have more interest in the physique of a lady. They concentrate on the auxiliary parts like the breast, and their primary interest is in sex. Although their partners might mistake it to be love, however, these individuals are not in love, rather their obsession for sex drives them.

Meanwhile, there are also speculations that men interested in long term relationships get attracted to a beautiful lady than a chubby lady. It is because they desire to spend a long term with the lady; they want the lady to be attractive to avoid distraction from other beautiful ladies.

5. Males are easy to predict when in love

A man naturally has the trait of being in charge. They consider themselves to be the security and provider in the union. There is truth in this fact when they insist on paying the bills during outings with the lady. They prefer to carry the heavy loads while the lady strolls by their side.

They also go about doing the tough jobs in the house, like shifting the bed, moving the cupboard, etc. Anything that restrains a man from playing this role in a union might cause that man to go into a depressive state.

6. Research has shown that the same chemical released into the body when addicted to cocaine or any had drug is also present to some extent when an individual is in love

It is a shocking revelation. Many people associate addiction with wrong things but failed to look at it from a different angle. An addiction can be good or bad, depending on the object of the obsession.

Falling in love is similar to being addicted. The euphoria generated during the early stage of love is as a result of a chemical released by the brain. The chemical is the same as the one released when an individual gets addicted to something. The chemical helps you sustain addiction and euphoria.

7. A broken heart is like a psychological analysis of the heart condition when love is not mutual

The term “heartbreak” is a psychological analysis. People are fond of talking about heartbreak experience. It is as a result of a broken union or couple. Although the union or couple experienced a breakup, it does not mean that they do not love each one. In most cases, one party is still in love with the other party, which is why you hear things like “my spouse broke my heart.”

It is a surprise for the psychologist to discover that the heart goes through heartbreak. A part of the heart called the coronary experiences damage leading to body pain when an individual betrays someone that loves him or her. The situation could lead to a critical health problem if the individual continues to nurse the pain.

8. Psychological research has shown that sweaty palms, dependence, butterflies in the stomach, all as a result of the early stage of love do not last for long

The initial phase of love comes with many fantasies perceived to be real. Not finding any fault in your partner, seeing your partner as the perfect match for you, accepting the wrongs of your partner, etc. These are fantasies that are as a result of the euphoria developed during the first stage of love. It weakens discernment and proper judgment.

Research has shown that the most extended period that these feelings last is two years. Most marriages do not last up to two years because the euphoria, in that case, cleared earlier than expected. Building love based on these feelings is dangerous because the emotions can go away at any moment, leaving you with the free will to make proper decisions out of your discretion.

9. The female mind fantasies a lot when in love while the male mind is highly logical

Females tend to be more emotional when in love. The human mind acts based on emotion than logic. They are willing to go all out because of a feeling, not considering the risk or if the situation is safe.

Emotions are the most primary drivers of ladies. The female mind values emotion more than logic or reality. Except if the lady has the choleric temperament, she would act and fight for her emotions than logic. It explains why mothers are very deadly in protecting their children.

Meanwhile, the mind of males is very logical. Men tend to exert time and energy running analysis before embarking on a journey. Unlike the ladies, men are willing to withdraw if the situation is not favorable despite their emotional connection.

10. Trying to avoid the person you love might end up to be an effort in futility

Trying to remember someone you have never seen before might be one of the wasted actions to put energy into. The same applies to when you try to avoid someone you love. Your mind connects to that person and will always drive you close to that person.

11. Cuddling and intimacy with someone you love can relieve stress and worry

Spending time with the person you love can help to ease your mind of worries and stress. Love has a way of building hope and courage. Merely seeing the person can revitalize you.

12. Happiness is transferable, especially from someone you love

If you are feeling sad, you can easily contract happiness when you come in contact with the person you love. In a situation where the person you love is happy, it can help to relieve you of sadness and inject happiness into you.

13. A long-distance relationship can lead to sickness

Keeping a long-distance relationship also has a negative effect. If the person is not responding as you desire, you might end up developing worries or negative thoughts of breaking up.

14. The brain produces less serotonin when it perceives that you are in love

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter responsible for emotions such as depression, worry, etc. The brain produces less of this type of neurotransmitter when an individual is in love because of the constant happiness flooding the heart. Joy helps to neutralize the production of serotonin.

15. Some psychologists believe that people fall in love with people that specially treat them when they were much younger

Some psychologists believe that people get attracted to the kind of persons that treat them with care in their childhood days. You could get attracted to a lady because someone that possessed the same traits and personality, specially treated you while you were still a child.


Although love is a broad field that has complicated and complex resolves, psychology facts about love present love in a more comprehendible way. Following these facts gives perspective to love and helps us to understand love better.

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