How Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Video?

How Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Video

Most Instagram users are aware of the fact that it is quite private as far as notifications are concerned. What this means is that social media giants do not necessarily inform people when you view their profile. Posting a video on the platform is quite simple. All you need to do is record an event or upload one that already exists in your gallery. You can then proceed to use certain tools filter, trim and edit the videos on Instagram. You can then proceed to share the video as a post. You should, however, know that your posts are permanent. But if your account is private, your content would only be visible to people who follow you. If you, however, have a public account, anyone can view your contents. How can I see who viewed my Instagram video? We will address this and other related issues in this article.

How can I see who viewed my Instagram video

As pointed out earlier, Instagram is quite private with data. It is therefore nearly impossible to find out exactly who viewed the videos you posted on Instagram. However, just close to the video, you will find a view count of how much your video has been viewed. If you click on this amount, the total number of people who have liked your video will pop up.  Also, if they have liked your video, it means they have probably seen the video as well.

You may also get more information in this regard by using Instagram highlights if you are using a business account. If you are using such an account, it means you can even tell the location of your viewers. This should help you narrow down the list of viewers. This is especially helpful if you are looking for a particular viewer. An alternative way to get this information is to upload your video on Instagram story. Here you will be able to see exactly who has viewed your videos. 

What Makes Instagram Unique?

 Instagram is reputed to be one of the most popular platforms for sharing videos and pictures to communities. You may try Instagram growth services to become more popular on this media. However, it is not enough to post these pictures and videos; you also need to find out who is viewing them. For everyone who is on Instagram for business, the metrics collected are vital towards improving their ROI for the business. Therefore, if you are running a campaign and need to know what next step to take, you must understand a few basics.

For instance, if you want to ascertain how popular a video is on Instagram, all you need to do is check it follows or views. You may then proceed to assess its performance with your audience by comparing the views generated with those of other videos you have made. You should, however, know that you may not be able to tell the exact identity of who viewed your videos. Metrics are very vital as far as improving your business is concerned.

How Can I Create A Business Profile?

If you are looking to get serious with your Instagram account, you should consider converting it to a business account. The reason for this is that it grants you access to several analytical tools much more than a normal account. This among other tools includes Instagram Insights.

What Are The Other Important Metrics You Should Be Mindful Of?

Not too many people will be excited about the metrics topic, however, if you are the type of person that is regularly churning out regular content, you need to know if you are doing the right thing or not. Also, if you are looking to embark upon a social media marketing campaign, you must note that success ought to be measurable. This is why video metrics are vital.

This is why we have taken out time to take a deep look into the video and photo metrics that you have access to as a component of Instagram Insights. It should, however, be noted that you can only have access to these tools when you have an Instagram business account.


This is quite easy measure. It simply describes the number of times your post has been seen. In a case where there are multiple views by the same person, it would drive up the impressions. This is one reason why it may not be the ideal tool for measuring the success of a post.

View Count

This is simply a measure of the level of popularity of your video. These views are often recorded after three minutes of view time and often give you a basic view of how well the video you posted is doing. Several platforms see views in a different light. Facebook and Instagram see three seconds as a view. Youtube, on the other hand, requires that you wait for 30 seconds before it is counted.


This is perhaps one of the most important pieces of information as far as the viewership of a post is concerned. Reach is simply the total number of unique accounts that have seen your post. Therefore, if your girlfriend views your video fifty times, the reach will only increase by one.


This is yet another vital metric for measuring the success of your posts. It is simply the total number of people who have started following your account after they must have viewed a particular post. This can tell you the type of posts that help you get the best viewership.

How Can You Find The Metrics?

It is not a difficult task of locating your Instagram metrics. All you need to do is tap on the post which has the videos and photos of interest. Proceed to select ‘view insights.’ This should bring up the insights page wherein you can access all the data for your post.

How Can I Increase Viewership For My Instagram Posts?

Instagram is still by far one of the best places for you to promote your brand on the internet and build a strong and loyal community that supports your brand. The only biggest challenge with this platform is the presence of enormous competition. Here are some tips that should help you out in this regard:

1. Begin conversations using Instagram Stories Sticker

About 500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram Stories each day. As a result of this, Instagram has been coming up with innovative ways to ramp up engagement between brands and their followers. This is in the form of different engagement stickers for their stories.

Instagram stories stickers present an ideal way to motivate your followers to chat with you and as such lead to a loyal following which feels connected to your brand in away.

2. Come up with savable content for your feed

The way to measure engagement on Instagram is changing each day as likes will now be hidden on certain posts. These days, Instagram saves and comments are increasingly more important than they have ever been. Hence, the best way for you to increase your engagement would be to increase the number of contents that encourage your audience to save them. What this means is that you should come up with content that your audience would want to view over again.

3. Some fun would help

One thing with Instagram stories is that they take a lot of planning, time and effort to get them right. This, however, does not mean that you can’t get it right. More brands are adding elements of pop culture and humor to their posts to improve their content. Therefore, think of ways to include some more fun to your Instagram story.

4. Be open and sincere

There is an increase in the number of brands that are willing to be more open and honest about their brands. Having a high level of authenticity can go a very long way in creating a strong connection with your audience. Combining the good and the bad side of your brand helps your audience better relate to your brand.

5. Make the captions longer

In case you didn’t know, your Instagram account allows you to add as much as 2,200 characters. Also, it should be noted that one of the factors that determine the performance of your post on Instagram is the length of time invested in it. It, therefore, suffices to say that if you desire better performance in your post, you should spend more time on it.


Your Instagram account can be a goldmine if you understand the fundamentals of its operation. By now you should know how you can see who viewed your Instagram videos. But beyond that, you should also be able to leverage on the other metrics that make your Instagram journey fruitful.

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