Is CBS Liberal Or Conservative?

Is CBS Liberal Or Conservative

The popular news outlets and the way they project their stories tend to be conservative, centrist or liberal. In a view to identifying media bias, there are certain questions that you need to ask yourself. For instance, what sort of information is it, what and who are the sources that are cited and why should you even believe them, what is the evidence of the information and how were they vetted. You also need to know the main point of the piece that is proven by evidence as well as what is missing. In today’s piece, we would like to know a few things, for instance, is CBS liberal or conservative.

Is CBS liberal or conservative?

Studies have shown that most Americans view the CBS as a liberal media outlet. For instance, back in the 2008 elections, it was discovered that CBS employees and those of two other stations donated over 2 million dollars to the Democratic Party while the only donated 142 thousand dollars to the Republican Party. As far as the audience of these news outlets is concerned, they may also be viewed as more of the middle of the road kind of audience when compared with other news outlets. A survey carried out indicated that 63 percent of Americans view CBS news as rather credible. In a bid not to be seen as overly biased, CBS has over time taken measures to ensure that it extends certain courtesies to certain right-wing news sources. 

What Do Liberal Media Mean?

This is simply a media viewpoint that seeks to counter the perspective of the conservative mainstream media. It, therefore, suffices to say that when it is reporting on certain issues, it simply seeks to provide an alternative view of opinions, views and so on. It is simply an editorial policy that seeks to promote liberal political ideology. More often than not, they may correctly report the news, but when it comes to analyzing the same, they may be favorable to their side of the political divide.

What Do Conservative Media Mean?

The conservative or Right-wing media in America simply refers to the television and print media that presents a viewpoint that is different from liberals. Examples of liberal media outlets include one America News Network, the New York Post, and the Epoch Times. There is also the Washington Times, Fox Nation, Rebel News, and Townhall.

What Should I Know About CBS?

The network gained its roots from the United States Independent broadcasters Inc. this was a collection of about 16 radio stations that were bought by Paley back in 1928 and was renamed Columbia Broadcasting System. Under the watchful eyes of Paley, the station soon became one of the biggest American broadcast networks. The full name was dropped n 1974 and the name CBS, Inc was adopted instead. The network was however acquired by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation back in 1995 and changed the name to CBS broadcasting, inc. the company came under the control of Viacom and in 2005 Viacom broke into two different entities and got CBS Corporation established via one of its broadcast TV, cable station and radio.

The CBS Corporation was under the control of Summer Redstone via National Amusements. The early radio years date back to 1927 following the creation of the United Independent Broadcasters. This network startup soon required investment inputs and it was rescued by the Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System. The Columbia Phonographic went live on the 18th of September, 1927 with an appearance by the Howard Barlow Orchestra.

At this point, the cost of operation was quite enormous especially as a result of the payments been made to AT&T to use its landlines. By the close of 1927, Columbia Phonograph wanted to opt-out of the arrangement.

Who Is More Biased Between The Liberals And Conservatives?

It is a fact that the socio-political landscape is filled with information that is politically biased and spans several viewpoints. It is important to know just how biased the people that receive the information are. For instance, when you as a Republican how biased a Democrat is, you are bound to get an obvious response. It, therefore, suffices to say that the view of who is liberal and who is not is a liberal one.

The journalism media bias in America

Based on a study by David Weaver and Lars Wilnat both professors of journalism using the tool of online interviews, it was discovered that out of the 1,080 reporters surveyed, 28.1% of them were Democrats while 7.1% were Republicans. It was also discovered that 50.2% of them viewed themselves as independents.

Media bias in America

Media Bias in America happens when the American media systematically modifies information such as news in such a way that negates the laid down standards of journalism. It also happens when there is a deliberate attempt to promote a certain political agenda via the use of entertainment media. In the United States, the most notable bias includes conservative and liberal bias.  There has been a spike in these claims as the American political parties have become even more polarized. There is also the claim of corporate bias. This happens where there is media coverage in favor of the corporate owners of media outlets. As such, the media will go for trending stories and ignore those that have some measure of substance. Several attempts are made by certain groups with a view to  battle the issues relating to biased reporting

What Makes CBS News So Special?

CBS News is an information and news corporation with a mandate to provide services via the tools of radio, television and the internet. The news platform came to be back in 1927 by a certain William Paley. In 1941, the TV station came into being. The name CBS was coined from the former name of the network, Columbia Broadcast System. It is reputed as the second-biggest broadcaster in the world, only ranking behind the BBC.  The network is sometimes called the Eye Network as a result of the image on the company’s logo. The media outlet boasts of several programs such as face the nation and 48 hours. The station broadcasts at an international level to countries such as Mexico, Canada, Australia and other parts of Europe.

What Is The History Of Media Bias?

Before the onset of mainstream media back in the early parts of the 1900s, newspapers were known to reflect the views of the publishers.  More often than not, a certain area would have opposing newspapers that have different views and opinions. For instance, in Philadelphia back then, Benjamin Franklyn was a forceful and early advocate for tabling all the sides of a subject.  Back in 1798, the Federalist Party passed an act that was aimed to weaken the strength of the opposition pre. What it did was to ban the publication of malicious and false writing against the government and as such made it a crime to make known public opposition to the policies and laws of the government. This aspect of the law came to be fully implemented back in 1801.

It is also on record that President Thomas Jefferson was the victim of quite several attacks. It was in the light of this that he asked editors to segment their newspapers into four segments namely probabilities, truth, possibilities, and lies. The 19th century saw an era where cities had several competing newspapers that were favorably disposed to certain political leanings. The effect of this was however minimized by the separation of editorial and news. It was expected that news reporting would be to a large extent neutral while the editorial aspects conveyed the views of the publishers.

Furthermore, during the American civil rights movement, several conservative newspapers modified news relating to civil rights and instead placed the blame of the unrest on the table of the communists. In 1969, then-Vice President Spiro Agnew issued a statement denouncing what he perceived as a media bias against the course of the war in Vietnam. In his words, those against the war in Vietnam were nothing but nabobs of negativism. Also, President Barack Obama in 2010 said that he saw the views of Fox News as rather destructive to the overall interest of America in the Long term.

Final Word

The place of the media in the society as we know it today is one that cannot be overemphasized. The way we think, our political leanings and overall way of life are greatly shaped by the media we consume. As we have seen in this piece, there is the Conservative and the Liberal media. Is CBS liberal or Conservative. We believe we have been able to do justice to that question and a few others.

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