Who Did Tony Romo Replace?

Who Did Tony Romo Replace

Antonio Ramiro, popularly known as Tony Romo, is a football analyst that is of American origin and born on April 21, 1980. As a retired captain, he played exclusively alongside the Dallas Cowboy of the NFL. In 2001, he led the Panthers to an Ohio valley conference championship. In 2002, he played actively as a college footballer at Eastern Illinois University and received the award of Walter Payton.

The question is: who did Tony Romo replace?

Tony, in the course of his career, he retired from playing in the NFL. He went to work with CBS Sports as an NFL analyst. However, when he joined CBS, he replaced another analyst that had played that role before he joined CBS. Thus, we need to know, who did Tony Romo replace? Tony Romo replaced Phil Simms as a CBS analyst.

Tony Romo’s Early Years 

Born into a Californian family of Ramiro Romo Jr., who was his father and Joan Jakubowski, his mother, in San Diego. The people that knew him called him “navy brat.” His birth came while his father got assigned to U.S. Naval base. Returning to Burlington, Wisconsin, his father became a carpenter, as well as a construction staff while his wife worked at a grocery store.

Tony Romo, as a child, played baseball. It was what allowed him to become a member of the little league All-Star team. At an adolescent age, The paternal grandfather of Tony, Ramiro Sr., migrated from Mexico and came to San Antonio in Texas. He lived at Southern Wisconsin, for most of his life as a child, where he was a great fan of Brett Favre, who was the quarterback at Green Bay Packers, he loved his style of playing and wished to emulate him someday.

He started as a captain in 1996 when he joined Burlington High school Demons. He also began as a junior while in the 1997 season and ended with a record of 3-6. Tony Romo received various honors, which includes the one he got from the football Team of All Racine Country and Wisconsin Football Coaches Association, and All-State First Team Honors.

Romo as a starter, played golf and tennis in the varsity basketball team of Burlington High School, and by 1998, he finished school.

His college life and career

Romo, as part of the Sigma Pi, was one of the players for the NCAA in Division I AA of the football team of Eastern Illinois Panthers while he was attending Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois. For so many reasons, he gained and earned more honors. He received much recognition in college as he was the second in Division A.A. as a student in 2000.

He also received an honor as an All America Honorable Mention, an All-Ohio Valley Conference member and he was also the player of the Year for OVC. Becoming the earliest player in the history of Eastern Illinois, as well as, Ohio Valley Conference in December 2002, he received an award of Walter Payton. In addition to that, he had conferences record of 85 touchdown passes while completing his school.

Tony Romo remains the first Eastern Illinois player having his number retired, with all of these great achievements.

Tony Romo’s professional course 

His professional course or career started in the 2003 – 2005 seasons when he got invited to be an extra quarterback and was throwing passes to other aspirants during their drills. Although he intrigued some scouts, during the 2003 NFL DRAFT, he went undrafted.

Growing up, Tony Romo seemed to play virtually everything ranging from football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf. No one knows him to have a tennis background. However, according to his High School teammate, he beat the No. 1 varsity singles player in High School after challenging him, Steven Tenhagen and his brother. Not taking things for granted, Romo delivered as soon as he got an opportunity to play as a junior.

Time after time, he moved from third-string quarterback to someone who threw for more than 3, 700 passing yards in two seasons.

The private life of Tony Romo

Like every other person, Tony Romo, dated. However, it was not for a long time as he broke up with his girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, after a two years relationship. Jessica Simpson is an American singer and actress who attended a Dallas Cowboy Philadelphia Eagles game at Texas Stadium, where Tony Romo had an awful performance where his team lost to the Eagles.

By May 28, 2011, he married Candice Crawford, a former journalist, and the Miss Missouri, USA. She was a former journalist for Dallas Television Station KDAF and a sister to the actor, Chase Crawford. They dated throughout the summer of 2009, and by December 2010, they got engaged. The couples, however, have three sons today. Romo is a Christian, and many times have spoken of his beliefs.

The net worth of Tony Romo

With what Tony is doing with his career, his estimated net worth is about $70 million. One can say that the estimate speaks of his wealth accumulation and how he arrived there. Tony Romo was perhaps one of the most iconic figures in football when he played in the NFL.

Half of the time, fans saw the quarterback as an artist of choke who could not win the big game; the other half saw him as their best hope and the only thing that would hold his team together.  After a long career as a franchisee, he quickly found a new public role as an NFL advertiser for CBS and quickly became a more successful analyst.

Tony Romo retired without winning or even doing it for the Cowboys in Super Bowl. Incorporating all its transactions throughout the years, Spotrac says Tony Romo has won the Dallas Cowboys jersey over 14 seasons over $127 million. However, before his stardom, despite some impressive college numbers, he was not well recognized by Eastern Illinois University.

In 2008, Romo had a strong season; however, the Cowboys were no longer there. In the last game for the season on the line, Philadelphia Eagles going by 44-6 defeated the Cowboys, and Romo was particularly ill-hearted. Romo’s notoriety as someone who was not able to get the team to the Super Bowl increased after three consecutive dishonest defeats to the end of seasons.

Tony was working as an NFL commentator for CBS after he retired from the league. For his analyst work, he gets $4 million a year. In January 2020, there were speculations of Tony moving from CBS to ESPN in a deal that would make him a highly paid, $14-15 million annual sports presenter of all time. For his three-year CBS deal, he earned $12 million.

Why Tony Romo Retired?

Currently, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, is one of the most excellent NFL analysts in the game right now. His audience loves his ability to predict plays, as well as the insight he offers into each shot. The intellectual potential of the retired quarterback is due to a long, celebrated career with the NFL.

It has not been long since Romo played in the NFL. However, the question is, why did he retire and ventured into NFL broadcasting? He retired at the end of the 2016 season, following a pre-season back injury that made him lose his top position at Dak Prescott.

It was upon his retirement that CBS Sports appointed him to become a leading color commentator for their NFL coverage, joining forces with Jim Nantz on the broadcast booth.

Who Did Tony Romo Replace?

Tony Romo retired suddenly from the NFL in April 2017. Immediately, he joined CBS as an NFL TV analyst. Before his retirement, Romo had threw 248 touchdowns, and a rating of 97.1 career passers for 34,183 yards, is the 29th most in NFL history.

As Tony Romo was preparing for his new venture as a lead NFL CBS Sports analyst for the former Cowboys quarterback; he has suddenly taken the stand and left one old Q.B. without a job. In the broadcasting stand near Jim Nantz, Romo substituted former Giants’ quarterback Phil Simms. It seems that Simms had left because his son, Chris, was the one who reportedly delivered the message instead of a CBS manager. Weeks later, on October 23, 2006, Romo replaced Bledsoe for the start of the second half of a game against the New York Giants.

More Facts About Tony Romo 

His passion for golf began when he was eight years old. One cannot overemphasize the passion and capabilities of Tony Romo at golf, as he got his initial set of golf clubs for Christmas at the age of eight, as reported on his official website.

He is excellent at broadcasting. It is what got his fans surprised as they all speculated what Tony would do after his back injury. However, Tony Romo chose to be an analyst and CBS hired him to replace Phil Simms, alongside Jim Nantz in the booth.


Tony Romo earned so much respects and awards in his journey, especially in his career. He went along with what he thought was the best choice for him as he went on to replace Phil Simms in the broadcasting field. Thus, we have been able to answer the question, who did Tony Romo replace? Tony remains the most admired player even though he is retired. His passion and abilities make his fans to wonder as some revealed facts about him are unbelievable.

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