How To Promote Fitness Youtube Channel And Avoid Dislikes

How To Promote Fitness Youtube Channel And Avoid Dislikes

Sports, fitness, and healthy living are one of the most exploited niches on YouTube. In this industry, you can find channels made by professionals and home blogs created by enthusiasts. Many people share their experiences and motivate others to maintain such lifestyles or follow the instructions for the training. And although there are enough influencers in the industry of fitness, there is still space for new faces – and in this article, you will find out how to promote your fitness-themed channel on YouTube and gain popularity in shorter terms, and how to do it with the least number of dislikes possible. 

Paid Services For Promotion – Yay Or Nay?

Mostly, when somebody mentions third-party services that offer stats for money, a bot farm comes to mind. These are illegal, and in fact not useful at all – they bring nothing but numbers to your profile. But as the rating algorithms become more intelligent and complicated, they don’t mind only numbers. What you need for successful progress in YouTube is a gradual increase of engagement and activity on your account. So, modern services that offer an organic increase of statistics, are providing real resources that will drive not only numbers but the natural growth rate. 

With such sites you can easily maintain the balance of things on your channel, even with the opportunity to buy YouTube dislikes in the proper amount for more organic promotion. The main reason to purchase stats nowadays is to break the competition and make your profile visible on the platform. But remember that this isn’t a substitute for a real audience, only an instrument in your arsenal of promotion. 

Define Your Target Group 

One of the most important things, when you are building your career on social networks like YouTube, is understanding the specifics of the audience you address. Fitness has many different types and methods that suit various groups of people. So, to gain popularity in this niche on YouTube you must find out which group will be most interested in your kind of content. For example, if you are specifying on stay-at-home moms, the key factors that you have to count in are:

  • Average day schedule 
  • Age of kids
  • Most active time online
  • Amount of time they can spend watching

Knowing this information you can create a complimentary schedule that will make your content appear before the eyes of your target audience on time, and which will correspond to their possibilities. As stay-at-home people are actually very busy, they won’t appreciate long videos that have a little less action, a little more conversation – so you can end up with many dislikes under your video. 

Check Out The Trends And Preferences Of The Society

Another significant aspect of creating a career as a fitness influencer is being very careful with the general mood of society. You have to develop the most correct and effective behavior and style, to please a more vast audience. People involved in training careers know that the common stereotype about them is about them being harsh and talking negatively with their clients. Although such a stereotype didn’t come from anything, you have to drive more viewers to your content through an adequate and modern attitude, providing positive motivation and healthy relationships with your subscribers.

The mood of society nowadays is concentrated on the value of each personality, and physical form is now important not as an evaluating quality, but only a personal decision and caretaking of the health. When creating your content, make sure you operate tolerant terms and provide a friendly and socially relevant atmosphere in your blog. 

Keep Up A Schedule 

Consistency of posting is vital for your growth on YouTube. People like receiving their favorite content in frequent doses. And for you, having a plan is a much easier way of running your social media campaign. For YouTube, the recommended frequency of uploading videos is around 2-3 videos in a week. For beginners, once a week will do, as this approach helps you to accumulate more ideas for your content and analyze the reaction of the viewers, adjusting your strategy later. 2-3 videos per week also requires diversity, so if you aren’t sure yet about your content plan, posting less is a better choice for you – this way you prevent yourself from getting many dislikes for not high-quality videos. 

The Most Popular Fitness Influencers On YouTube To Take Inspirations From

Joe Wicks

This trainer specializes in High-Intensity Interval Training, which is now one of the most trendy and appreciated methods for keeping your physical form up. Joe is a respected specialist, who offers various programs for different groups of people and shows how fitness can be performed in many conditions. 


If anybody missed a collective workout atmosphere during the global quarantine, this is the channel that will bring that joy back to you. In their videos you will see fitness experts from different methods, who train in the company of two assistants, keeping up the bright and active mood for their viewers behind the screens.

Yoga With Adriene

This girl is a perfect coach if you love that zen feeling from head to toes. She exposes many useful hacks and tips for beginners. A special bonus in Adriene’s videos is her dog Benji, who is always a pleasant addition to the visuals. 

Lucy Wyndham-Read 

This gal hasn’t much time and her special feature is workouts only 7 minutes long. Not all people have all day to spend on training, even half of an hour can be too long for them, so Lucy offers a chance to get fit to many people who have long working hours and tight schedules. 

Krissy Cela

This trainer is also a fan of healthy eating, so on her channel, you will discover how to make your diet a positive addition to high-intensity training programs. The main idea that Krissy provides on her channel is that fitness is available for everyone, so in her videos, she always reminds of being careful and attentive to your body. 

Carly Rowena

Carly demonstrates short training sessions on her channel, making fitness easy for everyone. Her special feature that distinguishes her profile from all others is the series of one-song workouts that are a great choice for beginners and busy people. 


Becoming a new icon in the fitness industry on YouTube is a tough task, but with the right strategy – still possible to complete. Simply show what you do best and keep up with your audience, aiming for a strong and supporting community. And don’t worry about dislikes much – this factor is inevitable for everyone building a career on social media. 

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