Do Breast Creams Work?

Do Breast Creams Work

It is worthy of note that breast augmentation is the top-ranking cosmetic surgical procedure in America today. More women than ever recorded are striving to increase the size of their breasts. The mean cost of breast enlargement procedures cost about $3,719. This is not to mention the array of health risk, recovery time and possible side effects that comes with it. Many who are not particularly fond of the surgical procedure have since turned to use breast creams as an alternative. But do breast creams work? We will find this and more out in this piece today!

Do breast creams work?

The answer to this is yes and no. the market is saturated with topical creams containing collagens and estrogens and claims to be able to increase breast size and tone. The creams are said to be able to pump the cells within your breast and as such make them bigger.  Some of these creams cost hundreds of dollars for each bottle. One however certain thing is that no breast enhancement cream has been proven to make breasts bigger. Some people believe these creams may be unsafe to use.

One thing many people fail to realize is that the size of the breast is a genetic thing entirely. Thus eating herbs of rubbing them on will not help increase their size. Estrogen when in high levels has been known to lead to cancer.

The Breast Challenge

Many who feel breast enhancement creams work magically fail to realize that it is pure science behind it. Starting from when a man or a woman is born till they attain puberty, their breasts are the same. But when a young woman passes through puberty, they start to produce large amounts of progesterone and estrogen. It is during this time that the breast of a woman goes through a period of transformation.

Breasts are composed of lobes which are usually separated by fatty tissue. The volume and shape of the breast is largely a function of the amount of fatty tissue contained within as it often makes up about fifty percent of the volume of the breast.

Also, inside the breast, you will find subcutaneous fats and milk ducts along with the underlying muscle. When the subcutaneous fat increases, it leads to an increase in the volume of the breast and thus makes them quite bigger.

Where Does Breast Cream Come In?

Several breast creams are known to be composed of what is known as Volufiline or sarsasapogenin. Some clinical studies indicate the making use of breast creams that contain Volfiline has a way of increasing the size of a breast by over eight percent. Even though this may not seem like a considerable increase, if you factor in volume, it is something of note.

When breast cream is applied directly on the breast, it assists in stimulating the production of subcutaneous fat cells as well as adipose tissue that makes the breasts fuller, bigger and firmer. One other unique benefit of using breast enlargement creams is that it helps in strengthening the milk ducts while lowering the occurrence of sagging.

It is worthy of note that not many breast enhancement creams contain Volufiline which is the main reason why some work better than others.

What Is The Guarantee That A Breast Cream Will Work

There is no guarantee that it would work. For some people, they will probably not see any significant results. This is because your response to topical estrogens and your hormones have a lot to do with it. This does not mean those who don’t notice any significant change will not experience some measure of change.

What Should You Look Out For In A Breast Enhancement Cream?

The first thing you should be concerned about as far as creams that increase breast size is concerned is safety. In short, the smaller the chemical content, the better the product is. In as much as it may be quite difficult to find such products without chemicals, it is interesting to note that they do exist.

What Is The Right Way To Apply Breast Enhancement Cream?

Before you consider applying any type of cream, it is important to be conversant with the possible side effects as well as the application instructions and ingredients if the cream contains risks or warnings they will often be attached to the packaging. Usually, you will find warnings for nursing mothers and pregnant women about using such creams. You may also try carrying out a spot check. Do this by applying some of the creams on a spot that is not that sensitive and see if there is any reaction.

Also, checking the ingredient is a vital first step to take. This is because the numerous additives contained in the creams contain ingredients that people may be allergic to. In addition to this, if you have any doubts, you should check with a health care provider before use. Note that each of the enlargement creams in the market come with their unique set of rules as regards application. Hence, it is in your interest to follow these instructions as carefully as possible.

General Rules You Should Never Forget

There are a few things you should never forget regardless of the type of cream you may be using. The first thing you should never forget is that you should take a hot shower.  Dermatologists may tell you that a hot shower isn’t good for your body but in this case the hotter the shower the better for you. The steam and heat help in opening up the pores in your skin while allowing the cream to seep deep into your skin and do its work. The moment your skin is dried off, apply the cream immediately. Start from the nipple and move outwards using a circular system.

It is however very important that you should be patient. These creams do not give you instant results. It requires habitual usage and commitment to witness any real result. It is advisable that for you to get the best results, you should use the cream once in the morning and evening.

Are Progesterone Breast Enhancement Cream Better

A lot of women believe that progesterone creams offer a better away to increase the size of their breasts. This is very true. It is however dependent on your having estrogen dominance. It certainly is not something that will lead to the automatic increase of the circumference of your chest. It is also not advisable that you use progesterone cream without guidance.

It is certainly useful for women who have a long history of progesterone deficiency. The cream will give you extra progesterone enough to make up for whatever deficiency that may exist. This is however not the case with most women. What this simply means is that progesterone cream may give you increase breast size; it does not apply to everyone. It is advisable you only use this type of cream-based on advice.

What Are The Notable Side Effects Of Using Breast Enhancement Creams?

The main purpose of breast enhancement creams is to assist women to get to their desired breast size without having to resort to surgery. Some of these creams work slowly while others work quite fast. The speed and effect are largely dependent on the constituents of the cream. The safety of using a breast enlargement cream is largely dependent on the ingredients contained in the cream.

There are quite a several breast growth agents out there in the market which use synthetic components. These components are known to help you attain certain cup sizes even though at a cost. Also, this hormone-based can lead to serious health issues such as cancer.

The FDA is known to have rejected several dozens of hormone-based breast enhancement creams. There are however still some products that use artificial additives. Such products are not advisable to use regardless of what they promise.

One of the common ingredients in most breast enhancement creams is Dehydroepiandrosterone. This is one component that functions as an estrogen precursor it is known to cause several health issues such as cancer, irritation, and swelling.

It is thus advisable that you avoid products containing DHEA at all costs.  It is not worth it risking your health just to get larger breasts.  Creams that are based on natural ingredients are however ideal for this purpose.


You can easily find breast enlargement creams out there in just about any drug store. Many of these drug stores have different products for sale. However, the best way to buy a breast enhancement cream is to first decide which one you want to buy. The ideal cream should be a hundred percent natural. Also, ensure that you check out the website of the manufacturer and order. This should guarantee you getting the right cream. At the end of the day, breast creams work in different ways for different people.

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