The Benefits Of Drinking Water Filtration And Why You Should Bother

The Benefits of Drinking Water Filtration and Why You Should Bother

The human body is 70% water and we can’t survive without it. Water is more important to us than food and that’s where the need for clean and pure water becomes ever so important. However, the majority in the US consume tap water on a daily basis, 71% to be precise. And tap water isn’t exactly pure.

To process and make the drinking water healthier, we use drinking water filtration.

Today, we are going to cover what’s a drinking water filtration system, why should we all be using it, and its major benefits.

What’s Drinking Water Filtration?

Just like the name suggests, a drinking water filter is a system that filters tap water making it better-tasting and purer. An effective drinking water filtration system removes chlorine, fluoride, chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful substances from water.

These filtration systems can be found in homes, offices, and pretty much anywhere where the water needs some treatment before it can be consumed by humans.

There are different types of drinking water filters; some are handy, while others are fully-fledged fitted systems. You can find more about handy drinking water filtration systems at

But why should you bother using a drinking water filtration system? More on this in the next section.

Why You Should Bother – Importance Of Drinking Water Filtration

The quality of our drinking water should never be overlooked. Without consuming pure water, we won’t be able to stay healthy. Drinking water filtration systems give people access to clean and pure water that’s free of any or most contamination and odor.

Unlike standard tap water, a filter system produces water that is free from disease-causing germs and bacterias.

Drinking water filtration cleans contaminants and heavy metals like copper, E. coli, norovirus, hepatitis A, salmonella, and more from the water. This helps in minimizing many health-related problems, which otherwise could cause kidney, respiratory, and other serious issues. As a major portion of our body is made up of water, we must be pretty serious about the water we use to stay hydrated.

Now that we know about the importance of drinking water filtration, let’s discover its significant benefits.

Benefits Of Drinking Water Filtration

Although there are countless benefits of drinking water filtration, here are some major ones:

Boosts Health

By eliminating harmful substances, a drinking water filtration system boosts your health. You can expect good skin hydration, nutrient absorption, a better immune system, and enhanced mental health function.

According to some studies, the risk of cancer also gets reduced when you consume filtered tap water on a daily basis.

Water Tastes & Smells Better

A drinking water filter removes impurities, making the water smell and taste better than normal. You’ll feel more refreshed and won’t have that aftertaste in your mouth. Unlike plain tap water, you’ll not taste or smell chemicals like chlorine but just healthy water minerals.

Saves Money

We buy bottled water for the sake of having clean and pure water. But did you know that bottled water can be up to 30x more expensive than water from a filtration system?

With a drinking water filtration system installed in your home, you’ll no longer be spending money on bottled water. Hence, saving tons of money without compromising on your health and the quality/taste of water.

Reduce Plastic Footprint

More than a million plastic bottles are being sold around the world every minute. And that’s only increasing the plastic crisis.

When you have a drinking water filtration system at your home, you no longer will be buying bottled water. And that will help reduce the plastic footprint on our beloved planet earth.

Water Impurities Are Flushed & Healthy Minerals Are Saved

Most drinking water filters remove impurities and dangerous materials from the water. At the same time, they makes sure that healthy minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc, etc., are retained in the water.

A water filtration system safeguards you from contaminants and ensures that you only consume healthy mineral-rich water.

Reduces Lime Scale

Lastly, a drinking water filtration system reduces limescale in water.

Limescale is the horrible scaly layer found in boiled water. It’s a residue left behind by carbonates, and it can affect the health of a human being.

From reducing cancer risk to saving money and feeling fresh, using a drinking water filtration system has a long list of benefits. The upfront cost might be a worrying factor for some families but if you look at it in the long run, and compare its benefit to the cost – you’ll definitely favor it.

So what are you waiting for? Install one in your home or office today and take the first step towards leading a healthy life.

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