Why Is The US Office So Good? The Show Facts

Why Is The US Office So Good

The American television series is about the everyday experiences of office employees. The first episode aired on NBC on March 24th, 2005. 

It released nine seasons, and the season final aired on May 16th, 2013, had an estimated 5.39 million viewers. In 2016, it was rated among the 100 best television shows of all time.

The show has been nominated for over 42 Emmy awards. These accolades make the office one of the most successful sitcoms. So let’s get back to the question.

Why is the US office so good?

The office is so good because it’s one of the first shows of its kind to use a documentary format. It is one of the major reasons for its success. Its great characters are also a key to its greatness, and each has a distinct personality.

For example, Dwight was able to keep his whole originality in both his tendencies and quirks. The show boasts having some of the most successful executive producers in the comedy world.

What Makes The Office Great?

The office has managed to stand the test of time. The show recently celebrated its 15th anniversary. Despite the years, many still fall in love with the show. This means it is more than good; let’s say the show is great.

It is one of the best sitcoms to be ever created. That’s why it has been nominated by Emmy Awards 42 times, as well as other great tons of awards. So what makes the office great.

It has an amazing cast

First, the cast has great chemistry.  They work perfectly in pairs, small, medium, and large groups. The most interesting bit is that even the random characters brought to the show do blend in quite easily. You may think that they are regulars on the show.

It’s so relatable

The creators of the show took time to understand the viewers. Who the viewers of the show will be, how they act and what they do. There are several comedy shows, but the office is just superb.

Its mockumentary style makes one feel like they are invested in the characters’ life. You can see your boss, friends, family members, and even coworkers in these characters. The mockumentary is great since it allows the characters to interact directly with the audience. This made the show stand out over the rest.

The actors engage the viewers through questions. They talk to the camera like it’s human and act so normal while doing it. The characters can make you forget that you are watching a television show.

Its awkwardness is glorious

Michael Scott’s character best depicts the awkwardness. The guy is so insensitive and socially awkward. He means well and wants to be liked. He is obsessed with making new friends and has a family.

He sees his employees as the perfect people that can fill that void in his life. Another great part, which was so artistic, is when Michael refers to Oscar as “faggy”. Michael got a warning from the human resource. It is because Oscar was a secret gay.

That whole episode can be equated to pure diamond; it was great.  The best moment was when Steve Carrel forced his lips into Oscar. This part was scripted, but it was exceptional.

It’s got great gags

The office has its great portion of creative gags. The most loved gag is Michaels saying, “that what she said.” This gag contributed so much to the show’s legacy.

The shows cold opens are exceptional. However, almost all sitcoms do have them. These are the short scenes that happen before the entry of the theme song. These scenes are always not related to the plot in any way, so they are called “cold.”

The Difference Between The America And Britain Office

According to the people, there is a notable difference between the two. The American office is believed to be eternally optimistic, while that of the British is more cynical. It’s quite evident in the respective versions.

The Americans are always told to look on the bright side of life. They do believe that things will get better and there is room for improvement.

This can be seen in Michael’s character. Many see him as a buffoon in season one. However, he has his redeeming moments in the other seasons. 

There was a moment when he was the only one who appreciated Pam’s work genuinely at the art show. He even displayed one of Pam’s paintings in the office for the remaining duration of the show.

Who Is The Best Character In The Office?

The office has many iconic characters that kept growing and changing in the nine episodes. The show did drop some actors along the way. The newly brought characters were also exceptional, and the fans gravitated to them as well.

The best character in the office was Michael Scott. He was the most likeable in the series. Michael was so outspoken and ignorant, and his personality made the fans love him. However, he also had some tender moments that showed his humane side.

He left the show on its seventh season. His departure had a great impact on the show, and it fell apart. So many unnecessary changes were made to the show. Due to the many changes and the exit of Michael, the show lost its spark.

The Office Age Rating

It is advisable for 14+. The hilarious sitcom does contain some mature humor. The office paints a hilarious but pretty bleak image of the corporate world. However, with most of its jokes coming from the management, it’s still regarded as an adult-oriented comedy.

It has some sexual humor, which is evident in interoffice affairs. The office also has a low level of violence. Besides, there are some racist and sexist remarks from the characters, and two secondary characters have an addiction issue with alcohol and drugs. 


Many things make the office a great show, from its great characters who gave us nine seasons, various human emotions. They taught us how to cry, laugh, and even romantically love one another. Also, the office had great executive producers. They ensured the production of quality content.

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