What Happened To Hilary Duff?

What Happened To Hilary Duff
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Hilary Duff is an American actress. Her acting career dates back to when she was a child. Asides from that, Hilary is also a singer, songwriter, and producer. She wears different shoes and even ventured into the fashion business, where she has been able to create a brand for herself.

Now, what happened to Hilary Duff? 

Hilary Duff is still relevant in her industry today and is still actively acting movies. Recently, what happened to Hilary Duff is that the revival of the Disney series that made her a star sets to hit the public soon, and she will be featuring in it as the adult version of herself in the movie. She has a record of impressive achievements over the years. It is one that anyone would be proud to have.

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Hilary Duff was born in the year 1987 on September 28 to the family of Susan Duff and Robert Erhard Duff in Houston, Texas, United States. She has an older sister named Haylie Duff. Her parents raised her and her elder sister between Houston and San Antonio. Her father and mother owned a convenience store, which was the reason they were shuffling between Houston and San Antonio.

The Early Life Of Hilary Duff

Hillary Duff and her sister both enrolled in singing, ballet, and acting classes through the encouragement and support of their mother. The classes got them into the Cecchetti ballet group. However, Hilary Duff was more interested in acting, and she went all out to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

The beginning of the acting career of Hilary Duff (from age 10 to 20)

In 1997, Hilary Duff played her first acting part in ‘True Women,’ a mini-series. In 1998, she starred in the movie titled ‘Casper meets Wendy’ where she played the role of the young witch ‘Wendy.’ Then in 1999, she won the Young Artist Award, which was an award given to support young actors and actresses.

She secured the award because of the role she played in the movie titled ‘Soul Collector,’ where she starred as Ellie, which rated and got nominated as the best performance in a TV movie. In 2001, Hilary Duff starred in Human Nature. That same year, Hilary Duff starred as Lizzie McGuire in the No. 1 Hit Disney Channel Series titled ‘Lizzie McGuire.’ In 2002, Hilary Duff starred in the movie titled Cadet Kelly.

In the year 2003, the 1 Hit Disney Channel Series titled ‘Lizzie McGuire’ was later developed into a movie due to the success rate and financial returns it brought to the company in 2001. The movie titled ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie’ and on getting to the theater, it fetched a whopping sum of 42 million dollars just within the U.S only. In that same 2003, she also starred in two other movies.

In 2004, she starred in a movie centered on Cinderella and ‘In search of Santa,’ and in 2005, she featured in ‘Raise Your Voice,’ ‘The Perfect Man,’ as well as one other movie. In 2006, she featured in Material girls, and in 2007, she starred in ‘Gossip Girl.’

The later part of Hilary Duff’s acting career (from age 21 till date)

Hilary Duff, the movie star, kept on with her dream and career even though she delved into music at some point. In 2008, she starred in the movie titled ‘War, Inc.’ In 2009, she starred in three films titled ‘Stay cool,’ ‘What goes up,’ and ‘According to Greta.’ In 2010, she starred in ‘Beauty and the briefcase’ and ‘Bloodworth,’ She also guest-starred in the following series; Community, Two and a half men and Raising hope.

In 2011, she was off the movie screen. However, in 2012, she reinforced with her starring in three different movies titled ‘Wings, Songs,’ ‘Sky force heroes,’ and ‘Food fight.’ Then, she went off the screen again for two years.

In the year 2015, Hilary Duff starred in a movie titled Flock of dudes. Also, in 2015, she starred in a series of 6 seasons with 72 episodes titled Younger, and it ran from 2015 to 2019. There are rumors though that a 7th season is coming. In 2018, she starred in the movie titled Meet your tooth fairy, and her most recent film is the haunting of Sharon Tate, which got produced in 2019.

TV Shows And Sitcoms

Hilary Duff featured or cast in a sitcom titled Daddio, but she only partook in just an episode before she let off. The incident caused her a bit of depression, but her mother encouraged her never to give up and fortunate for her, the next year was when she then had her career breaking moment by starring in the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire.

In 2007, Hilary Duff had her TV show titled Hilary Duff: This is Now. It started on April 3, 2007, and ended on April 9, 2007. It was a weeklong TV show that had two episodes in the only season. The show was to cover her performance of her music album titled Dignity in Spain, and the performance of her single titled, With love, for the first time in Europe.

The Music And Singing Career Of Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff ventured into music while acting to showcase how multi-talented she was. Her musical career took off in the year 2002 when she released an album for Disney channel’s music label titled Santa Claus Lane. However, in the year 2003, Hilary Duff released her debut album titled Metamorphosis.

The album topped the Billboard 200 Charts as No. 1 after staying at No. 2 for just a week of its release and selling more than two million copies of it. The album also won her multi-platinum awards in the U.S.

Hilary Duff also released some singles like So yesterday and Come clean. The singles were also in the top 40 of the Billboard 200 charts. In 2004, Hilary Duff released her second album titled Hilary Duff, which had high sales and was up for nomination at the platinum awards.

In the year 2007, Hilary Duff released another album titled Dignity, which people described to be of more matured sound than the previous ones. The belief is that the change was because she was no more a teenager but an adult of 20 years. It was the same album that she did a live performance on in Spain.

In the year 2015, Hilary Duff released yet another album titled Breathe in. Breathe out. She also released three singles that same year titled Sparks, Chasing the sun, and All about you.

Her Relationships And Marriages

Hilary Duff is not without a love life or a romance story. In 2004, she started dating Joel Madden. However, their relationship ended in 2006 just after two years. She focused on her career entirely after the breakup.

Hilary Duff started dating her first husband, Mike Comrie, a professional hockey player and her long time boyfriend, and they got married on August 14, 2010. In 2012, the marriage got blessed with a baby boy named Luca Cruz Comrie, whom she loved so much and dotted after. However, the couple divorced in 2016.

After Hilary Duff’s divorce, she started dating Matthew Koma, a musician, and they both had a daughter together in 2018 whose name is Banks Violet Bair. In 2019, Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma got engaged and eventually married. They are still married until the date of this article.

Hilary Duff’s Contribution To Society

As much as she loves music and acting, Hilary Duff also loved and had a thing for children and animals. She is an ardent fighter and activist for children and animals right. During the outbreak of hurricane Katrina, she donated two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to support the victims.

The Achievements Of Hilary Duff Over The Years

Hilary Duff, a businesswoman, actress, songwriter, film producer, has achieved great feats in life. One can see this from the discussions above. However, it is pertinent to note some specific achievements that stood out for her.

Hilary Duff has won 20 awards and has 31 nominations to her name. She has five video albums, two live albums, five studio albums, which were all hits at the time she released them, and five compilation albums.

Hilary Duff had her TV show and also a concert. She was once the international spokesperson of kids with a case, a charity organization that focuses on poverty-stricken children. Hilary Duff has her fashion lines, which are Stuff by Hilary Duff that launched in 2004 and Femme for DKNY Jeans. She is also a mother and has two children.

Upcoming Movies

The Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire, which brought Hilary Duff to fame and made her a teen idol is coming back, and she would be starring in it as the adult version of her young self, and it promises to be great. We can see that she is still in the limelight of her chosen career.


From the summary of her life, when answering the question, what happened to Hilary Duff, one can say that life happened, and fortune smiled on Hilary Duff. She is a woman that has done remarkably for herself over the years and continues to be relevant in the entertainment industry to date.

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