Top 10 Most Viewed Sport Youtube Videos

Most Viewed Sport Youtube Videos

The industry of sports has always been one of the most viewed throughout the world. Accomplishments and moments of fame that were filmed during important matches and sports events, still gain lots of engagement and attract people, who love knowing the records of the world in this industry. And today, users continue to recall sports videos on social media as well. With every 200 views, sportsmen and women are also trying to buy more points for their reputation on social media, as they are becoming the ambassadors of activewear, inventory, and simply the promotion of a healthy way of living. But what are the most viewed sports videos of all time on YouTube? Let’s see!


This video still drives a lot of attention, despite the past years. The video shows us how cancer patient Jack Hoffman scores a touchdown during the Nebraska Cornhuskers spring season game. The act of kindness, where a huge industrial machine offers a desperate person an opportunity to feel happy even for one single moment, can make even the toughest guy shed a tear of joy. By now the video has been watched by more than 8 million people. 

A Shag With Bare Hands By Evan Longoria 

A glorious moment of Tampa Bay Rays All-Star Evan Longoria. The video shows us how Evan while having an interview with a reporter, saves her from a practically direct headshot without any hesitation and taking it for granted. Although many people wanted to believe this was a true event, in fact, it was a part of a commercial that Evan was doing for Gillette company. Even though the video is fake, Evan is loved by many, and the video has gained around 17 million views by now. 

Carly Rae Jepsens’ Terrible First Pitch

Musical celebrities also love participating in sports events. Well, Carly probably thought she would look like a rookie, but she didn’t know how lame it would actually turn out. Her first in life pitch during the Tampa Bay Rays game was a total disaster, that makes fans laugh until today. Carly Rae’s failure has grossed nearly 10 million views on YouTube, probably becoming as popular as her original hit song “Call Me Maybe”. 

JingleHoopsBy NBA

This is a fun promo video for Christmas games of the NBA. Famous players of the league made a commercial where they are playing “Jingle Bells”. And also they wear completely hideous jerseys with sleeves. As the video was viewed by 36 million people, it turned out to be a great Christmas gift for fans and sports enthusiasts. 

First Pitch By Shin Soo-Ji

Not all people who aren’t involved in baseball, make their first performance a failure like Carly Rae Jepsen. South Korean gymnast Shin Soo-ji has made her first time a true show during the game between Doosan Bears and Samsung Lions. Probably almost twelve million views were gathered as people were rewatching this famous moment. While throwing her pitch, Soo-Ji has bent in ways that a normal human body isn’t supposed to be able to. She made it with impeccable grace and earned a round of applause of joy from all the audience in the stadium. And nobody cares if the ball didn’t hit the plate. 


Mario Balotelli, a star of Manchester City, has decided he would try a trick shot at the exhibition game against the L.A. Galaxy. But, it didn’t work out, and the potential of a 2 goal lead was lost. Balotelli claims he heard a whistle from the side, however, nobody else heard it. So 12 million people saw the moment of failure and disappointment on the face of a famous sportsman. This episode is considered to be a first marker for the career end of Balotelli with the glorious club. 

Titus Ashby, The Trick Shot Toddler

Videos with kids are cute. And even cuter they become when a two-year-old owns the hoop as smooth as Michael Jordan. Titus Ashby is a little guy who is predicted to become a great player, after the video where he shoots a point after point, being only around two years old. His success was noticed and the video gained more than 14 million views, making little Titus a rising star. He was even a guest at Jimmy Kimmels, where he was greeted by Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. The three entered a contest, where the kid was able to hold his head high against L.A. Lakers stars. 

The Mountain Biker Drilled By A Buck

Sometimes a casual bike ride in the mountains goes not as planned. A video that gained 15 million views in short term proves to us, that even minding your own business doesn’t save you from awkward occasions. In this film, we can see how a person was all of a sudden hit by a giant buck that came out of nowhere, while the rider was doing his thing. Among lots of fails and funny moments from the sports industry, this one is most bizarre and entertaining with all the surprise factors in it. Fortunately, both rider and animal weren’t hurt. 

Ohio State Marching Band Doing Tribute to Michael Jackson

There is a reason why the marching band of Ohio University calls themselves “The best damn band in the land”. They are always presenting crazy and cool stunts for the show, and they always get a ton of appreciation from the public. But the performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” has gone viral on youtube and made them stars, gaining almost 15 million views in the shortest period. 


The sports industry was driving the attention of billions of people ever since widespread communication started – first people were glued to the radio, then their TVs, and now everybody is addicted to the screens of the PCs, phones, and other devices with access to social media. Fans rewatch their favorite moments, collect more information about their beloved sports personalities, watch thematic shows and learn to do sports themselves. For the industry, social media is a chance to popularize each kind of sport and attract more viewers to the matches and sports events, even in tough times like the pandemic of COVID-19. 

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