Choosing New Hobbies: 15 Unique Activities

Choosing New Hobbies

Picking a new hobby for yourself usually comes naturally to you. It is something that you have been thinking about for a while. It can be something your friends have told you, or you’ve seen it on TV or YouTube. However, during the pandemic and self-isolation, our minds can go blank for any new creative ideas. We need ways to spend our time with meaning and purpose. Yet, we may feel lost and numb to come up with new hobbies. That’s okay! Here is the list of 15 great activities you can pick for yourself.

1. Reading

Let’s start with something rather obvious. Reading can be one of the oldest and beloved hobbies on our list. However, you can be a picky reader and make your hobby very specific. You can read only comics of a certain age or books of certain rare genres. Pick a theme for your reading to make it more exciting for you. 

2. Writing

Once you have started reading a lot, writing can come as the next logical step for you. Yes, not everybody was born a writer. Though, anybody can become a writer just by practicing and trying hard. Create a new style in poems, write essaypro reviews or make haiku. Write in a journal, or start a hobby of sending your articles to local magazines.  

3. Knitting

In comparison to the past, not many people these days can knit. It is a shame. Not just that knitting gives you the freedom to wear your own design, but it is also extremely relaxing. It is a perfect form of meditation that also produces cool hats or sweaters in the end. 

4. Chess 

This time is perfect to learn or to refresh your memory of how to play chess. We may not play it often or delay learning it due to a constant lack of time. Well, it is no longer an issue these days. Chess can train your mind and memory while also distracting you from any negative thoughts. If you need a tutor, you can check these write paper for me reviews, see if any writers can help you with the rules. 

5. Hiking

Going exploring is the best thing you can do now for your physical and mental health. Be as brave as Coraline and as adventurous as Tintin. Grab snacks and coffee with you, take a bottle of water, and research the territories you have never been to, even if they are just around the corner. 

6. Coding

Learning how to code is a very practical hobby. The need for professionals in the IT-sphere is only growing. What if you suddenly learn that you enjoy coding and are ready to make it your new profession? It is a perfect time to find out whether you can be the next big name in the tech world. 

7. Dancing

Now, we don’t mean dancing like going to the dance classes dancing. Or even like going to nightclubs dancing. We urge you to make a habit of dancing at least 15 minutes a day every day and turn it into your new hobby. 

8. History 

Why not study history? Indeed, history can be fascinating. You can pick a specific time period and learn everything you can find about it. 

9. Scrapbooking 

Scrapbooking is not only for the teen girls, if that’s what you are thinking. Scrapbooking is a beautiful way to express yourself in thousands of creative ways. The key to this hobby is in the details. You can have a beautiful notebook full of dry leaves, old printed poems, and anything your imagination can come up with. This is scrapbooking. 

10. Line drawing

Oh yes, line drawing can capture your attention for hours. And we speak of watching how others are drawing. When you start doing it, you can spend days looking at what you can create with simple liners and a piece of paper. 

11. Gaming

Gaming can be more than a hobby. It can be a lifestyle. It can be a profession too. Try playing a few games to find what genre suits you most, and start your gaming era. 

12. Cooking/Baking

For most of us, cooking seems like a chore, not a hobby. However, it is in your power to change that. Find some joy in cooking by turning it into your free time activity. Pick a cook you like the most, and copy their recipes until you’re ready to create something of your own. 

13. Blogging

If you decide on any new hobby, you can document your progress with a blog. You can tell the world, and yourself, about your achievements, struggles, and accomplishments. Blogging can unite writing or videography as well, which makes it even more fun for you. 

14. Pottery

Pottery is such a satisfying activity. There is something about the work with clay that makes it very soothing and calming. Mastering this skill takes some time. Though, once you nailed it, you never worry about what to pick for a present for your friends again. 

15. Board Games

Yes, board games are a solid hobby that every person needs to try in their lives. There is such a huge variety of games out there! Some can take minutes. Others can take days to finish. It is a great family activity as well. 

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