How To Sell Steam Games- Making Money On Steam Games

How To Sell Steam Games

Steam has become one of the most popular gaming platforms for PC gamers. You can see the Twitch Booster review here. However, it is advised to avoid their service. Steam has a wide range of games to select from, and it has added some new features that have made the set up even better.

Suppose you buy a game and you don’t like it, or you have played it to completion, Steam will allow you to sell it. This will be a way to get new games without spending more money on them.

You can sell games and cards and most of the other artefacts you get from games. If you want to sell a game, this is how you can go about it;

How To Sell Steam Games

You can only sell games on Steam if you are the owner or developer. When you buy a game, you have exclusive rights to the game, but you can’t resell it. Some developers create browser games like agario modded and after that port them to Steam. One more popular game is was released as a browser game and after that, it was ported to Steam, hopefully, Agario will be added to Steam too.

Initially, it was possible to resell the games you bought on Steam. You could gift the game to another user and receive payment for it.

The French court has passed a law to make Steam allow users to resell their games, but it is still underway. Valve filed an appeal to stop this change in their game selling. If you are a developer, you can sell your game on Steam by following this simple procedure;

  • Create a steam account and register your interest in the selling service. Steam will then provide you with some legal paperwork that you will need to read and sign.
  • Steam will then need you to pay a deposit of $100 for your app. This payment has to be made through a bank account. The bank account used is the one where you will receive payment when the users buy your game.
  • You will then need to complete all the necessary paperwork with the bank and taxing authorities. At this time, Steam will also look into your identity to ensure ownership of the product you are selling.
  • When everything is in order, you will be allowed access to Steamworks. This is a set of tools that will allow you to configure your game on Steam. It will help with streaming live demos, running discounts, uploading new build and configuring game features.
  • You will then run some tests and play the game to ensure that everything runs correctly on Steam. The whole process will take you between one and five days, depending on the game.

After the game has been tested, you are good to go, and you can now wait for the product to get bought.  You can sell the game key, which you will find in your library, or a digital gift you got from a friend.

You can do it by using the Gameflip website or the free mobile app. You will list the game you want to sell, select the auto-delivery option and give it some time. As soon as the buyer makes the payment, Steam will send it to your Gameflip account.

You can withdraw the cash into your bank account, Bitcoin or PayPal account.  The payout is quick, and the site is safe to use for both sellers and buyers.

You will not pay any fees for listing; only a small percentage of the price will be taken as commission.

There are several other sites on which you can sell the game keys. Sites such as G2A and Kinguin will allow you to sell keys for games you don’t want.

Steam Wallets And Refunds

A steam wallet is a form of online banking that Steam uses to allow its users to make purchases directly from Steam.  Users can deposit funds into their accounts and make purchases using the instead of credit or debit cards.

You can make refunds on games or other artefacts you purchase on Steam if they are not what you expected. Refunding is simple, but it is dependent on a time frame.

For most objects, it is 14 days after the purchase. For games, it would depend on the number of hours you played the game. If you have a lot of hours, then you might be unable to get a refund.

This is a safety feature to prevent users from finishing games then requesting refunds. So if you buy a game on Steam and don’t like it, don’t play it for too long. The process of getting a refund is simple;

Open Steam and go to the help button on the upper left part of your steam link window.

  • On the drop-down menu, click on “steam support”, which will be the first option.
  • Under Steam support, you will see a few of your most recent purchases. Click on the game or item you want a refund on.
  • You will be given a list of reasons why you want to refund the game. You can be as detailed as you want to be to ensure the team understands your issue.
  • On the next window, you will be provided with a choice to either get help with the game or get a refund. Click on the option for a refund. At this point, the system will check for the refund eligibility of the product in question.
  • If the refund is legible, you will be given an option of how Steam should give the money back to you. You can have it placed in your steam wallet or returned to you in the payment method you used to buy the game.
  • You will also be offered an option to say why you request a refund with enough space for an explanation.
  • Click the bottom submit button to send your request. It will take between 24 and 48 hours for them to get back to you, depending on when you requested the refund.


Steam has grown popular, boasting up to 100 million users by 2021. It is available in over 28 languages, meaning it is a global system. You can exchange cards and gems with other users or even sell them to make some money.

You cannot sell Steam games directly on the Steam market. This has been banned by a court in France but is yet to be implemented since Valve filed an appeal against it. You can, however, sell the game on other sites and get money to buy other games.

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