Flowers For Him: Making The Dear Man In Your Life Feel Special

Flowers For Him Making The Dear Man In Your Life Feel Special

Looking for a masculine gift to congratulate him on a major life moment or show how you feel about him? While it is the first instinct for a man to send a gorgeous bouquet to the lady on a special occasion or just because, women often hesitate to reciprocate, believing that fresh flowers are not an appropriate bestowal for guys. 

Gone are the days when flowers were considered a women-only gift. Times are changing, and society is defying silly stereotypes. In the modern world, elegant floral arrangements and bouquets are no longer female attributes, but desirable and meaningful gifts to be appreciated by men as well. Today, flowers are universal, and they make a gallant gesture of attention for all life events. 

It may be difficult to pick the perfect floral arrangement for him because quite often, bouquets appear feminine, so that you may worry that the recipient would misconstrue your action. Don’t fret about it! There are throngs of utterly masculine flowers and plants to give to your cherished man that cannot help but be enjoyed. 

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Perfect Plants And Flowers For Men 

White Orchids

Boasting strict, timeless elegance, white orchids look sophisticated, yet gender-neutral. White orchids are ideal masculine flowers, not only because of their flawless color, but also because they bring soothing energy to an environment. White orchids can be a perfect addition to his office or bedroom helping him settle his nerves and relax. When it comes to caring for orchids, they are easy to look after, even if he doesn’t have a green thumb.


Make him feel like in a tropical paradise with a bunch of cheerful tropical flowers such as Bougainvillea, Jasmines, Amaryllis, Blue Passion Flower, or Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis. These vivid, exotic blooms are for everyone, and they will surely steal wow from the lips of the recipient. If your workmate or boyfriend is constantly dreaming of escaping to an island in the middle of an ocean, tropical flowers may inspire him to plan the vacation. 


Low-maintenance and funny, succulents are perfect plants for a gentleman who never wants to waste his valuable time and energy on keeping the foliage shine, yet doesn’t mind having a piece of nature on his desk. Succulents and cacti are a go-to variant for a man who loves nature and also prefers minimal decor.

Red Chrysanthemums 

Thanks to their deep crimson color, red chrysanthemums make the perfect masculine floral gift. Their sturdy petals also embody inner strength. More than that, chrysanthemums are traditional symbols of friendship and wellbeing, so a bunch of these flowers is perfect for any life situation when you wish to express your happiness for having him in your life. Chrysanthemums are also the birthday flower of November – an ideal gift if his special day falls on that month.


Gerberas are a great choice if he needs some cheer-up. These happy flowers never fail to put a smile on the face of the recipient with their bright and life-assertive petals. Gerberas are available in dark yellow, orange, pink, scarlet, and other colors, so picking some of his favorite hues will not be difficult – and it’s also the flower for the April-born babies.

Blue Flowers

Blue can be hard to find naturally occurring in flowers, but some types are exceptions. Iris, Hydrangea, Delphiniums will surely surprise him and make his day. The obvious meanings of blue flowers are peace and serenity as it is the color of the sky and sea. Some less know meanings also include affection, inspiration, and endeavors. Blue flowers are also a symbol of ambitious and motivated people who are willing to do anything to achieve their goals. 

Black Dahlias 

These color-rich, ample flowers make a stunning addition to an arrangement for him, as surely as they look fabulous in monochrome bouquets. Far away from being delicate little flowers, black dahlias are unbeatable masculine flowers as they exhibit a deluxe look. In a garden, Dahlias seem to be one of the easiest large flowers to grow and maintain, and they also have quite a long blooming season. Given as gifts, the fresh flowers can last for weeks in a vase, reminding him of how much he means to you.


Can you name a more vivacious flower than the Sunflower? Thanks to their warm, sunny nature, we all have a special place in our hearts for these wild blooms. Sunflowers bring sunshine to every room, evoking the most pleasant reveries, while their cheery heads can elevate the worst of the moods.

Peace Lilies

Peaceful lilies are undoubtedly a favorite staple for home pods. Along with looking irresistibly lovely in any space, they also require little to no attention, making them an ideal gift for a busy man tending to forget to water the plants. If a man of yours needs some greenery to spruce up his interior style, the peace lily can do the trick.


You may be strongly surprised to learn that daisies are exquisite flowers for gentlemen as a gift. Well, yes, the delicate appearance of daisies has always been associated with femininity. However, sending daisies to guys can hardly be a wrong gesture due to the flower’s primary meaning, which is loyalty. While men may not show it, there is a sense of pride and comfort in knowing that there are loyal people to safely rely on. The feel of support brings great joy and pleasure to everyone. If there is a man who is important to you, consider sending him this gift to let him know that you are always there for help.

Yellow Roses

One of the coolest things about roses is the level of variety they provide. Red roses may be a no-brainer to speak your sweetest sentiments. But many other colors carry different meanings that can be used for just about any occasion. Some of them, like yellow roses, will be a wonderful gift for the men in your life. Yellow roses stand for friendship in the same way as red chrysanthemums do. In addition, they bear a meaning of joy. By opting for yellow roses, not only do you get a flower to use as proof of friendship, but you also have a great instrument to cheer someone up when needed.

When To Send Him Flowers?

Flowers can be presented on any occasion, and boys love receiving fresh blooms for the same reasons they love to send bouquets. The tipping-the-scale factor in this situation must be the knowledge when he sends flowers: a new chapter in life, success at work, birthdays, etc. These life events are ideal occasions to show your appreciation toward him. 

Context is very important. If your man works in an office, then a bouquet of roses may be the right gift to send to his work. But if he works on a construction site, he may simply have no place your gift. 

A party or family gathering is also a great time to present a man with flowers. Flowers enhance the atmosphere – no one can feel bad when admiring a pretty arrangement! Flowers for men indicate the same thing they do for women: a token of attention. As girls love to receive blooms for no particular reason, a sudden gift of flowers for him will also work wonders.

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