Visual Studio Code Vs Community: Things To Know 

Visual Studio Code Vs Community

Visual Studio Code is an electron based source code editor used in Linus, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems. It is a software development tool that aids programmers to carry out actions such as code refraction, code completion, debugging, snippets, and syntax highlighting. On the other hand, Visual Studio Community is a free and basic version of the editions Microsoft Visual Studio.

Taking a look at visual studio code vs. community

In taking a look at the visual Studio vs. community, we must understand that Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a text editor used mainly to write programs and software codes. In contrast, the Visual Studio Community is an Integrated Development Environment application with fuller options and a variety of tools that aids software and application development.

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Product History And Description Of The Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a programming tool developed by Microsoft and first published in April 2015. The first release was a preview version, and about a year later, it got released to the web after passing a series of development tests.

The release was in November 2015 with a license from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under GitHub, an American-based software development company. Microsoft currently owns GitHub.

The most recent stable released version of the Visual Studio Code was on the 11th of February, 2020. It is the version 1.42.1 with its preview release version 1.42.0, announced on the 13th of January 2020. Visual Studio Code is in three programming languages. The languages are CSS, JavaScript, and Typescript for Linus, Mac, and Windows operating systems. Also, it is a source code editor written in over twelve languages.

In a survey carried out in 2016, Microsoft Visual Studio Code ranked among the top most used application software by developers and programmers, and three years later, it was the most used development tool.

The Features Of The Visual Studio Code

The features of Microsoft Visual Studio Code include Language, Extensions, Code Page, etc.

Language: The Visual Studio Code supports basic programming languages.

Extensions: Visual Studio Code supports multiple plug-ins. The plug-ins enable the user to gain access to additional features and help the user to customize the workspace to suit their style and need.

Code page: A code page is a workspace page that the user can set and save. The code page helps users to keep track of work in progress and also save work carried out or already finished programs, which are accessible by the programmers or software developers at any time. Through the Visual Studio Code’s tools and options on the code page, saved work is available on any platform and with any of the programming languages.

The Definition Of Terminologies

Plug-ins: Plug-ins are software components added to already written software programs. It aids users to customize these programs to suit their desires as plug-ins have particular features that they add to the program software.

Code Completion: It works like the autocorrect feature on mobile phones. It helps to eliminate mistakes and remove typo during the process of writing codes for software and applications. It also helps to make the code creation and development process faster.

Code Refraction: It is the process of improving an already existing program code without making noticeable changes to it. Code refraction is useful for expanding the use of extensions in software. It also reduces the complications experienced in the use of that software.

Debugging: Debugging is the process of locating and fixing malfunctions in software. It is for correcting software errors, thereby increasing its usability.

Syntax Highlighting: It is a feature that allows the highlighting of parts of the program code for reference and readability by users. One can use it to mark parts of program codes and use it to check and correct spellings and eliminate errors.

Snippets: Snippets are parts of already written program codes that one can reuse when writing other codes during programming. Snippets are useful to avoid retyping the same code and also to eliminate errors associated with program code writing.

Visual Studio Community

Visual Studio Community is a free and basic version of the editions Microsoft Visual Studio. The other editions of Microsoft Visual Studio are Enterprise, Professional, and Test Professional.

Visual Studio Community allows users to make use of plug-ins and extensions, and it comes in over ten languages.

The Features Of Microsoft Visual Community Edition

It has features that allow individuals and communities to carry out a variety of tasks. Individual users have unlimited access to the tools provided by the Microsoft Visual Community Edition, while organizations have limited access to these tools.

The amount of access to the tools an organization can have is dependent on the size of the organization. The organizations are in two groups. They are Enterprise and Non-Enterprise organizations.

It considers organizations having staff strength of at least two hundred and fifty persons or yearly revenue of at least one million US dollars as Enterprise organizations, and they have to obtain a commercial license for the use of the Microsoft Visual Community Edition.

