How To Tighten Loose Skin On The Stomach Without Surgery

How To Tighten Loose Skin On The Stomach Without Surgery

Losing weight or having a baby can be a real reason to celebrate for several people.  However, if you have added some fat to your midsection after giving birth, it may have crossed your mind a few times how you can tighten the loose skin and tone your stomach. Here we will look at how to tighten loose skin on your stomach without surgery.

How do I tighten the loose skin on my stomach

The most potent treatment you can adopt as an alternative to surgery to reduce your stomach fat is Radio-frequency. What this system does is to convey heat to the adipose cell and bring about the decomposition of the adipose cell and pass across liver metabolized excretion out of the body and thus lead to the decomposition of the fat which means decreased weight. It can also help in heating the collagen that is deep within the skin dermis thus making it be tightly arranged and thus make the skin firmer. Upon the completion of the treatment, the excess flesh on your body will be removed and the curve will be revealed. Alternatively, you may consider dieting.

Why Do You Have Loose Skin?

You will get loose skin if a significant amount of weight is gained on your body. Also, if you remain like this for a long while before you lose weight, it may be quite difficult to retract the loose skin. A study conducted indicated that the skin of a group of obese patients who eventually lost weight was quite weak as a result of the thickness of collagen fibers and lower density. What this means is that the longer you are overweight, the more difficult it would be for your skin to go back to its original shape after losing weight.

The tricky aspect of the whole thing is in defining what can be defined as a significant amount of weight. Unlike what you may believe, there is no definite number of pounds you should lose before you can end up with loose skin. For instance, the older you get, the less your collagen levels and this means that you will more likely have loose skin when you lose weight. Also, factors such as smoking and sun exposure may lead to damage to the quality of your skin. Hence, if you belong to any of the categories, you may find it quite difficult to recover your skin after you lose weight.

The Surgery Option

In a situation where the loose skin is not so pronounced, chances are that it would retract on its own. But if you do have loose abdominal skin as a result of being pregnant multiple times or years of weight and loss, certain lifestyle factors may not be enough to make everything tightened up.

Experts think that tummies tuck or abdominoplasty should be your last option even as you aim to get rid of your loose abdominal skin. It is even advisable that you wait for a minimum of six months after a weight-loss session before you even consider carrying out surgery. However, the moment you get to this point, the most effective approach to adopt is surgery. Surgically, skin removal over the abdomen often takes the form of either a mini-tummy tuck or a full-tummy tuck.

What Lifestyle Modification Can Help Tighten Your Skin?

A combined approach of resistance training, healthy diet, and aerobic exercise can go a long way in helping you lose body fat which in turn will help your firm up the abdominal region. The moment you have attained and maintained your weight loss goal, ensure that you stick to the right diet. As far as specific exercises to adopt are concerned, ensure it is stressful enough to train your muscles to increase the tone. Hence, adding weights, cables, bands, and other relevant resistance tools as against simply working with your body weight should help out. You could consider prone planks, hanging leg lifts, cable core presses, and plate crunches.

Any Chance My Skin Will Shrink If I Lose Weight

Like we pointed out earlier, people who intend to lose a lot of weight would have some concerns about how they will look thereafter. The fact is that under ideal conditions, your loose skin will shrink even as you lose some pounds of weight. There is however an exception with cases large scale weight loss as it is often quite difficult to repair. But if you adopt the right diet and a workable exercise plan, your skin can adjust to the new shape of your body. Also, you should be comforted that it is better to have saggy skin than to have excess pounds of weight.

Know Your Skin Better

If for instance, you draw your skin, you will observe that it would quickly revert to its normal self quite quickly. If you possess healthy skin, you should know that it is naturally elastic and as such will change shape in such a way as to hold firm the tissues that are beneath. As with all elastic limits, your skin does have its limits. Most times it is quite possible to stretch it to an extent where it becomes impossible to regain the old shape.

Don’t Be In A Hurry

You should know that the more time your skin has to adjust to the changes in your body, the more the chances of it adjusting. Hence, if you intend to lose weight regardless of the magnitude, ensure that you adopt a slow and steady approach. This is because a slow and steady approach will give your skin enough time to tighten up even as the underlying fat gets burned off. Just know that the more weight you lose at a faster rate, the less likely your skin will be able to adjust.

Other factors may also contribute.  For instance, our skin elasticity tends to be lost even as we age. It, therefore, suffices to say that people in their 50s will have difficulties regaining their loose skin than those in their 20s. also, other factors such as an unhealthy diet and smoking may make tightening your skin quite difficult. There are however people who are just victims of their genetic makeup. Some people simply have skins that are more elastic than normal skin.

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