How To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary In 2021

How to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary in 2021

Celebrating your anniversary in 2021 is something that you want to make extra special as the last year has been a challenge for everyone with travel restrictions nationally as well as internationally. It is possible that 2021 will be another year where many will be unable to plan a romantic vacation, but every anniversary deserves a celebration that is more than a typical Friday night takeout and movie, so here are some ideas for how to celebrate at home.

Buy A Gift In Advance

Every anniversary should be marked with a gift, even if budgets are tight. Suggestions for 1 year anniversary gift ideas for her could be a piece of jewellery she can treasure for a lifetime or a gift that is from the list of traditional or modern anniversary gifts that symbolise each year. So, the first-year anniversary is fragile paper, whilst the 60th anniversary is the hard rock diamond.

Take The Day Off Work

Mark the date of your anniversary in your diaries and book the day off work. Promise to leave all work gadgets alone and let work colleagues know that you will not be responding to communications. This will give you the entire day to focus on each other, a time to look back at the last year and the challenges overcome as well as looking forward to the year ahead. We all lead such busy lives that taking this one day to focus on yourselves is a very precious thing.


Start the day with your favourite foods at brunch, whether a continental breakfast or bacon and eggs, treat yourself to a Mimosa, Bloody Mary or Bucks Fizz.  


If you have a career and responsibilities at home with children or older parents, your schedule is likely to always be hectic.  Arrange for your children to have a sleepover with friends or their grandparents whilst you both relax at home. For you, it may be a luxury to stay snuggled up in bed reading for a while after brunch.

Candlelit Dinner At Home

Many of us have spent more time indoors in the last year than probably at any time of our lives. Even if you cannot go out for an anniversary dinner, make use of takeaway or to-go menus. Choose a restaurant that has special meaning for you, whether it was the place you went on your first date or to celebrate your engagement or your wedding reception venue.  Order some incredible dishes to be delivered to your door.  

Make it extra special by dressing up as if you were going to go out for the evening. Light some candles, place a red rose as a centrepiece for your dining table and play your favourite playlist for background music, the music you had at your wedding reception or tune in to a virtual concert.

Write A Love Letter

Anniversary cards can often say what many of us who are not wordsmiths struggle to articulate. Yet, one of the most romantic wedding anniversary gifts is a letter of love. You can tell your spouse what it is about them that makes their heart sing, what they appreciate and what they have to offer you in the year ahead. You may want to refer back to your wedding vows and make an affirmation to continue to live by them. Write this in your own handwriting, even if it isn’t the neatest. This additional touch shows that you care enough to put in the thought and the effort for this letter.

Spa Night At Home

Create a basket of treatments for a spa night at home.  This can include a sheet face mask which is sure to raise a smile or you can create your own homemade concoctions. A foot massage followed by cake and champagne is a perfect way to end your anniversary evening celebrating each other.

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