Non-Enterprise organizations can use at most five copies of the Microsoft Visual Community Edition. Non-Enterprise organizations must obtain a commercial license, especially when it needs the use of more than five copies of the Microsoft Visual Community Edition.

Before 2015, there had been several express versions of the Visual Studio, but the community edition replaced all of the previous editions.

Microsoft Visual Studio

It is application software that enables programmers and software developers to build, create, develop and manage applications, software, websites, and programs both for mobile, PC, and web use.

The Recent History And Product Description 

First released as a preview version in December 2019, Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment software that uses other Microsoft development software to facilitate the development of applications, websites, and computer programs.

It functions on the Windows and Mac operating systems, and its stable version came out recently on the 14th of January, 2020. Microsoft Visual Studio is a free application software, although there is a premium for access to additional features and functions.

Written in fourteen national languages and over thirty programming languages, some of the programming languages are C++, CSS, CML, JavaScript, NET, and Visual Basic. However, one can add some programming languages that it did not come in through the use of extensions and plug-ins.

Ruby and Python are examples of some of the languages that one can add to the Microsoft Visual Studio application through the use of plug-ins.

The Features Of Microsoft Visual Studio

The major features of Microsoft Visual Studio are the Code Editor, the Debugger, the Designer, and the Extension.

Code Editor: Just like the Visual Studio Code, the Visual Studio can write, develop and edit program codes as it functions as text editor software

Debugger: The Visual Studio debugging tool has extensive uses ranging from debugging both source-level and machine level codes to debugging, and monitoring running processes.

Designer: One can create, design, and develop websites, data, windows forms, and windows presentation foundation using the Visual Studio.

Other Microsoft Visual Studio Editions

Professional Edition 

This edition is the lowest available commercial level edition of the Microsoft Visual Studio. Its Integrated Development Environment provides support for all the different development languages it permits. Depending on the license obtained, users can have access to the basic or full products offered on the Microsoft Developer Network MSDN.

The edition supports XML (Extensible Markup Language) and XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) editing, and one can use them to design ready-for-use packages which use ClickOnce and MSI only.

Enterprise Edition

It is an extended and more advanced edition of the Professional edition version. It includes in its architectural, database development, testing, and metrics tools. It also contains additional software development, collaboration, and reporting tools.

Test Professional Edition

It is an edition announced in 2010, along with the Visual Studio 2010. The purpose of creating is mainly as a tester. The Test Professional edition manages test environments, as it is not useful for developing tests.

The Differences Between Visual Studio Code And Community

Microsoft Visual Studio operates on only the Mac and Windows Operating Systems. It is slow compared to the Visual Studio Code, which works on is more Operating System platforms and is much faster.

The Visual Studio product in the Mac OS is different from that which is currently in use in Visual Studio for Windows Operating System. The design of the Visual Studio Community is specifically for individual users as the primary consideration; hence, its simplification and separation from the other versions.

Visual Studio Code is a language polymorphic. It means that it does not have any language restrictions for its usage, as the editor permits language plug-ins and extensions for many different programming languages. Still, the Microsoft Visual Studio does not allow those as it uses specific component project files, especially the.SNL file which is an intellectual property of Microsoft.

Microsoft Visual Studio is a collection of tools for software development. The advanced technology upon which its development rests provides a seamless platform through which one can build a variety of powerful software and applications. Unlike the Studio, the Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a collection of tools that provides a platform to build web applications as well as to debug them.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a multiplatform editor that supports the use of plug-ins and extensions according to the need of its users. The platforms that use the Visual Studio Code are the Mac OS, Linux, and Windows Operating Systems.


In taking a look at the Microsoft Visual Studio Code vs. Microsoft Visual Studio Community, we realize that they prove to have a variety of tools. Their extension and plug-in features allow for an unlimited number of uses. While the studio code is a text editor, the studio community is an integrated development environment used to develop software. However, user needs and preferences differ, so one can use either Studio Code or Studio Community optimally to achieve desired results.

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