Does Rihanna Write Her Own Songs?

Does Rihanna Write Her Own Songs

Songs are typically a vocal sound from the human mouth. One can associate it with care and coordinated lyrics. Also, a song can come from different musical notes from musical instruments. Rihanna is a great musical act, known all over the world for her special kind of music, which is Rock and blues.

The question is: does Rihanna writes her songs?

Being a famous musical act like Rihanna calls for a lot of hard work and discipline! She has gone through a lot of pains and scaled through many hurdles. With all these, Rihanna did get to the top of her game. She has received international recognition for her exceptional performance on and off the stage, not to mention the powerful voice that she has. Despite all these, does Rihanna write her songs?  Yes, she does; however, most of her hit songs got written by other acts.

Rihanna’s Top Ten Hit Songs

Who knew that the young Barbadian girl that sang ‘Pon de replay’ would be a world wonder, selling out stadiums for her concerts and shutting down events? Rihanna has released over a hundred singles to her name, and each of the singles made airwaves. Let’s take a review of her ten hit songs;

We found love (ft Calvin Harris):

It is a song released in 2010. Although she did not write it, as many persons before had done a version of the song, but when she came into the picture, she turned the song into a global sensation, topping the Billboard 100 for over nine weeks. The great song from her turned the attention of so many popular acts to her direction as she got different reactions to the song.

Umbrella (ft Jay Z):

Umbrella is a hit song that still turns up the life of the party today, although it came out in the year 2017. It is a beautiful display of creativity with music as it cuts across multiple genres of music; the song took Rihanna to a whole new level with not just making the Billboard 100 but so many awards and nomination too.

It also got her the first-ever Grammy Awards, but the fact about this song is that she did not write it. Tricky Stewart, Kuk Harrell, and The-Dream wrote the song.

Four Five Seconds (with Paul McCartney and Kanye West):

Paul McCartney is not new to the music industry as he has done a song with Michael Jackson in the ’80s. Kanye West is not a new name either to the industry. They all came together to create this sensational hit jam, although Kanye West was in charge of the whole project as he was working with her towards her album release.


The song up to date remains one of her major hit tracks that cannot quickly leave the minds of the listeners. Rihanna is one talented act that can fit basically into any genre of music; she switches to this sweet power ballad song written by another great act, Sia. The song got her so many accolades from home and abroad and not to forget making it to the Billboard.

How To Write A Song

One can compare writing a song to story writing or even book writing, as every song carries a message across to the listeners. There are three key ways of writing a masterpiece song.

Brainstorm on ideas:

Coming up with the ideology of the song is very important as this phase requires you to put a lot of things into consideration. Putting your imagination or your favorite line in a song and even coming up with some simple hook up or chorus can help a lot in building a mental picture of the song you want to write. Try in this section not to use unnecessary words, cut out any word that would make the lyrics complicated, and then try different rhythm in your head also.

Write it down:

After brainstorming and getting some ideas on how the song is going be like or maybe the story behind the song, with rhythm and all that, you must give it a name and start immediately to translate it into your lyrics. At this phase, you will take note of the musical notation and how it will sync with the rhythm playing in your head already and how you can adjust it.

Carefully organize the songs in the perfect chorus and verse, and then you hum the song or even play it with your mind before going to the studio so you could get the picture of how it will sound and play out when it comes out as a song.

Keep writing: Once you have written your first song, write another one. Keep writing as it would improve the way you control your rhythm better, and keep your notes in a much better location. Once you keep doing it regularly, your mind will stir up creativity, and at that time, you can say you have gained mastery in songwriting. It’s also important you note that songs written out of real events tend to reach out to the people more as they can easily relate to the songs and connect with it.

Top Singers That Don’t Write Their Songs

It is a common phenomenon today that most superstars in the music industry, prefer to pay for their lyrics rather than writing their songs. Some go to the extent of remaking an old song, changing some of the beats, and few verse lines. Here, we will look at some of the big stars that barely write their songs.

Elves Presley:

He is one of the kings when it comes to rock music. Known worldwide for his style of rock music, he is one big act that never wrote any of his songs. His manager, at the time, Colonel Tom Packer, helped him by using his influence to get him, great songwriters. It got to the extent that some of his hit songs that made waves, he did not give credit to the songwriters.

Elton John:

Elton John, also known by his friends and family as Reginald Dwight, is the piano playing sensation, known all over the world for his unique piano playing and singing skills. He did not write his songs, although addressed as a singer and songwriter. The man behind his lyrics is his old-time writing partner named Bernie Taupin. Almost all the songs and albums he had, Elton provided the music, but the lyrics come from Taupin.

Diana Ross:

Diana Ross is a famous singer. She was born in the 1940s and became an icon in the United States when she became the lead singer in The Supremes. She also gained a lot of popularity as a single act and has countless hit tracks to her name.

Some of these songs can still move any regular music lover in this century, but the sensational act barely bothered herself about the lyrics of the songs, as she had numerous songwriters in her team.

Whitney Houston:

Whitney Houston, known for her powerhouse voice, that was so pleasing to the ears, she could hit such high notes that you would not bother with the lyrics but get carried away by the melody of her voice. The powerhouse voice helped her achieved a lot all through her career as a musician.

Some of the accolades she received include the fact that she got 39 of her songs into the Billboard Top 100, plus numerous awards and nominations. However, she did not write the songs that she sang.

Marvin Gaye:

Marvin was one of the founders of the Midtown Sound, known for his outstanding uniqueness. Some of his contemporaries could not make it to the 70s as stars again, but he alone did, all because of his exceptional music choice and style.

The great act was not writing his songs as he pays songwriters to craft good lyrics for him. One of his songs written by a songwriter is “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.” However, the songwriter only started writing some of his songs, when he was already known all over.


Given all these, the answer to the question does Rihanna write her song, is not absolute. It is clear that Rihanna writes some of her songs, but does not write most of them. However, as you would know by now, she is not the only popular act that pays for songwriting.

The fact is that many popular acts do not write their songs. Most musicians today say it openly that they do not write their songs. The central point is that it does not matter if she writes her songs or not. What matters is that when she sings the song, we do not just hear the lyrics, but there is an aura that moves with her voice that makes you want to listen to her sounds.

Rihanna remains a great musical act whose songs continue to be hit tracks and does not seem to be resting on her oars any time soon.

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