Kacie McDonnell 7am Traffic on Fox 29

Known as the Fiat Girl to many viewers in the Delaware Valley, Kacie McDonnell is the new traffic reporter on Fox 29.

  • Bac

    Great addition to Fox 29. Intelligent, articulate and gorgeous!

  • Linda P.

    Fox News is the only news I watch. Kacid McDonnell is classy and articulate not to mention very beautiful. Good work Fox! Your the best.

  • Scott R.

    I never got up to watch fox until now! ;)

  • John

    She’s awful!

  • Meow

    She’s retarded I went to high school with her. Not lying. Retard.

  • Rg

    She went to college just to tell us about traffic .Also she takes a lot of time off from her job