Why Do Talk Show Hosts Have Sidekicks?

Why Do Talk Show Hosts Have Sidekicks

We all have one talk show we just can never get tired of watching.  Talk show host simply a job type on radio or television which involves operating a show that invites different guests who come to air their opinion on several subjects to entertain and inform the audience. The main function of a talk-show host would be to discuss with the audience several issues. A reliable talk show host ought to have role-specific skills that should set the, apart from the crowd.

The journey to becoming a talk show host is one that deals first with the personality of the person. The ideal candidate should have a good appearance and be able to attract the attention of the audience with ease. In addition to this, the ideal talk show host ought to be creative per time. Although each show has its script, creativity is still needed to get around certain situations

Why do talk show hosts have sidekicks?

Sidekicks are a long-standing tradition in talk shows with a function to share banters with both guests and hosts while also chipping out occasional comedy bits. They are often generally bandleaders and announcers and may even be both. One unique thing about talk show sidekicks is their ability to properly evaluate the show to a large degree. They have an uncanny ability to spin jokes and make the audience blend in quite easily. They can make or mar the quality of a TV show. In addition to this, they also help in taking a chunk of the pressure away from the host of the show. They have a way of making a guest who may hitherto not be comfortable loosen up so that the show can proceed with fun and life.

What Does A Television Talk Show Host Do?

A TV talk show host is a person who functions as the central element of a talk show and gives the audience what they can easily identify with. Such a person often interviews people with different categories of people and may sometimes bring experts in different fields of discourse to shed more light on issues of interest. As such, the TV host may function as the educator, interviewer, mediator or all of the mentioned.

Several popular hosts have been noted to have a background in the entertainment industry and become talk show hosts as a result of their recognizable personality and style. A number of them work as journalists and expand their scope.  The core focus of a television talk show host would be to gain followership and trust. Such a person has to be quite comfortable in front of the camera or audience. They should also be smart enough to respond to issues as they are raised and dodge metaphorical live bullets on the show.

The duties of talk show hosts are quite definite. They present news, sports, time, weather and even commercials. They also conduct interviews for guests and moderate discussions and panels on shows. Talk show hosts also research topics for discussion and comments during a talk show. Also, they make the announcement of station programming information like station breaks, program schedules, and public service information. They also assist in the selection of content for programs while making promotional appearances for private and public events. Furthermore, they make comment on certain important news stories.

What Are The Requisite Skills For A Talk Show Host?

To become a talk show host to be reckoned with, certain core qualities must be considered.

1. Great interpersonal skills

If you must excel as a talk show host, it is imperative that out e right level of interpersonal skills. This should be such that you should be able to respond to questions while life on earth.  You should be able to interview guests while in the air.

2. Good computer skills

Talk show hosts on radio and television ought to have a good grasp of the use of computers. They also ought to be good at editing and use of certain equipment.

3. Persistence and good research skill

You must recognize the fact that the initial phase of entry into any profession is always quite difficult and challenging. This thus means that you should be able to work in a small station at first before you gain enough experience and exposure to moving into the deeper waters.  Coupled with that is the need for good oral and written skills. A good talk show host must also be good at research because you will mostly be dealing with information.

How Much Do Talk Show Hosts Earn?

Talk show hosts are known to earn salaries that vary. The reason for this is that the job is an entertainment sector job which has a variable pay structure. More often than not, a talk show host may potentially earn between $24,000 and $61,000 every year. This is largely dependent on the show or studio that engages them. This salary may, however, grow with an increase in the popularity of the show. It is however advisable that talks show hosts be in the search for better opportunities per time.

What Is The Benefit Of Talk Shows?

Talk shows are often known to have quite a notorious reputation and this may not be unfounded. But are their benefits they bring to the audience that should be more pronounced, here is a breakdown of such:

1. They are educative

Without a doubt, talk shows are a wonderful platform for the discussion of certain topics that the audience may not know. There are certain segments on talk shows where guest appearances come to educate the audience on areas such as security, health, and economy to mention just a few.. \

2. Popularity angle

The popularity associated with talk shows is such that it allows them to spread their message to a rather wide audience touching millions of households. Even though critics may not be cool with that level of influence, when properly used, it could help steer the people towards something rather positive.

3. Debates

One unique thing about talk shows is that they present an opportunity for certain discussions on burning issues. This, however, does not take away the fact that some of these talk shows become a bit partisan in their scope of discourse. Also, certain events that occur on a talk show may have a ripple effect that spreads outwardly towards the larger society. There have been instances where people announced their intention to run for office on a talk show. Furthermore, talk shows have this unique ability to keep the audience entertained and amused in different ways. They are also able to change gears and project entertainment most uniquely.

What Are The Types Of Talk Shows?

Talk shows have a history that dates back to the time when talk shows became popular in America. It is simply a program where people discuss anything.

Political talk shows

This type of talk shows functions to give room for pundits to air their view on political issues as they evolve in the country. These talk shows are known to see a rise in popularity during the political season. They usually air on Sundays.

Interview talk shows

On this type of talk show, the host often interviews experts and celebrities on several topics of choice. In these types of shows, the celebrity would appear on an interview talk show and make known his view on certain upcoming shows, movies, and other related matters. These types of talk shows are often incorporated into several talk show types. They, however, exist in a category of their own.

Comedy talk shows

This is a type of talk show with a comedic angle to it and it seems to be gaining more traction these days. In this type of talk show, the host would provide a comedic angle on certain events that may be suitable for discourse. Usually, the focus in this type of talk shows is focused on informing and entertaining the people. It is often filled with laughter and the likes.

Issue-based type of talk shows

This type of talk shows often features a guest who appears on the show intending to discuss certain pressing issues. More often than not, it features certain accounts of relationship intrigues. A number of these issue-based talk shows are broadcasted during the daytime hours and features agitated guests.


The need for sidekicks by talk show hosts is one that dates back decades ago. The synergy that seems to exist between both categories of on-air personalities is one that has seen an increase in the presence of such sidekicks on television and radio.

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