HIPER HGS-116 Gaming Chair Review

HIPER HGS-116 Gaming Chair Review

HIPER, known to the readers of our site for its affordable and high-quality gaming peripherals, produces interesting products for gamers, such as best gaming mouse under 50, headsets and more. One of the directions is the production of gaming furniture. In this review – our impressions about HIPER HGS-116 gaming chair.

You can argue forever about whether a gamer needs specialized furniture and whether the “gaming” label is worth thousands extra money, but one thing is for sure – during long gaming sessions or while working on the computer the difference between usual chair and gaming armchair is felt really strongly.

Materials And Design

The design of the chair is classical, similar to almost all other HIPER models and many other gaming chairs. The massive metal base with five “petals” is installed on plastic rollers, the chair itself is put on the base with the standard for such chairs gazlift. Locking on castors is not provided, but when sitting in a chair is pretty sure it is kept in one place and does not roll back and forth.

Semi-rigid seat and high backrest – with little side support. On the sides of the backrest small smooth notches for more comfortable hand placement, on both sides of the seat – soft plastic armrests. The upholstery is fabric, light brown, pleasant to the touch and somewhat similar in texture to suede.

The color is neutral and will fit well into almost any interior. The only shouting gamer’s detail is the HIPER logo embroidered in silver threads on the top of the back. Also available in white, which is even more squeamish in terms of cleanliness.

The materials all look sturdy and solid, but you can see small imperfections in the finish, and the plastic is a bit rough. There are no additional features like a USB hub or RGB backlight. 

Adjustments And Ergonomics

The armchair is pleasantly soft – the sleeves don’t sink in, but they don’t sink out either. Fabric upholstery, dingy though it is in comparison with natural and synthetic leather, solves the problem of sweating during long sessions. Armrests are adjustable in height and horizontal angle (so called 2D), with three positions in each of the degrees of freedom. Naturally, you can adjust the height of the seat by pressing a special knob, like on most office chairs, with a gazlift. And of course it rotates.

The backrest also reclines – to do this, you need to push it by pulling the special lever on the right. Back to the vertical position the backrest returns automatically, if you pull the same lever. The maximum angle is 180 degrees, which means you can literally lie on the chair if you are tired of playing or working.

Another feature for relaxation is the rocking chair mechanism. It is activated if you tilt the back more than a certain angle and move the knob off the center of the gazlift control. Very cool, although you should use with caution so as not to fall.

A headrest and a lumbar cushion of bigger size complete the set of comfortable gadgets. They are installed on a chair on elastic straps with fasteners-fastecks – you can adjust their position or remove completely. Holds pretty well.

If you believe the specifications, the chair can hold up to 160 kg – enough for the vast majority of people. But if you are taller, it might be a problem. If your height is higher than 190 cm, it won’t be comfortable to sit on HGS-116, the head will be higher, the head restraint will rest against the shoulder blades and the arms will be against the ledges, not cutouts.


HIPER HGS-116 – It has everything to please a gamer: a pleasant upholstery texture, ergonomic shape, comfortable armrests, plenty of adjustments and even an opportunity to lie down and rock. On the other hand the neutral color without backlighting and glaring accents will fit in any interior and let you use the armchair not only for gaming but also for working.

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