Do Gas Stations Sell Gas Cans? Everything You Need To Know

Do Gas Stations Sell Gas Cans

As a typical human being, chances are this has happened at least once to most of us who drive a car. We are talking about forgetting to check the gas before taking off, of course. This results in the engine sputtering somewhere down the road, and you nodding your face in disappointment that you forgot to check the gas!

Now there are many options to solve this problem, and the idea of buying a gas can from the nearest gas station may have popped into your mind. But do gas stations sell gas cans? Well, some gas stations do, while others do not. A lot of factors go into deciding if a gas station will sell gas cans or not. So, read on to know more.

Do Gas Stations Sell Gas?

The shortest and most relevant answer is- it depends. Not all gas stations sell gas cans. A few factors play into gas station authorities deciding whether or not they want to sell gas cans and other related decisions such as pricing, quality, etc. But on average, most gas stations do not sell gas cans.

The Reason Gas Stations Mostly Don’t Sell Gas Cans

If we look back to when technology wasn’t as available, people had less chance of communicating immediately if they faced any trouble. If they accidentally ran out of gas- they would push their vehicle as far as they could or park their vehicles along the roadside. They’d then have to walk to the nearest filling station, buy canned gas, and come back to their vehicles.

In today’s era, since communication is easy, we can easily call friends and family to ask for help or inform our situation. We can even call services like AAA, tow truck service, etc., and get direct help in no time. Most people also have gas cans already bought from Home Depot, Walmart, etc., and require to fill them up only. This is why the sale of canned gas has reduced so much.

Nowadays, gas stations mostly sell products that are in high demand or customers are most likely to buy. Since canned gas is not high on the list, filling stations are less willing to invest in it. If a gas station is in a comparatively remote place or off an expressway exit, or if there are no other stores/shopping centers (like Walmart) around- they are more likely to carry gas cans.

What To Expect While Buying Gas Cans From Gas Stations

If the gas station is one with an attached convenience store that looks decent- you can expect to find gas cans for sale there. However, do not be shocked if the containers look cheap.

Filling stations may stack the price up to 3-4x of the usual price. This is because they know if anyone is looking for them, they must need one as one of their last resorts and are most likely to pay whatever is demanded.

So, do not get your hopes up that you can find a gas can in just any filling station. And if you find one, do not expect it to be easy on your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I fill a container of my choice at a gas station instead of paying for a new gas can?

Technically, no, you cannot. Gasoline reacts differently with different materials. Since we are not experts, it is a risk you should not take just to save a few bucks. You should always make sure you are putting gasoline in a container that is gasoline-appropriate.

2. Can I borrow gas cans from filling stations?

Although this used to be a pretty available option before, it is not so much now. Even if you luckily end up finding filling stations that sell gas cans, you are not likely to find any that will lend you gas cans anymore.

Lending out gas cans to stranded travelers or people who are only passing by can create unnecessary liability and may end up as a loss.

3. Can I refill the gas can I bought from the gas station?

If you have bought a quality product- then, of course, you can. You do not need to spend money twice by buying another gas can from Walmart or The Home Depot.

However, filling stations sometimes may sell cheaper gas can or plastic gas cans that are better to not reuse. Some even sell gas cans that need to be filled through specific pumps. Their goal is for you to go back to them if you want to refill and reuse the can you buy from them and make them some additional money.


If you are wondering whether do gas stations sell gas cans or not and looking for a straight yes-no answer, you certainly will not find it. In this article, we have informed you as much as possible regarding gas stations selling gas cans. We hope this guide you in times of an emergency, and you get lucky!

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