Why Do Basketball Players Wear Leggings?

Why Do Basketball Players Wear Leggings

Over the past few years, we have become more accustomed to the idea of NBA players donning a pair of shorts or even full-length leggings beneath their shorts. In this article, we will attempt to unravel the rationale behind players wearing leggings and what the possible benefits of the outfit would be to the players and the game. But before we go deep into this, we must point out the fact that these leggings are known as compression shorts or tights.

The main purpose of these leggings is to warm the body, absorb sweat and keep the body warm. It goes a long way in preventing muscle strain while also ensuring that maximum blood flow is allowed during the sporting activity. These garments have been studied for quite a while now to improve the overall output of athletes. Why do basketball players wear leggings? Keep reading as we unravel the mystery!

Why do Basketball players wear leggings?

The leggings worn by basketball players do serve certain notable purposes. Chief among the functions of these leggings is that it helps in reducing cases of leg fatigue. It is part of the trade of basketball players to run forth and back during the game. Also, the muscles are put to work when the basketball players jump and run. This, in turn, leads to cases of fatigue in their legs while involved in the sport.

Also, these leggings help in lowering the process of recovery during and after the game. In addition to this, they also assist in boosting blood flow in the legs as well as making sure that blood continues to circulate in the legs thus preventing the risk of injury. It has also been proven that they assist in the performance of certain players. Finally, they look good and can add to the overall aesthetic of the player.

Top Reasons Your Favorite Basketball Player Wear Leggings

The main reason why there is so much inquiry about the use of legging by basketball players bothers on the belief that it does boost the performance of the players. The tight schedule of the NBA is one reason why players are constantly seeking ways to optimize their performance and output. There is also the case of tight training schedules and the likes. Here are some valid reasons why your favorite basketball players use leggings in the game.

1. For cover

Quite a number of the leggings worn by basketball players do not only come in the single-layer style which is worn by most athletes. Some leggings come with pads that are cool and ideal to play the game in. for instance, in the case of a player that loves to crash and dunk balls, there is always going to be the risk of suffering damages. In this case, using leggings with pads can go a long way in lowering your chances of suffering bruises and bumps.

If you are observant, you must have noticed several top NBA players using leggings that have pads on them. Some players use such pads to shield their elbow, knees and other sensitive parts of their bodies.

2. For strong support

Using compression tights requires that they are worn tight. The pressure that comes with wearing them tight to the muscle assists in ensuring that the muscle remains steady thus lowering the chances of frequent vibrations from the muscle. It, therefore, suffices to say that compression tight that is loose fitted will not provide the needed support. This would, therefore, make it more of a hindrance while playing the sport.

3. Management of sweat

The only way you can play basketball without sweating is to not play it at all. Sweating is an integral part of the game; in fact, it is one of the proofs you played. It should be noted that leggings are usually made from nylon and polyester which are both lightweight, breathable and move moisture from the skin to the outer parts of the tights thus permitting moisture to evaporate. There are several high-quality brands out there that help boost sweat management.

4. Blood flow boost

Studies have shown that there is bound to be an increase in the flow of blood via the arteries when compression tights are being used during sporting functions. An increase in blood flow should go a long way in ensuring that the heart provides as much oxygen-rich blood to the limbs as would be needed. In addition to this, it also assists in boosting internal organ functions.

Other unique benefits of an increase in blood flow within the body the unique ability of the body to fight against infections. This is, in fact, one of the main reasons why players can’t seem to do without the leggings.

5. Rubbing of the skin

This may not be a very obvious benefit for putting on leggings. It certainly may not be an obvious benefit when you put on leggings. One unique thing about tights is that they can cover all the areas of the thigh which is the main area that is prone to be rubbed while engaged in prolonged sporting activities.

6. To keep warm and look cool

If you have ever played basketball during the winter in any of the cold regions of the U.S you would understand just how difficult it can be. There is a school of thought that leggings help in keeping the limbs and muscle groups warmer for a longer period thus helping to avert injuries. This also means that it can help to trap much-needed heat during the cold winter period.

Also, the come in handy aesthetically especially when players go for colors and designs that are unique and matching. What should I consider before buying leggings?

7. Dimension matters!

When purchasing leggings, you must take cognizance of the dimension of the one you intend buying. You should make sure that the garment is tight enough to give you the needed compression and also you have to make sure it doesn’t get to the point where it becomes too uncomfortable on you. It is therefore advisable that you go for a size that would suit you perfectly. It should not inhibit your movements. If there are recommended numbers by the manufacturers, ensure that you follow the given number for your body size.

8. Always check-out the built-in features

Apart from the basic features such as the fabric, dimensions and the likes, you should also find out what the leggings offer as far as features are concerned. For instance, certain products are known to use antimicrobial features that are beneficial to the user. Also, in the case of compression leggings, several models are customized to prevent your body from bouncing up and down.

9. Always check-out the fabric

The ratio of polyester and elastane in leggings is 9:1. What this means is that when a compression tight uses more elastane, it becomes stretchier. It is also vital that you confirm the fabric thickness. This is because thinner materials are good for providing much-needed ventilation which helps in reducing the temperature of the body. Thick materials, on the other hand, are very good for keeping you warm and lowering the loss of heat. It is therefore advisable that factor in your personal preference when buying.

10. Don’t be too focused on price

These days, everyone seems to be doing all they can to cut their budgets. But when it comes to a commodity that helps optimize your performance such as these leggings, price should not be your primary criterion. Always ensure that you place quality as your core basis. This does not mean that you should go for leggings that come at cut-throat prices. An expensive commodity does not always mean that it is top quality. This is why you should ensure that you go for tested and trusted brands when buying.

11. It should look cool

Basketball is not only cool because of the moves; people are also fascinated by the way the players look. This is why you should be careful when choosing colors so that you don’t select what makes you look like a clown. Ensure that if the uniform is a primary color that you should not opt for a primary-colored legging. Also, if your uniform is dull in color, ensure that you do not buy a dull-looking legging.

Last Dunk

Wearing leggings does not automatically confer superpowers on the wearer. This means that you should not expect to suddenly become as cool as Iverson or Dwayne Wade. It should be pointed out that it does confer on you some wonderful benefits as outlined in this article. Players certainly won’t be wearing them if they didn’t see any reasonable benefits in them.

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