What Does Erase iPhone Do?

What Does Erase iPhone Do

“What does erase all content do” is one of the numerous questions asked by users of iPhones who are either changing their phone to a new one or taking the old one for repairs ask. Erasing all content is very helpful with frozen or blank screens and apps crashing. In summary, it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to solve a variety of problems. In this article, we will look at what it does along with other vital tips for your iPhone.

What does erase iPhone do

When you select the erase iPhone option, it will help you wipe the phone. In a case where you have a fingerprint on along with encryption in the settings segment, you will not be able to retrieve the contents within as they would be wiped off. By choosing to erase all content, you are simply removing everything ranging from the applications downloaded to the data for such applications as well as the data for the Apple-based apps. By choosing to erase, you are simply requesting that phone be returned to as it was the first time you purchased it.  It, however, does not mean everything in the phone would be wiped out as certain settings and applications would remain in the device. The only things that get erased are the things that make the phone your own. However, if your phone is backed up to iCloud, you will be able to restore the content after it must all have been set to the factory settings.

What Is The Difference Between Restoring And Resetting Your iPhone

It is quite common to find people who struggle to understand the difference between resetting an iPhone restoring it. Some people have even messed up their phones simply because they adopted the wrong method and did not follow the right guidelines. This is why you must understand the differences that exist between both.

Resetting your iPhone is simply the less weighty way of formatting your phone back to its initial factory setting. You can do a reset directly on the iPhone by using the Settings application and you do not have to be connected to iTunes. In the process of resetting your iPhone, you will have the option of getting the settings to reset to factory default. The settings which make the iPhone yours include system and app settings, icon management, and network passwords just to mention a few.

Restoring your iPhone, on the other hand, is the more radical way of formatting our phone back to its factory setting. Going this route would ensure that you wipe everything as it is on your phone. This will range from apps to settings and the Operating system.  If what you want is for your iPhone to revert to the way it was when you bought it, you may want to restore it.

When Should You Reset And Restore Your iPhone

On a general note, people tend to reset their iPhone when it starts giving them problems. Some of these problems may be that it does not join networks that it should, or the location or privacy settings are messed up. By resetting your iPhone, you will be resetting some of the preferences on your phone which should be able to help you resolve any odd behavior or bugs on your device.

You may also want to restore the phone if you are gifting it away or selling it. When you reset your iPhone, you will simply be removing everything ranging from the data to the firmware and operating system on the device. When you finish restoring, the latest iOS version would be installed so that you can recover the back-ups made.

To restore your iPhone, go to the settings app and select general after which you should scroll to the lower part of the screen and select reset. While on the screen you will find six other options. You may select either one of the following:

  1. Select erase all settings and content to reset it back to the initial settings and remove all our personal information such as photos, emails, and movies.
  2. Select Reset all settings to get all the settings to reset back to default mode.
  3. You may also select Reset Network settings to reset all settings to the default mode. This should help you get the settings back to default mode
  4. Select Reset Home Screen Layout to reset the icon arrangement of the applications on the Home Screen to reset the icon arrangement of the application that is on the screen back to the default mode.
  5. Select the Reset Keyboard Dictionary mode to reset the custom dictionary that has been over a period using the autocorrect and typing features.
  6. For location and privacy settings, you can use this function to restore all your privacy settings and location preferences back to the default mode.

Upon selecting one of the above options, you are to input your security passcode when requested and then click on the reset icon. You may have your phone restarted depending on the option you select.

How Can I Restore My iPhone

The snag with restoring your iPhone is that it requires you to be quite careful as any miscalculation may mess up the phone. Chances are that you may lose every one of your data. One notable issue that arises when people restore their iPhone without first dissociating their iCloud from the phone before selling it, in such a situation, the phone will always be locked to your iCloud ID and as such a future owner will have access to it.

To restore your iPhone, first select the backup method using either the local backup or iCloud. If you are backing up using iCloud, select iCloud Backup to turn it on. If you want to do it using iTunes, simply connect your phone to your PC or Mac using its cable. In the case of iTunes simply go to file then navigate to the device and back up.

Immediately you back-up your device, you will have to separate your iCloud from it. Simply go to the settings and locate the iCloud and disable the Find My Phone function. Having done all these, simply connect your phone to your desktop using its USB cable then select Restore iPhone. Select Restore iPhone again to be sure that you want to restore the phone to the iPhone factor settings.

When your phone restarts, you will be asked if you desire to launch your iPhone as a new device or whether you would like to restore it using a backup. If you desire to set it up as a new device, simply navigate using the Set Up As New iPhone option. If you desire to restore your phone using a backup, you can get this done using iTunes backup or iCloud.

To restore your iPhone using iCloud, simply follow the steps outlined in the iOS Setup Assistant until you locate the Set-Up screen. Choose to restore from iCloud Backup. To restore using iTunes, all you have to do is connect the phone to your PC or Mac using its USB cable. In the case of iTunes simply select File then devices and simply choose the restore from backup option.

What Does Iphone Icloud Backup Mean?

Just like other large tech companies, Apple offers you several cloud services you can use. The cloud services by Apple are referred to as iCloud. This cloud service by Apple offers you several unique benefits. Some of these services include bookmark syncing, ad-free email, the online store just to mention a few. However, from the perspective of an iPhone user, the most important aspect of iCloud is the backup function.

This feature of the iPhone helps it to create a copy of the data of the iPhone and then store the same to the Cloud. Having this copy of the data helps you recover with ease all your information in the case that you need to restore the Phone. In addition to this, the iCloud backup also makes it possible for you to transfer files from one iPhone to another. What this means is that when you get yourself another iPhone you simply need to log into the iCloud account and the new phone will begin extracting the data from the iCloud backup and put it in your new phone.

What Are The Things That Are Stored On The iPhone Backup?

You should know that your iPhone backup usually does not include all the data which you initially had on your phone. What is stored is often the important data, these include device settings, videos, and photos. Others include App data, Ringtones, books, and the likes.

Final Word

Erasing your iPhone does several things all of which if done right would place your phone in better shape. But just as we pointed out, ensure that you follow the right steps when doing this.

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