Part-Time Vs Full Time Student

Part-Time Vs Full Time Student

The decisions we make concerning college is one that comes with its unique prospects and considerations. But one of the most important decisions is the one that has to do with either becoming a full-time or part-time student. However, the most important thing to consider even as you make this decision is to know what best suits you as a person. So in this piece, we look at the part-time Vs full-time student debate.

Difference between part-time and full time

The most prominent difference that exists between full-time and part-time students is the total amount of credit hours taken by them each semester. In the case of full-time students, they often take at least twelve credits which are equivalent to four classes. Part-time on the other hand is between six to eleven credits. What this means is that a full-time student is bound to spend more of his or her time in class than a part-time student. Also, in terms of payment, the fact that part-time students have to pay per credit means they will generally pay less than full time.

What Are The Accruable Benefits?

As a part-time student, you stand the chance of enjoying the flexibility of the schedule. The fact that you can choose two classes which do not clash is much better than trying to work out five. Also, you will have the opportunity to work while navigation your college years. You will also be able to pay up tuition fees when you are undergoing part-time studies because you will have more time to work. This is especially helpful if you do not intend to take student loans or you do not have a scholarship. Furthermore, being a part-time student can help you attain the status of an in-state resident. This will help you access in-state tuition. It should be noted that you cannot become a resident of several states if you are a part-time student.

On the other hand, as a full-time student, you will among other benefits, stand the chance of completing your education quicker. Also, there are quite a several scholarships that require that you be a full-time student before you can benefit from them. But you should know that you have to apply and earn most of these scholarships. Also, several schools require that you be a full-time student before you can live on campus. You should, however, confirm your school’s policies in this regard.

Is It Possible To Be Both A Part-Time And A Full-Time Student?

yes, it is acceptable to mix them both. The stress of full-time education can be a bit of a challenge and as such engaging in a part-time year or semester can be of immense benefit. Also, if you have gone through most of your college years as a full-time student and desire to end the final year and a half with about 15 credits per semester. The change in situations is to help you adapt as per situation demands. Also, some internships or research positions may require that you have to change to part-time so that you may gain the needed experience. You should however never forget that you can change your schedule to suit your needs as a person.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Part-Time Student?

Being a full-time worker while in school is certainly not an easy way to graduate with the best grades. There are however some benefits which you may not have considered before in that regard. Here are a few unique benefits of taking that route:

Wonderful employee benefits

Quite a several employers are known to offer their full-time employees with some form of reimbursement of tuition aid if they are pursuing training or education which is relevant to their present career. There are other unique benefits such as health insurance.

A steady flow of income

With the ever-increasing rate of student loan debts, most students always aim to graduate with little or no debts. This should be enough motivation for anyone to work at least 30 hours each week. This would be while he or she is undergoing the full-work load that comes with each semester. Having a full-time job to pay your bills does not only save you from the debt, but it also gives you the much-needed peace of mind. This thus means you will be able to concentrate on your academics.

Increased professional freedom

When you graduate with minimal debt, you will have the freedom you desire to pursue your dreams. Several graduates often opt for high paying jobs as a result of the pressures they face even if it is not what they truly want. Having a full-time job while studying means you will be able to complete your education in peace while also pursuing your dreams.

Increased classroom experience

One of the best ways you can reinforce what you must have learned in the classroom is by applying it in real life. By working full-time especially in a profession that has direct relevance to your field of study helps to promote your quest to learn.  Even though college students may also do this via an internship, the opportunity offered by a full-time employee can’t be compared.

Opportunity to acquire relevant skills

A degree can be quite useless in the eyes of an employer if there is not the relevant skill to back it up. Even though you will probably learn quite a lot in college, you will need to acquire relevant skills to remain relevant. These skills are often not gotten within the four walls of the classroom.

Development of a solid professional mindset

Usually, full-time work comes with a mindset that is quite different from a full-time school. People who attend a school but don’t have work may take breaks when the school is not in session.  Transitioning from that kind of set-up to a professional setting can be quite difficult. But for those who are already working full-time, this shouldn’t be much of a challenge at all.

How To Make The Most Of Your Full-Time Study Experience

The life of a full-time student is one that is filled with intrigues and challenges and as such one has to be prepared for such eventualities. The most important aspect of being a student studying full time is to understand the concept of time-management.  Here are a few proven tips to help you in your full-time adventure:

Have a life schedule

You must have an organizing tool that bests suits you and use it to organize your activities in order of priority. There are quite a several time management applications out there which can be quite helpful in this regard. Also, you should consider leveraging on the time you feel optimal mostly and plan your schedule around this time. But while doing this, ensure that you create time to socialize and get enough rest.

Know what you want

One of the most important aspects of optimizing your life is to have a list of everything you intend to do. As obvious as this may seem, most students hardly ever do this. Quite a number of them leave important tasks till the last minute before doing them. In this list, make sure you add school deadlines and any other important deadlines on the list.

Don’t be too rigid

Ideally, make room for 8 to 10 hours of work each day for studying, working and socializing as well as any other thing you may want to get done. Being a full-time student, you are supposed to dedicate about 35 hours each week to your school activities. If you, however, dedicate 15 hours for assisted learning, you should consider using the remaining 20 hours for personal development. Also, take note that things often last longer than we estimate, so always leave some allowance.

Don’t allow procrastination ruin you

Procrastination can be a disease strong enough to destroy your academics. This is why great care must be taken to ensure that one does not become a victim of it. One way to deal with procrastination is by looking at the places you study the most and think deep on the place you feel focused the most. To optimize the learning process, it is ideal for you to study more in places where you remember the most. Also, make sure that you get the tasks of the day done per time. It is not wise postponing them till another day.


The debate between part-time and full-time studentship is one that has been raging for years due to several reasons. But looking at the pros and cons of them both will show you that they are both good depending on your reason for choosing them. Ensure you think carefully before making your choice.

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