Best Lauren Conrad Beauty Books

Best Lauren Conrad Beauty Books

When it has to do with the world of beauty every single girl out there needs the right ideas and tips that should help keep her hair, makeup, and skin in perfect condition. One of those people who have dedicated their lives to learning and disseminating information required to maximize your journey through the world of beauty products is Lauren Conrad. Her books are often a must-have and usually feature certain guides and steps which are properly applied can give your life a considerable boost. But we need to know the best Lauren Conrad beauty books to better appreciate who she is.

Best Lauren Conrad Beauty Books

Having carved out a reputation of a giant in the entertainment industry, Conrad sought to leave her mark in the beauty and fashion sphere. This she accomplished with relative success as she released some beauty books. The best beauty books include Lauren Conrad Beauty and Lauren Conrad Style. In these books, she certainly does not claim to be an expert. She simply attempts to highlight what works for her and offers relevant tips and advice to those who are willing to learn.

In these books, she did not have to add her worst beauty moments but she did. She was not always beautiful. Whether you are looking for a party kind of makeup or hair, she provides the right counsel. It is, however, important to state that if you do not like her person; you may not like the book.

A Few Beauty Tips By Lauren Conrad

There are several beauty tips by Lauren Conrad which you may find quite useful. For instance, she suggests that you should not use eye shadow to play up the eyes as gel liners are quite better. She also suggests that you should not be scared to take risks with hairstyles. Also, don’t be scared of accessorizing your hair, she does love making her hair glitter. Also, you must protect yourself by using sunscreen always.

Who Is Lauren Conrad?

Lauren Conrad was born on the 1st day of February 1986. She is an American fashion designer, TV personality and also an author. As an 18-year-old back in 2004, she rose to prominence when she featured in the TV series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. This show documented her life and that of her friends in Laguna Beach.

She would later move to the city of Los Angeles where she pursued a career in the fashion world and started her series The Hills in 2006. It was about the Professional and personal lives of her and her friends. With the progression of the series, a feud between Montag, Conrad and Spencer Pratt became the main focus of the series. During the production, Conrad also attended a fashion institute where she worked for the People’s Revolution and Teen Vogue. She, however, left the hills after about five seasons.

She is the founder of Paper Crown and Lauren Conrad. She is also the co-founder of the online store known as The Little Market.

What Makes The Story Of Conrad So Special?

To better understand her story, it is ideal to place it all as it happened in different timelines. She was born to the family of Kathy and Jim and his two siblings a brother and a sister. She first indicated an interest in the fashion industry during her time in the sixth grade. According to her father, she wasn’t always the best student while growing up and did not show much interest while growing up. Her love for the arts was already becoming quite glaring by then.

She got her education at the Laguna Beach High School back in 2004 and featured in an MTV reality TV series that highlighted her high school life. This series proved to be quite a success on the network. Upon graduating from high school, she proceeded to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco for an additional semester. She eventually moved away from the series upon the completion of the second season. During this period, she moved back home and then transferred to a fashion institute in Los Angeles.

The hills

In May 2006 when she moved to Los Angeles, The Hills a spin-off series helped chronicle the lives of Conrad and her housemate. During the production for the first season, Port and Conrad had their internships at Teen Vogue. By the third season, Conrad and Montag saw their relationships terminated upon suspicions that Pratt and Montag were behind a rumored sex tape between herself and her ex Jason Wahler. She would then-premier her first fashion line with the less than successful Lauren Conrad Collection. Following poor sales and other poor performance indicators, she ended her journey in that line and instead sought to better understand the industry.

Then came the year 2008 when Conrad started dating Kyle Howard. Howard made known the concerns he had. According to him, appearing on reality television would greatly affect his acting career. This meant that their relationship was not documented on The Hills. Their relationship came to an end in 2011 after three years of dating. When the fourth season of the series came to an end in December, Conrad hoped to seek to go in search of other career opportunities.

May 2009 saw her last appearance on the series.

What many may not know is that Conrad had a novel which was released back in June 2009 and soon became a best seller on the New York Times. The book is said to have been inspired by the story of her life with a focus on a certain Jane Roberts. Then she came up with sequels Sweet Little Lies as well as Sugar and Spice. She came up with the fashion guide Lauren Conrad style back in 2010. She launched her second fashion line in 2009 when she partnered with Kohl. The fashion line soon expanded to also accommodate a bedding collection.

Why Has Conrad Remained To Be Relevant?

One thing that is common with many of The Hills and Laguna Beach stars is that they all had their brief moment of stardom. But in the case of Lauren Conrad, she was the catalyst behind both shows. She has also found a way to remain relevant in a world where dozens of reality TV shows pop up now and then. She currently is the author of fictional books for adults based on her experience in the world of the reality TV show. She also released the book Lauren Conrad Style. She also came up with a second fictional book named Lauren Conrad Beauty.

These books of hers are not just an attempt to diversify or remain relevant, they are indeed loaded with several instructions and tips that help you become a total being. Therefore, if you are one of the lovers of her hairstyle, and makeup and you do want to know what her best trends and looks are, you may want to get her books.

According to her, when you are writing a book, do not seek to be overly trendy so that people can enjoy the book for years to come and still make reference to it. She also makes it known that the book is a reflection of her past experiences.

Last Line

In the world of fashion, beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle, the name Lauren Conrad is certainly not a pushover. Her books on beauty have sought to revolutionize the way we view ourselves, skin, and hair among other parts of our body. It certainly doesn’t seem like we have seen the best of her yet as there is certainly more to come from her.

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