M4A1-S VS M4A4 – Which One You Should Choose

M4A1-S VS M4A4

Surely, the term is nowadays trending (M4A1-S or M4A4 – Which is better) and the majority of players are curious to know what they choose to make their gameplay awesome. Today, we will compare both weapons and decide on behalf of their performance to reveal what weapons you should choose and why. There is no doubt, CS: GO has been ruling over the gaming industry since 2012, and it is considered one of the best FPS Esports video games that come with a massive prize pool and organize gaming competitors on a weekly or monthly basis. It supports only Multiplayer mode, which means the game lacks the Single-player component. 

Furthermore, the game focuses on two teams and it allows you to join anyone whether terrorist or Counter-Terrorist. Each team has varied objectives to complete and goals depend on the mode you have selected to play. In case you want to be a hero then you should join an Anti-Terrorism force or being a villain to stratify your thirst, then you should go with a Terrorist group. As a terrorist, your goal is to plant a bomb and keep hostages in a building, but when you are playing as a hero, then your job is to rescue hostages and avoid bomb blasting. The matchmaking system is fair and pits you against a team that is equal in level to you. 

M4A1-S Vs M4A4

As you know the game holds a variety of deadly weapons that are enough to spread chaos all over the world. If they are in good hands, then the crime rate will gradually decrease, but if they are in evil hands, then security forces come out to fight against them to maintain peace. The same thing is happening in CS: GO; therefore, you should learn about weapons to decide what to choose and why to choose. So, we are making a comparison of M4A1-S vs M4A4 to make you understand which is good for you to choose from. 

Moreover, M4A1-S vs M4A4 which is better has always been a long debate between the gaming community. Almost all players are confused about whether they should go with M4A4-S or M4A1-S when they are playing CS: GO. You can get rid of the problem by merely finding both cons and pros. So, we decided to end your confusion once and for all. Below are a few details you should know to make the final answer as follows: 

CS: GO – Which Is Better M4A1-S Vs M4A4

In short, if we were to say that M4A4 is designed for an aggressive gameplay style won’t be wrong, but it comes with a few cons and pros that you should know before taking any step. But before, you should know about M4A1 or M4A4 if you are new to the game. Besides, if you are looking to upgrade your inventory, then you should buy CSGO skins from gaming marketplaces like Eldorado.gg at reasonable prices. 

What is M4A4? 

It is a Counter-terrorist Rifle found in CS: GO. It is based on MK and comes with 18 Mod and 0 carbon. Furthermore, the rifle holds up to thirty rounds and has almost 90 rounds in reserve. If you are curious to know about how much damage the rifle gives to any enemy, then here are the details.

  • Head – Damage (92-131)
  • Chest and Arms – Damage (23-32)
  • Abdomen and Pelvis – Damage (28-41)
  • Leg – Damage (24-24)

Moreover, the accuracy and moderate recoil are high, which makes it good for firing bursts. However, most of the time we won’t recommend anyone to spray unless the enemy isn’t close enough. 

What is M4A1-S? 

M4A1-S is an exclusive rifle of Counter-Terrorist in CS: Go. Additionally, the rifle was included in the game on 14 Aug 2013 in an Arms Deal Update. In case you are searching for an alternative to M4A4, we recommend you to go with M4A1-S, as it is serving as the successor to Maverick M4A1 Carbine borrowed from the previous title. 

Apart from that, it is based on a Colt Model 732. The reverse capacity of the weapon is a bit lower than its predecessor and it comes with almost 25 rounds per magazine instead of thirty and 75 rounds in reserve, which is without any doubt the lowest for assault rifles. The fire rate is slightly slower at 600 RPM than others. However, it is loaded with a silencer but you can detach it if you don’t need it. Now, let’s talk about its properties: 

  • Head – Damage (92-131)
  • Chest and Arm – Damage (23-32) 
  • Pelvis and Abdomen – Damage (28-41)
  • Leg – Damage (24-24)

M4A4 – Pros And Cons 

Everything has both pros and cons; similarly, M4A4 comes with both advantages and disadvantages over other guns. As mentioned above, the rifle is suitable for players who love playing aggressive gameplay. 


  • More Ammo Capacity 
  • High Fire Rate 


  • Loud and Easy to Spot 
  • Smoke 
  • High Recoil 

When firing, it produces a lot of sounds that cause others to capture you easily. 

M4A1-S – Pros And Cons 

As compared to M4A4, it comes with good features that create difficulty and leaves no clues for enemies to spot you. 


  • Silencer 
  • Long Range 
  • Lower Recoil


  • Low Fire Rate 
  • Less Ammo Capacity 
  • Low Damage
  • Silencer Sticks Out 

M4A4 Or M4A1-S – Which Should You Choose? 

According to a report released by HLTV.org, the popularity of M4A4 is relatively higher among professional players than M4A1-S; however, it is used 14.41% more times as compared to its competitor which is used 5.71%. Most of the time, it depends on your play style and the way you deal with guns. Most of the players perform well when using M4A1-S; on the other hand, the performance of some players is outstanding when they have M4A4 rifles in their hands. 

Stats About M4A1-S And M4A4

Ammo Capacity25/7230/90
Recoil Control7177
Armor Penetration140140

Besides that, your playstyle will decide which is good to choose from. For those players who are new to CS: GO and prefer using tactics instead of quick reflexes, the M4A1-S rifle is perfect. 

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