Is Stephen Colbert Vegan?

Is Stephen Colbert Vegan

Stephen Colbert is a comedian, and he anchors the Late Show. He was among the 100 most influential people in the world in the year 2006 and 2012 subsequently. Stephen is also the author of a book that got listed as the number one bestseller in 2007.

Alright, is Stephen Colbert vegan?

Stephen Colbert is undoubtedly a famous comedian loved by many and cherished by all. Due to a recent broadcast in his show where he invited a well known vegan supporter, Woody Harrelson, some people speculated, and are trying to answer the question, is Stephen Colbert a vegan? Stephen Colbert is not a vegan; however, Stephen adopted a vegan diet for seventeen days. He did this after announcing that he lost a bet and therefore went on a 17 days vegan diet.

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Background Information About Stephen Colbert

You might call him a comedian as many people know him to be. However, he is a multi-talented individual. Stephen is a television host, actor, producer, writer, and also a comedian. He authored a book in 2007 that sold nationwide and later rated as the Bestseller in that year.

Generally known as a comedian, he is someone that brightens the face of people, especially if you are undergoing stress or having a bad day. In his childhood days, Stephen wanted to become a dramatic actor. He gained admission into the University of Northwestern to pursue his dream of acting. While he was there, he developed a desire for improvisational theater.

It was the period that he encountered the director in charge of Second City named Del Close. The relationship he had with Del Close earned him the opportunity to perform professionally for Steve Carell, who was in charge of Second City in Chicago.

Although Stephen’s first professional performance took place when he was still an understudy, it did not serve as a basis to limit the potential in him. His colleagues at Second City were Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello. The team blended with a high level of union and resulted in producing a comedy sketch series together titled Exit 57.

Stephen was also a writer, contributor, and actor on the Dana Carvey’s Show though the show did not last for long. He later went on to collaborate with Dinello and Sedaris for the second time to produce yet another television series.

He was beginning to gain attention from the public; his role in the recent series gained attention and favoritism from viewers. He acted as a history teacher tagged as a closeted gay. His fame and popularity increased when he finally got to work with Comedy Central on a news parody comedy series titled Daily Show.

In 2005, he left Daily Show and hosted his television program titled Colbert Report. Colbert Report was a TV program centered on comedy and entertainment. It was a comedy series that displays political opinions driven by personality and traits.

Colbert Report soon gained popularity, and his comedy series ranked as one of Comedy Central’s best series. Its success earned Stephen an invite to the White House. He raced to perform as an entertainer at the Correspondents Dinner held in the White House in the year 2006.

The success of the program was for a short while, as it only lasted till 2014. However, being a man of diverse talent and intelligence, Stephen got an invitation to host the CBS program. The CBS Program titled “Late Show” was on the verge of losing its host and needed a successor.

David Letterman was the previous host of the show but had to quit because he was retiring. The excellent replacement that came to the mind of its sponsor was Stephen Colbert. The sponsor of the show chose him to start hosting the show, which began airing in early September 2015.

Also, Stephen got chosen to host the Emmy Awards.

He was the host of the 69th Emmy Awards that held in September 2017. He did not host the award alone; he also won the Emmy Awards nine times, including the Grammy Awards, which he won two times and even the Peabody Awards twice.

Late Show By Stephen Colbert And The Vegan Saga

The show has been airing since 2015 after Stephen took over from David Letterman. Numerous actors, actresses, athletes, etc. have also received an invitation to co-host and participate in the show. The feature of bringing in guests on the show makes the show more exciting and intriguing.

However, some viewers of the show feel that they bring in the stars are to increase the fan base of the show as they believe that inviting a celebrity to your show is a way of luring the crowd to view it. It is so, especially if you are asking someone that is popular and has worldwide recognition.

An example is inviting Beyonce to your show. It is a deliberate attempt to attract and lure her fans to start tuning in to your show. The late show is famous for its enthusiasm for inviting diverse people in almost every series to question them and make the show more entertaining.

The Vegan Saga

In one of the series, Alicia Silverstone got invited to the Last Show. Alicia is a known vegan supporter, and also a campaigner for saving animals. Vegans are a set of people who believe in eating more of plant-based food than animals. They have a strong desire to save the animal race. Some vegans have animal parks where they keep, protect, and grazing animals.

Most of them do this to extend and preserve different types of animals, especially the species that are decreasing at a rapid pace. Vegans eat more vegetables than other plant-based meals, but they do not restrict themselves to vegetables alone. They also explore other plant meals, including protein contained plant meals.

Some companies specialize in making and delivering vegan meals. You might wonder if they do make profits or how do they get their meals. However, you need to understand that there are over seven billion people on this planet. Each one of us possesses diverse desires that long for satisfaction.

On this particular day of the show, when Alicia Silverstone came on the show, the host, Stephen Colbert, related with her on her diet choice. He asked her about her vegan journey and also affirmed to be on a vegan diet for a specified period. However, Stephen did not last long before going off the radar. He claimed that it was because there was nothing else to eat except roasted cauliflower.

Stephen Colbert As A Short Time Vegan

During July 2017, in one of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show airing, he openly said that he was about embarking on a vegan diet journey. He said it was as a result of losing a bet on which he did not give more elaborate.

Instead, he was more concerned about the vegan journey and how to go about it. Woody Harrelson was present on the show that day.

Stephen was new to the vegan thing and needed advice on how to proceed.

Harrelson, who was a supporter of the vegan style of diet, did not hesitate to give the comedian some chunk of advice. According to Harrelson, people do not need protein or macronutrients as much as they think. He said these while trying to calm the nerves of Stephen, who was already showing concern on how to get protein on a vegan diet.

Supporters of his vegan journey gave him a warm welcome into the vegan clan as they gave him lots of vegan goodies. He also received vegan meals from plant-based companies.

VegNews published that Herbivorous Butcher sent to Stephen a package that contained pepper cheese, Smoked Gouda, Havarti, Garlic Pepper, burgers, ribeye steak, and Korean ribs. Later, Herbivorous Butcher confirmed it to be correct after he made the announcement himself. He also affirmed that Stephen received goodies such as ice cream (non-dairy flavor) from NadaMoo.

However, it was quite unfortunate that the comedian did not remain a vegan. His vegan journey came to him, as openly stated by him. He made claims of having nothing else to eat in the vegan manual and had to try other meals. He said it without any assurance of trying it out in the future.


Stephen Colbert is not a vegan. Though he tried being a vegan once, he is not one, and his effort was in futility. The comedian is strictly a regular eater and consumes vegan meals, proteins, fats, etc. There are speculations that the comedian only did that to promote the vegan diet. Meanwhile, he is not a fan of it. Other thoughts try to present the betting talk as being false and made up.

Do you think there might be other reasons behind Stephen not staying a vegan aside from his claim of not having anything else to eat in the vegan manual? That notwithstanding, the question is Stephen Colbert, a vegan, answers in the negative.

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