What Happened To Susan Boyle?

What Happened To Susan Boyle

After stunning the audience and judges in Britain Got Talent, Susan Boyle went on to release her first album, which sold more than 600,000 copies in the United States. It is on record that her debut album was among the most successful debuts of all time. She also went on to release more songs and albums, which were also successful and made her fame increase around the world. In 2013, she featured in her first movie, where she also sang.

Let’s figure out what happened to Susan Boyle.

Susan Boyle’s performance at the audition was an exceptional phenomenon. Her performance video on YouTube has more than 200 million viewers worldwide. Despite the level of success recorded, we are concerned with what happened to Susan Boyle. She had to take a leave to consult a Scottish doctor to affirm if she had brain damage. Her curiosity proved significant after the doctor told her it was Asperger’s Syndrome. 

Susan Boyle’s Tragic Experience With Her Family

Susan Boyle, popularly known for her performance on stage during the audition of Britain’s Reality TV Show, was born on the first of April, 1961. She was the youngest in a family 10, having five sisters and four brothers, respectively.

The belief is that due to the complications surrounding her birth, doctors diagnosed her of having brain damage. It was a situation that made almost all her life traumatic. Susan, also called “Simple Sussy” by her friends, was usually the subject of laughter and funny jokes by friends as a result of her condition.

Her mom gave birth to her at the age of 45. The circumstances surrounding her birth were a great contention because her mom was considerably advanced in age to have a child. Her mom also suffered oxygen deprivation during childbirth.

It was this factor and many others that led to Susan having a learning disability, as said by the doctors who diagnosed her. The diagnosis came about as they were trying to understand her constant mood swings and irrational behavior.

She had to endure more difficulties after her father died in 1999. The incident was just the beginning of an advanced tragedy in Susan’s life. Not entirely over the death of her father, the next year, she had also to endure the death of Kathleen, her sister.

It was an advanced tragedy that she experienced, given the fact that she was trying to overcome a real sorrow. Life is full of surprises and has a way of knocking down anyone too weak to stand firm in the face of unfavorable circumstances.

Her medical condition, father’s death, and sister’s death were just the beginning of Susan’s grief. In 2007, life came hitting hard at her. Her mother also died. She had to express a high level of tenacity and courage when her mom also died. It was one of the strongest knocks life had thrown at her.

She said her mom was one of her most significant sources of encouragement and motivation. She likens her mom to be her guardian angel who adored and cared for her. In an interview, she boldly affirmed that her mom’s death created a feeling like a part of her died with the mom.

Susan suffered a high level of tragedies, which could have made anyone give up their music career or committed suicide. However, she proved to be a fierce lady. All these were happening while she was unemployed and on the verge of losing their family house.

Her breakthrough finally came after she auditioned for the Britain reality show in 2009. She still claims to feel the care of her loved ones, both those dead and the ones still alive. In 2012 a Scottish doctor helped to relieve and heal her trauma after discovering that she never had a learning disability. The doctor diagnosed her with Asperger’s Syndrome.

The discovery was a relief for Susan after years of torment, both from humans and her illness. She wished that the new result will help people understand her better and know why she behaves that way.

She also suffered a significant loss in 2015 when her older sister died due to cancer. Her sister was 73 as at that time, but Susan saw it as an unexpected circumstance. She shared in an interview how good her sister had been. She recounted how her sister helped and assisted in her music career. It was a low time for Susan.

The Career Struggles Of Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle was a person that people looked down on, mocked, criticized, and also made fun of her during audition due to her appearance. Her early years in the music industry, before fame and success, were a struggle. She shared her life story and her struggles in her book and short videos.

Susan Boyle’s desire to go into the music industry started when she was still a child. At age 10, she was already attending music classes, learning how to develop her vocals, and also singing in the church.

She progressed from one level to the other, moving from singing in churches to featuring in television shows. She once appeared in one of the British popular shows in 1995. Despite all these efforts from her childhood to adulthood, she didn’t gain fame or success in the music world.

Susan once said that whenever she feels like throwing in the towel and giving up, she remembers that she is the one responsible for writing her story and then refuses to give up. She explained how saying that to herself has been her source of motivation and encouragement over the years. She sees herself as the author of her story and has a lot of determination to write a good story about herself.

She also went as far as recording demo tracks and participating in various music competitions, especially locally. Susan proves to be someone that doesn’t take no for an answer. She was resilient. Her efforts and tenacity finally paid off after she followed the advice of her mom and decided to try Simon Cowell’s TV show. That singular act marked the beginning of her stardom.

A Star Is Born

2009 was a year of dynamic change for Susan Boyle. She stepped on the stage in front of three judges, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, and Piers Morgan, and created an intense atmosphere. Her appearance made the audience laugh until her performance.

The judges and audience were too quick to mock and laugh at her appearance. Giving the fact that she was already dealing with much and was unemployed, her appearance must have been demeaning.

She made an intro of herself and added that she desires to be a professional singer. Amidst jeers and laughter from the judges and audience, she delivered a marvelous cover of “Les Miserables, I Dreamed.” It was so stunning that everyone, including the judges, made a standing ovation for her.

The journey to stardom just began. Susan Boyle’s audition was so famous that it earned her an invite from Oprah and so many celebrities. She released her first album six months later, and it sold more than 6 million copies. It won the most popular album of the year.

She later went on to release her second album, which also sold platinum. It topped charts in both the US and the UK. Her first and second album, as at the time of launch, was number one in the US and UK, making her the third person to have ever achieved such fit. The Beatles and Monkee have only done two diverse albums topping the chart in both the US and UK.

Susan Boyle released other albums that were also successful and did well in the market. She is currently in her family house with her cat. Susan chooses to stay there for the remaining years of her life. She is still single, her relationship didn’t work out, and she has decided to remain single.

Despite her wealth from the success of her music career, Susan has chosen to live a simple life while donating to charity and helping the less privileged. She also discussed adopting a child but is still yet to decide fully.

Lessons From The Life And Career Of Susan Boyle

Susan’s story is an excellent motivation for upcoming stars and anyone aspiring to be successful in any field in life. It teaches tenacity, resilience, and courage. It proves that despite the hard knocks life might throw at us sometimes if you are willing to keep trying and getting better at what you do, your breakthroughs will come.

Susan encourages people out there never to give up, to keep trying knowing full well that they are the author of their stories.


We have also gone through the life and story of Susan Boyle. Despite what happened to Susan Boyle, she rose from struggling to save her family house to becoming a multi-millionaire. Her life and music career is a wonder to the world. Many people, including motivational speakers, use how she rose to amaze the world as a source of inspiration for others.

Susan is a fierce warrior in this battle called life. She had many downtimes, sunk below without hope of ever-rising. However, her doggedness paved the way for her. A middle-aged woman rising to surprise the world is not something we always hear in the news.

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