What Does Ordain And Establish Mean? Understanding Ordain And Establish

What Does Ordain And Establish Mean

The terms ordain and establish have been used in section III of the constitution, establishing the Supreme Court.  The two words have also been used in the United States constitution preamble.

They are perhaps among the strongest and unique statements in the preamble. The preamble is the introductory part of a constitution. You can equate it to a book summary, which informs you what the book entails.

The preamble outlines the purposes and intentions of the constitution. The United States constitution preamble contains majestic words, which the people see first when reading the constitution. 

The preamble has always raised debates, with people trying to understand its essence in the legal document. Many try to find its importance by looking through the meanings of the few words used in its writing.

What does ordain and establish mean?

In law, to ordain means ordering by appointment or to make something into law. Its second meaning is to invest power into someone to perform official ministerial duties.

Establish means that something has achieved permanent recognition and acceptance by the people. It is also meant to set up something on a permanent or firm basis.

The Preamble Of The United States

It’s believed that Governor Morris probably wrote the preamble in the summer of 1787 in the constitutional convention.

It comprises fifty-two words, which introduce everything in the seven articles and twenty-seven amendments in the constitution.

Why Is The Preamble Important?

Technically, the preamble is not a legal document. Therefore the information in it cannot be enforceable in any court of law.

Its main purpose is to remind the united states why the constitution was written to create laws that bring justice, liberty, defence, and prosperity for the United States.

Most Important Words In The Preamble

“We the people” are the first three words and are considered the most important words. It has been interpreted to mean that all the law in the US (constitution) stems from the people and not the individual states. These words have set the tone for the entire legal document.

What Ordains And Establish In The Preamble?

Ordain in the preamble means that the United States people do accept the enactment of the constitution. They are ready and willing to be governed by the constitution and follow the constitution’s laws and rules.

Establish means that the constitution has achieved permanent acceptance and recognition by the United States people. That the constitution is the major legal document, and any other laws made will copy what is in the constitution.

What It Means

The preamble introduces the United States Constitution with a set of uniquely chosen words. The school children are expected to memorize the preamble throughout the nation.

It tells who is adopting the United States constitution “we the people of the United States”.

It also details why it’s being adopted – purposes, and it tells what is being adopted – the constitution. It contains the fundamental laws and rules that govern the land.

Written constitution is an American innovation. It is considered the greatest contribution to the science of government. However, the preamble doesn’t give the government any additional powers.

The preambles origin and relevance in the constitution is still questioned by many.  However, the last two founding fathers think of the preamble as an important feature of the constitution.

In contrast, some delegates’ think of it as the key to the constitution. The Supreme Court states that the preamble has no substantive effect when it comes to making legal decisions.

Even though the preamble has no significance in the court of law, it’s still a very important part of the constitution. It inspires and gives a broader understanding of the united state system of governance.

The Supreme Court

The roles of the Supreme Court are unique and important. They are responsible for the constitutional system of the country. It’s ranked as the highest court in the US and is always the last resort for those seeking justice.

Due to its crazy powers, it ensures that each arm of the government plays their specific roles. It also ensures there is a democracy with in the government. It ensures that the popular majority does not pass laws that have adverse effects on the unpopular majority.

Who Ordains And Establish The Supreme Court

According to Article III section I of the constitution, the Supreme Court has been given all the judicial powers in the US. 

However, junior courts like the congress have been given the power to ordain and even establish the Supreme Court.

Even though the constitution establishes the Supreme Court, Congress has been given the power to plan it.

Congress exercised its first powers in the judicial act of 1789, which led to the formation of a lower federal court system. It also established a Supreme Court comprising of six justices.

The Justices

Congress has occasionally been creating several acts. These acts have continuously changed the number of justices’ seats.

The seat number for justices was nine immediately after the American civil war. Right now, the Supreme Court has only one chief justice who is aided by eight associate justices.

The president is responsible for the appointment of the Justices, who are then approved by the senate. The justices are expected to hold office all their life.  The salaries of the justices cannon are deducted during their term in office.

Supremes’ Court Jurisdiction

The third article of the constitution has established its jurisdiction.  It oversees almost all cases in the United States.

It can handle cases involving the states, ambassadors and even the public ministers. The court also hears cases on appeal—for example, those involving sea, navigable waters and various treaties.

It’s Impact

The Supreme Court decisions have numerous impacts on society. Even the government, judges, and lawyers, even high school students benefit from its decisions. In general, the interests of the Americans have been protected by the Supreme Court.


The Americans are quite familiar with the words ordain and establish. These two terms have been consistently used in their legal document.

However, the meaning of the words has proved to be so confusing. This is because they have been used in different contexts and chapters of the constitution.

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