Do The Actors Sing In Sing?

Do The Actors Sing In Sing

Sing is one of those movies you find hard to forget after watching. The movie is an American computer animation comedy-drama produced by Illumination entertainment. It was released under Universal Pictures. The movie was written and directed by Garth Jennings and features the voices of people like Tori Kelly, Seth MacFarlane, and Mathew McConaughey. The story of the film is about a set of anthropomorphic animals that enter for a singing contest which was organized and hosted by a koala looking to rescue his theatre.  During the movie, over 60 songs from different well-known artists were used. It also features an original song by Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder which got nominated for the Golden Globe awards. The movie got screened at the Toronto International Film Festival back on September 11, 2016. The movie grossed about $634 million across the globe and received a lot of positive reviews.

Do the actors sing in sing?

The actors in the 2016 animated movie Sing did sing. To better understand and appreciate this fact, it is ideal to take a look at the cast of the movie. Buster only sings a rather short snippet. Rosita, on the other hand, is acted by Reese Witherspoon who has a record of singing in more than one movie. Seth MacFarlane plays the role of Mike. Ash, on the other hand, is played by Seth MacFarlane who is reputed for his unique Frank Sinatra ways. The Character Ash was played by Scarlet Johansson who has a rather subjective voice quality but can sing decently enough and has an album to his credit. Egerton, on the other hand, has shown his rather wonderful musical abilities on television. Meena, on the other hand, is played Tori Kelly who has been on several talent shows.  Nana is played by Jennifer Hudson. It, therefore, goes without saying that most of the voice actors did do some singing.  Gone are the days when one person does the singing and another person does the acting.

What Was The Plot Of The Movie Like?

The film is set in a city of anthropomorphic animals referred to as Caledonia. The theatre owner referred to as Koala Buster moon hosts a singing competition to boost his theatre which was at that time struggling. The problems he faced were brought by a certain bank representative names Ilama Judith. There is a twist in the movie as the faulty eyes of Buster’s assistant lead to a situation where she added two more zeros to the prize money which get blown out of the window.

Animals from different parts of the city come together for the auditions. Those who were chosen include the mother of 25 piglets, Porcupine Ash, the street musician mouse Mike, the dancing and singing frog and an opera singer known as Pete. Meena the teenage elephant failed her audition as a result of stage fright. Ash’s hot-tempered fiancé gets dismissed from the competition. Buster soon discovers that the flyers displayed$100,000 price money. Despite knowing he didn’t have the means, he remained quite optimistic. He soon makes arrangements for a visit with Eddie’s grandmother who is a former opera singer and stage actress. She, however, appeared hesitant to sponsor the even but attends a private preview to have a feel of the show.

The next line

Meena with pressure from her grandfather seeks ways to get another chance to try her luck, but she instead became the stagehand. However, a twist occurs when the frog trio breaks up and Pete gets injured, Meena gets added even though at that time Buster had not heard her sing. Rosita goes on to make some errors in her dance routine with Gunter due to distractions from her parenting challenges. Upon discovering that Lance broke up with her as a result of getting a new girlfriend, Ash goes on to sing her assigned song Call Me Maybe.

Johnny, on the other hand, is caught between being his father’s driver in a heist and going for rehearsals. He, however, gets delayed in his quest to pick up his father and the gang as a result of traffic. Because of this, his father gets arrested.

Meena, on the other hand, does not get any assistance in overcoming her stage fright. Mike on the other hand with loads of confidence that the prize money was as good as his purchases a fancy car to win the heart of a female mouse and defrauds some bears in a game of cards.

The day of the preview

On the day set aside for the preview, the beats barge in and interrupt the show from proceeding. They made demands that Mike gives them their money who instead points them to Buster. When the bears open up the prize money, they discover that it was nowhere close to the $100,000. The theatre comes crashing down after a glass tank of luminescent squids come crashing down. The whole plan came crashing down but Buster attempts to start from the beginning by opening a car wash.

However, a twist occurs as Meena climbs the ruins of the theatre and sings Hallelujah. Buster hears this and gets inspired to restart the show without a prize. Gunter and Rosita go-ahead to perform Shake it Off which makes Norman pay close attention to her gift. The movie proceeded with more animals being drawn to the scene as the show gets aired on television. A rendition of I’m Still Standing by Elton John greatly impressed his father who then escapes from prison to reunite and reconcile with him.  The show becomes a huge success and thus greatly impresses Nana. She purchases the lot and the theatre gets rebuilt and opened for the public again.

How Did The Movie Perform In The Global Market?

In America and Canada alone, Sing went on to gross over $270 million. It also made over $3363.8 million in other parts of the world. It is worthy of note that the budget for the project was just $75 million. It is estimated that the net profit made by the movie was around $194 million which made it the sixth most profitable movie released in the year 2016.

Based on data from a review aggregator, the movie has an approval rating of about 71% drawn from 178 reviews.

Who Were The Voices Behind Sing?

To better appreciate the movie and the efforts made by those involved, it is imperative to X-Ray each of the actors.

Nick Kroll (Gunter)

He is the voice behind the star of the trailers, Gunter the pig. He currently has an impressive list of credits including the Sausage Party and loving to the dramedy my Blind Brother.

Seth MacFarlane (Mike)

The creator of the family guy made an appearance on sing as Mike the hustling mouse. He boldly says in the movie that he was not in the competition to catch fun but to win.

Mathew McConaughey (Buster Moon)

The Koala Buster moon came up with a huge idea to create the talent show, however, an issue of oversight made sure that the price money went from the $1000 intended to $100,000.

Nick Offerman (Norman)

Norman played the role of Rosita’s husband. In the film, he goes for a long time ignoring the special talent his wife had. She made several efforts to get the attention she needed at home while he ignores her sleeping on the sofa. Offerman boasts of an impressive acting career that has seen him feature in several movies so far.

Taron Egerton (Johnny)

Known for his role in Kingsman, Taron plays the role of the voice behind Johnny the teenage primate. He always had a determination to be a singer and not a part of his father’s shady enterprise.

John C Reilly (Eddie)

Eddie was voiced by the famous John C. Reilly. Eddie at a point attempts to convince his friend to forget about the talent show. He has a rich list of appearances in movies such as Kong: Skull Island among others.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon played the role of the housewife who had 25 children. The actress displayed unusually confidence in her performance of songs such as Shake it Off, Firework just to mention a few.

Scarlet Johansson (Ash)

With some alternate rock albums under his belt, Johansson has a career that is worthy of boasting about. She played the role of the porcupine that was dishing out hardcore punk. According to her, her studio secret lay in the fact that she took a lot of throat coat tea.

Final Word

The movie Sing is one movie that brought to light the power of self-belief and dreams. This was further amplified by the beautiful voices behind the faces that stared in the animation. Do they sing? You only need to have your ears close to them to understand better.

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