Golf Club Reshafting Cost: Things To Know

Golf Club Reshafting Cost

Trying to figure out what the golf club reshafting cost is not a bad idea. A reshafting is a wise decision if you are not ready to splash the cash on a new golf club. This tool is integral in golf playing. Therefore, it needs to be in good shape so you can have a beautiful golf playing experience always. So, without much ado, here is the answer you are looking for.

How much does a golf club reshafting cost? 

If you are handling the reshafting yourself, you will spend less for sure. But that can only happen if you already have the tools used in golf club reshafting. If you are planning to use a pro club technician, then you should be ready to spend a bit more. Furthermore, keep in mind that the cost of reshafting will depend on several factors, as there is no fixed price. Factors include material type, number of golf clubs, and the professional that is handling the job. If you are going for a quality shaft made by a top brand, you will pay far more than when you buy a cheaper shaft. Also, if you are using a professional, you may have to pay $15 to $45 per club for repair, which can go higher when you include the cost of other materials. Most golf pro shops may offer some discounts for bulk orders, which helps to drive the price of reshafting the golf club down a bit.

So that is it about golf club reshafting. There is also more information for you, so continue reading.

When Is A Golf Club Reshafting Relevant?

Golf is a game that the spectators and players enjoy. And as a player, if you want to display top performances, you not only need maximum concentration. Your golf gears should also be intact.

A golf club is an essential gear in golf playing. You will need it to drive the ball into the 4.25 inches golf hole. But it will take a club that’s in the right shape to achieve a high level of accuracy, which the game of golf is centered on.

So, back to the question, when should you move for a golf club reshafting? Well, if you notice any unusual changes in your golf ball flight, then it’s a sign that something needs changing.

There is no question about whether a golf club does impact performance because it does. Through it, power is transferred from the player to the clubhead, and finally, to the golf ball.

Furthermore, every golf player wants to be more consistent whenever they hit the ball, which also relies on the golf club and the player. But let’s assume you have the experience; will you be able to perform well with a bad golf club? The answer is no!

Having a broken shaft means you need to get a replacement. It is not advisable to repair a broken shaft. The wise thing to do is to replace it. It is common for a shaft to break, though many high-end golf clubs do have shafts that last longer.

Again, changing a shaft may have something to do with personal preference. As you gain more experience from regular practice, your swing mechanics will automatically change for the better.

So, it is normal for a golf player to outgrow a shaft. At this point, the best option would be to get a new shaft that would match your experience level and needs. Most golf players, at some point, may prefer a stiffer, heavier, or lighter shaft, as the case may be. However, the primary concern is to get the desired results. That’s what matters in the game of golf.

Types Of Golf Club Shaft: What You Need To Know

The golf club shaft is an integral part of a golf club. It is not often mentioned in discussions about golf but serves a great purpose. However, there are several important factors to consider when getting a golf club or a shaft.

The factors include kick-point, flex, weight, alignment, and length of the shaft. These factors can have a massive impact on your performance. So, it is only wise that you consider them when choosing your golf club shaft. It is all about putting up an excellent performance, which includes hitting the ball right and consistently landing it in the golf hole.

Each shaft type has its pros and cons. So, it is essential you know them to enable you to make an educated decision when choosing a golf club shaft. Continue reading for more useful information and tips.

1. The steel Shaft

The first we are going to discuss is the steel shaft. It comes in two types, which include the stepped steel and the rifle steel shaft. Anyway, let’s talk about the steel shaft in general.

The pros of the golf club steel shafts are numerous and make them a favorite shaft for most golfers. They come built to last and much stronger than a couple of shafts out there.

Additionally, the steel shafts tend to be more pocket-friendly than graphite, anyway. They are also sometimes produced of stainless steel material or carbon steel.

Furthermore, if you favor accuracy over distance, and require a shaft that offers some degree of control, you may be better off with a steel shaft than a graphite shaft. In addendum, you won’t experience the lateral twisting or torque commonly encountered in a graphite shaft.

There are also cons of the golf club steel shaft that may serve as drawbacks to most golf players. One of them is that the steel shaft may not be able to shoot balls at a greater distance than the graphite shafts.

Finally, experts are recommending this type of shaft for golf players who can only deliver average swing speeds. The steel shaft does offer a high degree of control, which could be beneficial to such players, too.

2. The graphite shaft

Next is the graphite shaft. It’s a unique type of shaft, which also makes the game of golf exciting to play. It has several pros and cons, which we are going to consider right away.

First are the pros of the graphite shaft. The first thing you will notice and like about this shaft is its weight. It causes the graphite shaft to deliver more power, thanks to higher swing speed.

Graphite shafts also come in a range of colors and flexes, which makes it a favorite of many golfers, including women. The lightweight also makes these shafts a wise choice for senior players and ladies.

The point is these senior players and ladies don’t have the power to generate the swing speed needed to be effective with the steel shaft. So, if you come under this category of persons, then the graphite shaft will make a wise choice for you.

Another advantage graphite shaft has over the steel shaft is that it dampens vibration much better than the steel shaft. Hence, graphite is a wise choice for any injured golfer working his or her way back to the course and be fully fit to play with other types of golf clubs over time.

Alright, let’s go back to the cons of the graphite shaft. The first is the price. When you compare it to a steel shaft, graphite is on the high side of the price range. Additionally, the control is poor with a graphite shaft because of the flex produced while swinging.

3. The multi-material shaft

The name of this shaft suggests that it comes built of more than one material. The multi-material shaft is made of steel and graphite, with the former only appearing at the tip. In other words, this type of shaft comes with a graphite tip. But a greater part of it is built with steel material.

The graphite tip helps in limiting whip. Furthermore, the steel portion offers some incredible benefits. It gives players better control over ball flight. So, it’s a wise choice for the beginner golfer to have.

4. The titanium shaft

The titanium shaft is another new type of shaft you will find around golf shops. It’s as light as steel (titanium is lighter than steel, though). It is also as strong as the steel shaft.

The titanium shaft is great when it comes to the dampening of vibrations. However, one con of this type of shaft is that it could give you a somewhat stiff feel, which is a drawback many players don’t like to experience when using golf clubs.


It’s not a bad idea for a player to be interested in knowing the golf club reshafting cost. Having a sound knowledge of what you may be spending out of pocket to fix a damaged golf club will allow you to weigh your options and make the right choice. Nobody enjoys wasting money, even if one has much. It’s a wise decision. You can also consider checking out the different golf pros out there that are into the repair of golf clubs. Compare their prices before making your choice. But as you go out there to have your golf club fixed, ensure you get quality materials that will make your golf club a joy to use and last longer.

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