Best Apps To Get News On Your Phone

Best Apps to Get News on Your Phone .

The world we know over the past few decades has gone through some drastic changes. These changes have given birth to more information that is around us and many media that are used to disseminate this information to people around the world. 

This has made people rely on these sources of information around the world and the habit of seeking information on global events and happenings round the clock. Access to information has become more convenient due to the origination and development of digital technologies and social media websites. These platforms and media provide information from the most reliable sources and make their way to a larger audience. 

Back in the day, the only source of getting information was either television or the telephone that provided information to users in a limited way as compared to the coverage people get as technology got upgraded and create more opportunities to get information. 

Today we have smartphones and apps that get the job done in a better way. Now one can get news and updates using the internet and different news apps as well. You can download the best news apps using that internet and get yourself a reliable internet connection so that you can get alerts and notifications as there is an update on the app. 

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Let’s have a look at the different apps where you can watch the news and get updates right on your phone screen:

The Week Magazine US 

This is one of the best apps for people who are always on the run and it’s always packed with the most interesting news and updates from around the world. The app gets you insights into the most important and trending stories of the week. The interface offered by the app is very easy to navigate and is designed to be used on your iPad or the iPhone. 

One of the prominent features includes text to speech that can help you listen to all articles on the go, you can adjust the format like night mode, the size of the text and the background color, keeping your reading organized and share the text that you like the most with your friends and family and so much more. 


This is one of the brand new news aggregator applications for people who are looking for trusted and unbiased news and quality journalism. The Knewz always provides content that is thoroughly evaluated and reviewed by experts and keeps a balance between context and coverage. The app uses cutting-edge technology to evaluate the source of the news from the US and the other parts of the world so that you get valuable insights that are authentic and neutral at the same time. The AI machine learning gathers the top headlines, premium journalism, concise analysis and so many other dynamics to make sure that you get the best perspectives about a matter at hand. You can go through a wide range of news using an easy-to-use format, easy scanning of headlines, story previews and deep analysis about the news you want to see. 


The app serves as a user’s personal news app and learns from the kind of news and content you show interest in. It helps you get the best stories from around the world and gets smarter over time and creates a more tailored reading list for the users. You can select news on different topics, from different sources, about different people and companies. You can follow them and get the app to pick the ones based on your preferences. 

News360 provides you with customizable content from more than 100,000 sources that include the top local news networks, blogs and national news providers. One of the best parts about the app is that you can access information almost anywhere in the world and enjoy your favorite news using the best and most user-friendly interface and features like Audio Briefing. 


This is an award-winning app that is downloaded by millions of people around the world and gets you an analysis of millions of articles almost every day. You can find the quality, latest and trending news from top publishers around the world. 

One of the best features of the app is that you can fetch and read the news while you are online and even offline. The news is reliable and gets you notified whenever there is some Breaking News online or a piece of news that breaks out in the world. 

In the end, one can say that getting information or looking for news updates is now just a few taps away. You can easily start your day by having a look at your iPad, Tablet, or smartphone and getting the latest updates no matter where you are or whatever you do. Your newspaper is now always in your pocket and gets you more insights from around the world.

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